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TRACKER Likes & Dislikes

Likes: I like the boat for its roominess and with the 50 hp it goes 32-34 mph. It is easy to handle and it cuts through the waves easily. Good shallow water boat for small rivers and coves.
Dislikes: The boat seems to leak while travelling through the water as if water is being forced into it somewhere. I changed the 43# trolling motor to the new Motorguide Verimax 55# bow stick control. The foot pedal was just too awkward to handle. One large, divided livewell would have been better than the two smaller ones and there is no need for two bait wells. I just use them for storage.
Spdrcr218 - GA      2004 Bass Tracker Pro Crappie 175 w/50 Mercury           
Likes: Beautiful boat with tons of space and storage.
Dislikes: It seems every time we use the boat it goes in for repair. First it was total electrical loss, then livewells would fill up on their own while going forward, to the point that water was pouring into the boat. Then the motor had a power loss and now the steering is out.
Brian W - PA        2006 Tracker Tundra 18WT w/115 Mercury                        
Love the boat but has extra stiff steering, would like to loosen it a little.
Body - FL             2004 Bass Tracker PT175 w/50 Mercury                              
Likes: I like the overall function of the boat. It loads/unloads easy, it handles rough water very well, the seats are comfortable, etc.
Dislikes: I dislike the speed of the boat. It will run about 22 mph. Tracker says it should run 28-32 mph which must be a joke! The Mercury motor runs very smooth however it doesn't have the power I expected. Any comments from other boat owners would be welcomed.
The operation manuals for the boat, motor and equipment are very poor. The storage compartments are not organized very well.  My main complaint is the lack of speed/power!
Gary - TX                 2003 Tracker Pro Crappie 175 w/40 Mercury                   
Center console is too far forward and down. I am trying to figure out how to adjust it closer and make it higher, also I think the drivers seat sits up too high.
Utility man - KY       1993 Bass Tracker Pro 17 w/60 Evinrude                           
I have nothing but praises for Tracker Marine. This is the second Tracker boat that I have owned. This one is even better in that it was a gift for my 20th anniversary as a Pastor at our church. It runs fine, rides great. I had a PTF16 with a 25 Evinrude before this one. I have had to contact Tracker Marine several times on issues and thy have always been helpful to me.
On my first boat, they replaced parts even after the warranty had expired. I had to contact them this week in regard to an issue with the Lowrance unit and they responded quickly and have made several suggestions to help me alleviate the problem. So I only have good to say about them.  Jerry Bryant.
Bassin' Bo - NC         2005 Tracker PT175 w/50 Merc                                          
Love the boat, good holeshot, lots of room, handles great in rough water. Comfortable, ample fishing deck space both bow and rear deck. 
Dislikes: Too light on windy days, it's hard to keep boat on the fish and don't like the cable steering, too much feedback.
Nascaroutlaw24 - MD         2004 Tracker Avalanche w/150 Merc XR6                 7/6/06
Boat will not trailer properly. Works right only if two people are sitting in the boat when you trailer it.  The lean to the right causes the chine to miss the right bunk and leads to crooked on the trailer. Also fuel pump went out before even used 20 hours.
BB - LA           2005 Tracker Pro Crappie 175 w/60 hp 4 cylinder.                         
Yes, with 25 hp it's under-powered, but the boat was a B-day gift, so can't really complain about that, but the livewell issues described by other users is very real.  Constant clogging and no filtering. No recirculation pump either.  The location of the front seat is too far forward.
I seldom sit when I fish, but when I do, I get the feeling that I will fall forward because of the seat's placement. It needs to be places 10 inches or so further back.
There appears to be wasted space that could very easily have been much needed storage. I'll be looking for ways to use that space.
Otherwise, the boat handles great, draws very little water, trailers smoothly and goes foreve on a tank of gas (13 gallons.)
BillZ - FL          2004 Tracker Pro Team 165 w/Merc 25                                           
Likes: Fishing platform is very adequate.  Back platform is wide enough for partner to stand on (96" beam). Fuel tank holds 41 gallons and is plenty for tournament time. This model has two 18 gallon livewells, 1 large tackle compartment - holds all I need. Later models came out with a divider.  67 lb TM - 24 volt is plenty for this boat.  Handles rough water well and corners good too.  Hull design to keep backwash from coming over back of boat. Gets up on plane pretty easily w/Trophy Plus 21".
Dislikes: I wish I would have gone with a Mercury 135 Optimax or 150 XR6 model for more speed. Other than that, the boat handles real well.
Jim S - DE             2002 Tracker Avalanche w/2004 125 Mercury                            
Likes: I bought my TX17 new in 1993 and have had no mechanical failures with it so far.
First thing I did was to do away with the oil injection.  Over the years I have replaced the fishfinder with a better quality unit, upgraded the TM to a MinnKota, installed a SS prop, drilled the front bow eye and added a stainless clevis to hook my trailer safety chain in.
Dislikes: One of the most uncomfortable boats from the driver's seat I have ever been in.
The steering wheel is mounted too far forward and down about knee level. I removed the console and fabricated a piece to go under the console that raised it 6 inches and moved it closer to the drivers seat also.  I also fabricated a built in cooler between the console and the rod box. Gas fill also is very slow.  Other than those couple of things it has been great.  A good entry level boat but if I could do it again knowing what I know now, I'd be looking at an Xpress 
instead of Tracker.
Rmart30 - AL        1993 Bass Tracker TX-17 w/70 Evinrude                                   
Likes: This boat can take big water.  It has high freeboard and can slowly travel over big waves without fear of being swamped. It is a good all around boat for fishing both fresh and saltwater and is easy to tow.  It was a good value for the money.
Dislikes: Poor factory support. I purchased this boat and motor new in '96 as a leftover. At the 5th year I took it to the dealership (Marine USA) in Worcester, MA to report that I had loose rivets that were leaking some water into the boat.  They advised me to take it in at the end of the season and they would service it.  Tracker had them send it to a subcontractor for repair, they had it from Nov to April and they did not fix the problem.  When I complained to Marine USA they told me that the work was done and it was now out of warranty! They had me on the phone with Tracker Marine and the rep from Tracker told me that because they paid for the repair already, they were washing their hands of the problem!  I was not satisfied and as a result, Marine USA did send it back for repair.
It was gone again for 5 months.  The rivets were welded to the hull and at least one still leaks today. I wanted to send it back to the factory for repair but I could not. Marine USA seems to be pretty good, but because they are a big volume dealer and this is not a big money boat, it was not a high priority with them.  The service manager treated me courteously, but the support that an owner deserves was just not there.  The reason for the leak was not because of rough water, but rather because I purchased it with a roller trailer which overstressed the area where the rollers contacted the hull. I switched to bunks to avoid future problems. I hope my experience can help someone else.
Tak - MA          1995 Tracker Magna 17 w/115 Mercury                                         
Cheap carpet. Got factory to replace when just over a year old, and out of warranty. Factory said they got a bad run of carpet.  Gas slow to fill. Vinyl seat stitching not holding up. Seats are $140 from Tracker. Looking for alternative. Livewell system design terrible. Gets debris in pump and pump seizes. Have taken pump apart too many times. Added screen to pump intake and to livewell drain. Both share common line which is part of the problem. Also, remote drain valve is leaking. Hard to load on trailer...bunks have to be just right in water.
Great boat for fishing. Handles well.
George - TN       2001 Tracker Pro Team 175 w/60 Mercury                                  
Likes: A Lot of boat for the money.  40 is the right size.  I think that a larger motor would make the boat ride too low in the stern.  Carpet is cheap but is holding up.  Good boat for 2 people, can hold 4 (and a dog), but there is not a lot of room.  Boat handles well in rough water, and is relatively dry.  Does not draw a lot of water, I can get into most places.  Trailer has been perfect.  (Fresh water only.)
Dislikes:  Boat is at the dealer now because the motor seized up.  I believe it is because the oil injection system failed, good thing I got the extended warranty.  I had to shorten the gas filler tube, as it was impossible to re-fuel.  It is still difficult, must fill very slowly.
They fixed this in the 2002 model.  Not enough storage, only one small compartment besides the rod locker.  Insufficient screens on livewell intakes.  Weak battery tiedowns.  Very hard to keep tight.  Livewells too small even for a crappie boat.  I replaced the transom tie downs, as the factory ones were crap.  Switches on the console are very easily hit with your knee.  The extra flip up light broke the first month.
You get what you pay for, and for a lot of us who don't have a lot of money, we can live with a few problems.  The motor, well that's Mercury, and could happen to anybody.
Les - IL             2000 Tracker Pro Crappie 175 w/40 Merc ELPTO                      
Likes: Great hole shot, stable fishing platform with plenty of storage space, handles easily in turns, great buy for the money.  Trailers easily and with brakes added, is easy to tow with a smaller vehicle.  I am happy with the XR6 150.  It has plenty of power for the boat though the fuel efficiency has been questioned.  The better fuel efficiency of the Optimax did not warrant the cost difference and going with a tried and true system only seemed logical.
Going with a 67 lb thrust MotorGuide trolling motor really does make a difference in holding and moving the boat in stiff 25 to 30 mph winds we have in Oklahoma.  I really recommend upgrading to it.
Dislikes:  Coming off plane quickly causes overwash.  Access to the belly of the boat is limited.  If you have to get to the bilge or livewell pumps to work on them you have to remove batteries and oil reservoir.  Then get a youth or midget to do any work in the cramped area.

The boat came with a 400 cca battery to run all the accessories and crank the 150 and power the tilt and trim....if you are not careful, it will run out of juice after a long day of fishing and you may not be able to turn the engine over.  I am going to replace the battery soon but until then will carry jumper cables in the boat.  The center seat really gets in the way of tournament fishing, easy to stumble over.  I have removed it and put an outdoor carpet piece in its place to act as a step to the rear deck.  This really works well for me and my fishing partner.  
I don't especially care for the depthfinder location on the gunwale side of the driver console.  The X91 knobs get loose on a long run or in rough water and I'm worried about losing it over the side if it comes loose.  I have to keep checking the knobs and tighten them.  The storage compartments are a little hard to open when damp.  I have added vinyl looped straps to help in lifting the lids.

Overall:  It is a much better fishing platform than my previous boat (TX 17) which I used heavily for over 16 years.  I looked at other brands with similar setups for nearly 2 years, even the new Avalanche and for the money, it is the best buy around and I am surprised it has not been a bigger seller.  I would recommend one to anyone wanting to get a durable, well made tournament ready bass boat without the high dollar price tag and the high maintenance requirements of the bigger glass rigs.
Joval - OK        2002 Tracker Tournament V-18DC w/150 Merc XR6                      
Likes: Wide, stable boat even in rough water.  Potential to hit 60 mph with the Merc 150; but even with three people, full load of fuel and gear, she'll hit 57 without straining.
Tremendous amount of storage space for an 18' boat.  Large fuel tank (42 gal).
Nimble and easy to maneuver. Comfortable seating for three.  Room for three to fish and move about.  Large fore and aft casting decks.  Fit and finish was excellent.  The swing away tongue makes storage in my garage a pleasure.
Dislikes: Fuel consumption on the XR6 is high (15 gps at WOT).  The 12 volt MotorGuide mount could be stiffer (will eventually replace this with a Minnkota Maxxum 24 v motor and mount), divided livewell seems small and I would like to have a livewell up front.
Needs a bow-mounted sonar unit instead of the console display.  Bias ply tires on the trailer 
(I would have paid the extra money for radials.)  The heavy motor makes the stern sit low and you can take on water when you come off plane too quickly.
I would give a big thumbs up for this boat to anyone looking for an all-welded aluminum, true "V" bass-boat style fishing platform.  The transom has been strengthened over the pre-2001 models to handle the weight of the 150 (thicker transom and the corner braces are now welded rather than riveted).  If you can afford it, go with the EFI engine over the XR6.  It will be easier to start and much less hard on your wallet.  A 14" x 23" Mercury Black Max aluminum prop is the one to use for best performance for the boat/motor combination.
MOFish - MO      2001 Tracker Tournament V-18 w/ 150 Merc XR6                          
Being a husband and father of 3, buying just a bass boat was a large expense.  My first year with the boat, both fenders rusted and fell off.  The Dealer said it was poor welds from the factory, so they gave me a brand new trailer, which was much larger than the last one.  After Year 2, I started taking on water during tournaments, only a little, but it got worse.  Finally I found out the welds on the back of the boat were separating.  The dealer said I had to pay for it and then if Tracker felt it was their fault, they would pay me back.  Now my boat was never neglected, or misused.  I took top notch care of it.  Finally after a year of complaints, Tracker said they would pay.  By that time, I had a friend who does aluminum welding take care of it, then sold the boat.  I HATE TRACKER and will always tell this story for as long as I live.
This was the worst customer service experience I have ever had.  In fact, I wrote a letter to the Owner of the Dealer, Johnny Morris (Bass Pro), and the president of Tracker....Do you think any of them ever responded....HECK NO.  
My advice to any person who ever buys a Tracker product:  GOOD LUCK !!
dla17302 - MI    1997 Tracker Pro Team 17 w/40 Merc                                                  
Likes: The fixed price, the Merc motor and most everything else.
Dislikes: Under powered standard motor (25 hp), Stickers with Tracker logo, model instead of PAINTED on along with stripes.  (I have to replace em just after one year). No recirc pump for livewell while running.
Other than that, I love the boat!!  I did install a recirc pump.  I'd like to see Tracker giving the alum boats better paint jobs and do away with the decals.  Also, locks on ALL hatches and a larger rod box.
Basstracker_v16 - OH      2000 Tracker ProAngler V16 w/ 40 hp Classic                       
As stated on the owner's page.  The courtesy light on the side of the console is apt to get brushed and turned on accidentally and run the battery down.  This is a disparaging thing to learn at the boat ramp!  I just took the bulb out of mine.  I notice on later models this seems to be solved.  Also, the big rocker switches are easily bumped "on" accidentally.  They should be smaller and have a guard around them.
Probably my biggest complaint is that I can only fit 6'6" rods in the rod lockers.  My 7' Carolina rod and others have to just lay in the floorboard or propped up somewhere in the boat.
Likes?  Dealer service has been great (Raleigh, NC), nary a problem with the engin, and after the first start of the day, she starts with just a bump of the switch.  No leaks, and I'm glad I got the 18 footer over the smaller one I was considering.   Cheers !!
Mike Corbett - NC     96 Tracker ProTeam 18 w/50 Force                                                
Likes: Fixed Cost Factor (Price - Options), could shop and have a known quantity (unlike other manufacturers where you get 3 prices from 3 dealers.  Price-Performance-Fastest 17 footer I could find for the same/similar price (running 30-31 gps with the 40 hp).  Layout - Wanted a bass-style boat but needed more below gunwhale walking space for my kids, has front and back casting decks and a lot of walking around room.  Has seating room for 3 while in motion.  

SERVICE!   Have had nothing but wonderful service from the Tracker/Bass Pro Shops folks here in Atlanta, including both warranty work on one livewell and installation of options (ladder, anchor mate, depth finder).
Dislikes: Only the rod-locker is lockable, all of the other storage, including the battery/gas tank storage do not have locks.  Location of front baitwell - should have been built into the front livewell for more space on the casting deck.  Bad plumbing design for the real livewell drain (had to have service shorten the drain tube so water would not accumulate in the tube and freeze in the winter), have looked at the 2001's and they seem to have fixed this problem.
TrepMan - GA       2000 Tracker ProCrappie 175 w/40 Merc                                           
I like the boat with all the storage, I really like the motor.  But now the boat leaks as it has one rivet missing and one other that is loose.  Where do you find these rivets?  Is it possible to weld?   Thanks....
Hawg - AR     94 Tracker 18' SemiV w/ 90 Merc                                                                
I bought the boat to fish local lakes, I ended up tournament fishing with it. 
Likes: Hull is very responsive and handles well in rough chop.  Boat is well built and well appointed.  I can get into places that big glass boats can't.
Dislikes: Livewell is way too small, boat is too tippy when fishing, and I once had a 200# partner who popped the weld on hatch braces on the back.
Dennis - WI    98 Tracker ProTeam 175 w/Force 40                                                            

I like the boat for the price, there is a lot of storage and it's very fishable.  I do want to put a 150 hp on the back, but the problem is two other people that I know have had bigger engines on the same boats and their transom buckled.
Mike - OH    1999 Tracker Tournament V-18  w/ 90 Merc                                                  10/26