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   Updated 4/23/22


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22 Tracker 190TX
     Pro Team
21 Merc prop, Helix7, Helix9, Garmin 93SV, MK Maxxum. 40-42 mph @ 6100 rpm  Meds83 - VA
22 Tracker Classic XL
22 50 Merc
Lowrance Elite 7 Ti2, Hook2 4X. 34 mph @ 5200.  Woody B - NC
09 Tracker 190TX
09 90 Merc
24 Raker, HDS9 Carbon, Lowrance FS7, MK 80#. 41 mph @ 5500 rpm. "Two adults in boat, no gear."  LittleRiverMsports - NC
04 Tracker PT175
04 60 Merc
4" manual jackplate, Helix 7 G2 SI and SI/DI. Propshaft is 1/5" above pad. 35 mph @ 6500 rpm.  Gryank - LA
21 Tracker Classic XL
21 50 Merc
14 Merc prop, Garmin Echomap Plus UHD 73sv console, Echomap Plus UHD 94sv bow, MinnKota PowerDrive iPilot.  Jeremy - FL
19 Tracker 175 TXW
     Pro Team
19 60 Merc
Helix9 MSI/MDI/GPS, MK Ultrex 80# w/iPilot. 33 mph gps.  Mickey - NC
21 Tracker 190 TE
21 115 Merc
19 Spitfire 4 blade aluminum, Lowrance electronics, MinnKota TM. 50 mph @ 6000 rpm.  Joe Glenn - NC
03 Tracker V18
19 115 Merc ProXS
4" Atlas MicroJacker hydraulic, Helix 12, Helix 7, MK Fortrex. 46 mph @ 5600 rpm. "Looking for more speed and rpm."  ScottTheBandit - NJ
17 Tracker 175TXW
17 60 Merc
Two HDS12 Lives, Lowrance Ghost. 35 mph gps.  Levi4life79 - CA
10 Tracker V18
11 150 Merc ProXS
Garmin, Lowrance 5X, MK Maxxum 80#.  Daryl - AL
10 Tracker 190TX
99 135 Merc
24 Fury, 6" CMC jackplate, two Helix 12's, MK Ulterra. Propshaft is 3.5" below pad. 60? at 5900 rpm. "Curious if anyone has every run a Tracker 190tx with a Merc 135 Optimax. Any suggestions would be helpful.  Steveg2407 - SC
19 Tracker 175 WT
19 115 Merc
Merc prop, Lowrance Hook2, Garmin Echomap 73cv, MinnKota.  Santajim - AZ
16 BassTracker
     190 TX
16 115 Merc
21 aluminum prop, Helix9 SI, Helix7 Mega SI G3, MinnKota Edge. 51 mph @ 5700 rpm.  A-Rig - AL
08 Tracker 190 PT
08 115 Merc Optimax
18 Merc Vengeance, Lowrance HPD7, Garmin Elite 4X, Motorguide 12V 45#. 41 mph @ 6000 rpm.  Ricky - TX
16 Tracker Pro 170
16 40 Merc
HB Helix7, Lowrance Hook 7, MK Edge 45#. 32 mph  Daniel - MN
18 Tracker 175 TXW
18 25 Merc
Two HB Helix 12 Gen1's, MK Maxxum. 20 mph @ 6000 rpm.   Smith248 - IL
18 Tracker 195 TXW
     40 Anniversary
18 115 Merc ProXS
Black Max prop, Lowrance Hook5, MK Maxxum 70#. 48 mph @ 6300 rpm gps.  Dbharris - ID
06 Bass Tracker 190
06 90 Merc
Lowrance Elite5 Chirp, Garmin9 SV, MK Ulterra 80#. 40 mph gps.  Papatwo - SC
09 Tracker Pro 190
09 135 Merc
23 Merc prop, HB 597, MG X3 55#. 51 mph @ 5500 rpm gps.  07tracker190 - NC
18 Tracker 175txw
18 75 Merc
Lowrance 400X, 400. MK Edge. 44 mph @ 5100 rpm gps.  Strokerace - FL
17 Tracker Targa 20
17 250 Merc
6" Atlas hydraulic, Helix9 DI, Helix9 SI, MK Ulterra.  James Sullivan - IN
18 Tracker PT195
18 150 Merc
Lowrance Hook7, Hook4, MinnKota TM.  Joel Konderik - AZ
17 Tracker PT190 TX
17 115 Merc
19 Merc Spitfire X7, Helix 12si Chirp, Hook4x, MK Ulterra. Motor in 3rd hole. 50 mph @6300 rpm gps.  Joe3buck3 - TX
17 Tracker PT195
17 150 Merc
HB898, HB597, MinnKota Edge 55#.  PBowers - SC
05 Tracker PT185
13 50 Evinrude
HB899ci HD SI, HB Helix 9 SI, MK Fortrex 80#, dual Sportsman Power Poles.  Rob - PA
17 Tracker V175
     Pro Guide Combo
17 115 Merc
Lowrance Elite TI-7, Lowrance Hook 7, MK iPilot. 46 mph gps.  DeltaRon - CA
14 Tracker 175TXW
     Pro Team
14 60 Merc
14 Black Max prop, two Lowrance Pro 4X's, MinnKota 55#. 36 mph @ 5700 rpm. "Great boat except for front livewell, should have been storage."  Roger F - NY
15 Tracker Targa
15 150 Merc
HDS9 Gen2 Touch, Lowrance Elite 5X, MK Terrova w/iPilot. 48 mph gps.  RCanzano - MI
16 Tracker 190 TX
16 115 Merc Pro XS
HDS8 Gen2, HDS9 Gen3, Motorguide Xi5 80#.  Dhkdl1 - MO
06 Tracker PT175TX
06 60 Merc
14 PowerTech, LMS522ci SI, X100C, MG Pro 46#. Propshaft is 6" below the pad. 38 mph @ 5850 rpm gps. "Super ride for a mod-v. Built like a tank."  Gatorglenn - IN
00 Tracker PT185
     Special Edition
99 75 Merc
HB899ci HD SI, HB859ci HD, MK Terrova 80# iPilot.  Caskey B - IA
15 Tracker 175 
     Pro Team TXW
15 75 Merc
Two HDS7 Touch units, Motorguide Xi5 55#. 42.7 mph gps.  HOGIE - IL
06 Tracker 175
     Pro Team TXW
06 75 Merc
Tempest prop, manual jackplate, HB789DI, HB789SI, Motorguide 54#. 43 mph @ 5200 rpm speedo.  Geno - OH
01 Tracker 185
     Pro Team
01 50 Merc
HB798 Side Imaging, Lowrance Elite 4X, MinnKota Powerdrive 55#. 32 mph @ 5250 rpm gps.  Hunter 3780 - AR
06 Tracker Pro 190
06 115 Merc Opti
23 Trophy Plus, 6" CMC hydraulic, Lowrance LCX27C's, MK Maxxum Pro 80#. 54 mph @ 5700 rpm gps.  Bassgod - OK
13 BassTracker
     Pro 170
13 40 Merc
Merc prop, HB 581i HD DI, 798c HD SI, MK PowerDrive v2 iPilot. 38 mph @ 5600 speedo.  Bassmann - NJ
91 Tracker Pro 17
91 40 Johnson
Manual jackplate, Lowrance HDS5, Garmin 550C, MK Endura 45#. 35 mph gps.  Chasbeaux - LA
07 Tracker Panfish 17
07 60 Merc Jet
Lowrance Mark5X DSI, Motorguide Pro. 28 mph gps. "This is a stick steering boat with a 60/40 Jet. A great river boat and fun to fish out of."  Redeyefighter - IN
04 Tracker PT175
     Special Edition
07 90 Merc
21 PowerTech, two Humminbird 898c SI's, Motorguide 54#. Propshaft is 5.5" below pad. 42.5 mph @ 5800 rpm gps. "Looking for a little more speed, have played with engine height some, got to be some left. If anyone has this combo and has info that will help please let me know."  Springcraw - AR
93 Tracker V16
     Pro Deep
93 40 Johnson
"Just picked it up a couple of weeks ago, only had time to clean it up, not in the water yet. I can't find a scratch anywhere, not even on the keel. Looks like it was never used. Tracker TrailStar trailer, Eagle Tracker Pro series 1000 fishfinder. Tires don't look like they have many miles on them. Got the whole package for $500!"  Drivingmad44 - MA
89 Bass Tracker
    1800 FS
89 150 Merc XR4
24 Turbo, 6" jackplate, MinnKota TM. 71 mph @ 6000 rpm gps.  Decot - OH
89 Tracker 1800TF
89 150 Merc XR4
MinnKota 70#. 56 mph @ 5200 rpm gps. "My first "real" bass boat and I'm in love. Jon boats are great but I didn't know what I was missing."  Huck007 - OK
12 Tracker 190TF
     Pro Team
12 90 Merc 4 Stroke
19 Merc SS, Lowrance X4, Humminbird 598SI, Motorguide 46#. 44 mph @ 6000 rpm gps. 42.5 mph fully loaded.  Fro - NC
97 Tracker Targa 18
98 115 Merc
21 Merc SS, Humminbird 597ci, Motorguide 55#.  RDStalder - TX
09 Tracker PT170TX
09 9.9 Merc
     4 Stroke
6.5 Merc, Humminbird 1198, 1198, 798, Eagle Cuda 300 w/alumaducer, Motorguide TE109. 7.4 mph @ 5900 rpm gps. "Limited hp waters and electric only waters I add a MinnKota transom 24V with a remote on/off switch."  Wayne P - VA
96 Bass Tracker
 Tournament TX17
96 40 Evinrude
Manual jackplate, Humminbird 798c SI, 998c SI, MinnKota Maxxum 70#.  JerryC - NJ
85 Tracker V17
85 50 Johnson
6" CMC hydraulic jackplate, BottomLine 480 Max, Motorguide Digital 45#. 36 mph gps. "Boat was a wedding present from my grandfather. I fully intend to pass it down to my boys when the day comes. I need to install a tach to get the setup right and I believe there are a couple more mph in her."  Toofuss - IA
05 Tracker PT185
05 90 Merc
Humminbird electronics, MinnKota 46#.  TNBrown - TN
07 Tracker 190TX
06 90 Merc Optimax
21 Trophy Plus, 5.5" CMC, Humminbird 998c SI, Lowrance LMS 520C, Motorguide Pro 46#. Prop is 5.5" below the pad. 47 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps.  SeaWindsRuffWood - MS
10 Tracker 190TX
10 115 Merc
21 Black Max prop, Humminbird 798, 597, Motorguide Tour Edition 82#. 47 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps).  Polenhand - MA
06 Tracker 175TX
07 60 Merc
Lowrance electronics, MinnKota TM.  Koupe1447 - TX
11 Tracker 190TX
11 115 Merc Opti
21 Stiletto, Garmin electronics, Motorguide Pro 42# TM. 56 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps).  Cajunboy92 - LA
12 Tracker 175
12 75 Merc Opti
20 Laser II. 42 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps).  Duroc - LA
93 Bass Tracker
    Pro 17
00 60 Merc
13 Merc prop, Humminbird Piranha 190, 200, Motorguide 30# TM. 37 mph (gps).  Trash Boat - NH
06 Tracker PT175
06 60 Merc
Merc prop, Lowrance electronics, MinnKota 45#. 38 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  JeremyT - NC
05 Tracker
01 175 Merc Opti
Manual jackplate, Humminbird 1198SI, 997C SI, MinnKota Powerdrive V2. Propshaft is 4" below pad."  Action Andy - ON
92 Tracker TX17
92 40 Johnson
Humminbird 788ci HD DI, Motorguide 30#. 33 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps). "Great little boat. Wanna get a bigger boat soon though. It needs a jackplate because you can only trim the motor up a little. If I had a jackplate I'm sure this boat would run 36-38 mph."  Logan - AL
01 Tracker 185
    Pro Team
87 90 Johnson
21 prop, Lowrance 520C, Humminbird, MinnKota 55# 40 mph @ 4000 rpm (gps).  NHBill - NH
07 Tracker 190TX
07 90 Merc
21 prop, Lowrance HDS7, HDS5, LSS1, MinnKota Fortrex 80#.  45 mph @ 5600 rpm (speedo).  Cha3527 - IL
07 Tracker 190TX
07 90 Merc
Lowrance electronics, Motorguide 46# TM. 44 mph (speedo).  Rgomulinski15 - FL
90 BassTracker
     1800 TF
89 150 Evinrude XP
24 Raker, 6" CMC jackplate, Eagle 642, Humminbird 565, OMC TM.   Alexanderapearce - GA
02 Tracker Tundra WT
02 150 Merc EFI
22 Laser II, Horizon 190i, Humminbird 788ci, MinnKota Pilot Powerdrive V2. 59.2 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps).  Ken P - Manitoba
08 Tracker 175 TXW
     Pro Team
10 115 Merc
22 Laser II, Humminbird 788 ci, 778c, Motorguide Pro 70#. 55 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps). "The most custom Bass Tracker you will ever see. Every accessory or upgrade done by owner. Love this boat, fishes great and hauls serious ass for a 18' aluminum."  Royjroptimax - CA
89 Tracker 1800TF
89 150 Johnson
Eagle/Garmin electronics, Motorguide TM. 54.5 mph @ 4800 rpm (gps). "Found this boat at a garage sale. The buy bought it new and got too old to fish out of it. Had to do a little cleaning and a carb rebuild. Runs and looks great. Best garage sale find ever."  Jfielder67 - OK
94 Tracker Pro 18
88 75 Suzuki
17 Suzuki aluminum prop, Lowrance 320, 540S, OMC 12/24 hand control TM. 47 mph @ 5400 rpm (speedo). "Project boat, swapped  motor and trolling motor from previous boat, increased rod storage length, added carpeting to storage areas and other things will be done as time and money allow. Good solid fishing rig with lots of room and storage."  Tracker 1018 - KY
89 Tracker TF1600
89 60 Evinrude
MinnKota I-Pilot Terrova. 45 mph (gps). "Great little boat. I bought it for $2000 and it looked like it just rolled off the showroom floor. Guy I bought it from was the only owner and it sat in a garage a long time. I changed the TM for the new I-Pilot and it was worth every penny! Also installed a GPS/fishfinder. Boat planes fast and can move around in about a foot of water. I have tweaked the motor to get a little more speed. If you have one and have any questions please email me."  Vapor777 - TN
10 Tracker Targa
     SC 17
06 115 Merc Optimax
21 Merc prop, Lowrance X96, MinnKota Power Drive.  35 mph @ 5500 rpm (speedo). "Brand new boat and trailer with swing tongue. Boat never on water, it is a factory replacement for defective 2006 Tracker Targa SC 17."  Mike H - CO
01 Tracker TV 18
01 150 Merc
25 Trophy Plus, Garmin 430, 535. 57 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps) "I started with a 23 Tempest Plus. I tried several 4 blade props and found that I gained about 2 mph with the 25 Trophy Plus. It also helped with steering and stability at top speeds."  Enrico - PA
08 Tracker Avalanche
09 175 Merc Optimax
25 Tempest Plus, Motorguide Pro 70#. 66 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps)."Got one of the last ones ever built! Great boat, originally bought the boat with a 2008 150 EFI, but after the first time on the water brought it back to Bass pro Shops and had them repower with the 2009 Optimax, then I changed the prop from the original 24 Laser to the 25 Tempest, what a difference, gained 10 mph. Also the Optimax burns half the gas the EFI would have!"  John T - LA
98 Tracker 
     Pro Team 165
10 9.9 Honda
7 Solas prop, Lowrance 67C, Garmin 160C, MinnKota Power Drive.  16 mph @ 5900 rpm (gps).  Boats1234 - VA
83 Bass Tracker
  Tournament Tx
83 60 Evinrude
MinnKota Power Drive u2. "I just bought this rig for my wife and I to have some safe fishing trips in our old age. I don't have a book and the trim at the console is not working. It looks like it had the wires cut as they are laying under the seat. Can anyone direct me to a book or tell me how to check and fix trim at console. Trim on the motor works fine."  Gale M - AR
10 Bass Tracker
   Pro Team TXW 175
10 90 Merc
19 prop, manual jackplate, Lowrance X50 DS w/surface temp, Motorguide 12V 46#. 44 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  DLeblanc - LA
03 BassTracker
     Pro Crappie
03 20 Merc 
13 Merc prop. 20 mph @ 5800 rpm (speedo). 
"Great fishing boat! Easy to trailer by myself, gets into shallow areas with no worries. Very roomy for two adults. Decent for 3 adults. Not much storage. Wish it was faster with a better holeshot but what should I expect from a 40 horse."
 Rob - IL
08 Tracker 170 TX
04 50 Tracker
Lowrance 51, Motorguide 46#. 33 mph @ 5000 rpm (speedo). "First boat, free as a result of me and partner winning a tournament. Partner got a 2010 Ranger and I got his old boat. 33 mph not that fast but I smile ear to ear every time I look at it."  Bruce P - TN
06 Tracker 175
06 60 Merc
Merc prop, Humminbird 727, Motorguide TM. 48 mph @ 6000 rpm (speedo).   Diode01 - CA
90 Tracker 1800 TF
90 150XP Evinrude
24 prop, Humminbird 525, MinnKota AT65. Propshaft is 2 3/4" below the pad. 56.6 mph (gps). "Just got this rig handed down to me from the father in law when he ran across a deal on a Blazer 202 ProV. Looking to maximize the setup, any info would be great."  Tk31 - TN
05 Tracker 
     Pro Team 175
05 60 Merc EFI
Motorguide 70#.  Derob257 - GA
00 Tracker V18
 Tournament Spec.Ed.
99 120 Tracker Force
"I'm looking for any info on same model Tracker that had dual consoles. I'd like to add one on mine."  Bob R - VA
88 Bass Tracker
  Tournament 1800 FS
88 150 Merc
5.5" CMC Power-Lift.  Rebel9921 - MN
10 Bass Tracker 
    Pro Team 175 TXW
10 50 Merc
Motorguide 46# TM. 32 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps).  Kevin - LA
88 Tracker Pro 17
88 50 Merc
Humminbird Wide 100, Eagle Cuda 168, MinnKota.  Jarvis - TX
09 Bass Tracker
     Pro Team 175
Lowrance HDS5, Motorguide TM  K3ithrtaylor - MA
04 Tracker SE Pro
     Team 185
05 90 Merc
Lowrance/Eagle electronics, Motorguide 4300.
45 mph (speedo). "Light, durable, fish-pulling machine. Couldn't ask for a better first bassboat!"
 Gobrowntruck21 - OH
09 Tracker V18
09 90 Merc
19" Merc prop, Lowrance electronics, Motorguide 54#  AggieLEO - TX
06 Tracker 
     Tundra 21 DC
250 Merc Verado
21" Tempest Plus, Lowrance X25C, 102C, MinnKota Maxxum 101#. 58 mph (gps). "SmartCraft gauges with GPS. Best rig I've been in."  H20 Hammer - WI
07 Tracker Tournament 21" Solas, Humminbird 581i on console, Lowrance  Roger & Coby - TN
     V18 Allfish X51 at bow, Motorguide 54#. Motor is 1.5" above  
07 90 Merc Optimax the transom. 42 mph @ 5750 rpm (gps).  
  "Going to change to a 22 or 23 pitch 4 blade this   
  summer. Will do 44 mph with 1 person and empty  
05 Bass Tracker Lowrance/Eagle electronics, Motorguide.  Chris J - NC
     Pro Team 175 17 mph @ 6500 rpm (speedo).  
05 25 Merc    
85 Tracker 1710 23" Quicksilver prop, Humminbird electronics,  Spiffey28694 - NC
86 150 Merc Thruster TM. 65 mph @ 6200 rpm (speedo).  
  "It floats and runs, what more do I need other than a   
  new FX Class Skeeter, lol!!"  
07 Tracker TV-18 22" Enertia, 8" CMC hydraulic, Humminbird 797 c2  Team Adcahb - FL
07 150 Merc Optimax GPS, Lowrance X37 TX, Motorguide Digital 82#.  PHOTO   PHOTO
  60 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  PHOTO
08 Tracker  Stock prop, Humminbird 565, Lowrance X47,  Sandav - PA
  Pro Team 175 TXW Motorguide Pro 46#. 40 mph @ 5800 rpm (speedo).  PHOTO
08 60 Merc 4 Stroke "Excellent boat as I grow older - had big glass before.  
  Love the huge decks and accessories. Trailer takes   
  some getting used to. Trolling motor a little   
  underpowered. Also love the 60 hp 4-stroke."  
88 Tracker TF1600 22" Laser II, Humminbird 596C, Motorguide TM.  Shesasassy - NC
85 115 Merc 40 mph (gps). "My first bass boat. Paid in full."  
87 Tracker 22" Merc prop, MinnKota Intruder 44F.  Phuccinnutt - ON
     Tournament V17 55 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps). "Still looking for all sorts  
08 75 Merc of parts to fully restore it to original glory. Have spare  
  props as well, all stainless steel."  
04 Bass Tracker  Lowrance 86C, X47TX, Motorguide Verimax.  Spdrcr218 - GA
     Pro Crappie 175 34 mph @ 5000 rpm. "Nice boat but it leaks   
04 50 Merc somewhere while driving, like water is being forced in  
92 Tracker Pro 17 SS prop, Lowrance X51, MinnKota 36# All Terrain.  Cheech - IL
92 40 Johnson 30 mph @ 5700 rpm. "Running right around 30 mph.  PHOTO
  Not a fast boat nor is it big. Wish it had bigger decks  
  and more storage. Stores, tows easily and fishes two  
  people just fine. Easy to launch unassisted. Has 13 gal  
  tank, DualPro onboard charger and two fishfinders.  
  Would be nice to treat this boat to better electronics  
  and a more powerful 12V trolling motor."  
06 Tracker 190TX Lowrance 522C, Motorguide Pro.   Travis - NH
06 60 Merc 34 mph (gps). "Great boat, looking to upgrade soon."  
06 Tracker PT190 Lowrance 522C, Motorguide Pro 46#.  Jim R - NH
05 60 Merc 34 mph (gps).  
02 Tracker TX-17 13" Merc prop, Humminbird 128, 565, Motorguide  Bassoholic - KY
02 40 Merc 42#. 28 mph @ 5000 rpm (gps).   
  "It's been a good boat."  
04 Tracker Tundra Merc SS prop, hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance   Trevor - Sask
04 225 Merc Optimax electronics, Motorguide 101#. 57 mph @ 5400 rpm.  
  "I love this tournament walleye edition of this boat.   
  Highly recommend this boat to any diehards that can  
  afford a boat with a great ride. Amazing on rough   
87 Tracker Garmin Fishfinder 140, Motorguide GW50RF.  Dwanash - MO
     Tournament V-17    
87 60 Mariner    
08 Bass Tracker 19" prop, Lowrance X46, Humminbird 565,  Yellowviper - WI
     PT 190 MinnKota 70#. 43 mph @ 5300 rpm (gps).  
08 90 Merc "Great boat for fishing leisure to tournaments. Only  
  downfall is the stock trolling motor. Way under   
  powered plus Motorguide motors have a bad rap for  
  needing to keep your foot on them or they will make  
  your boat do circles. I recommend switching to a 24V  
  system with at least 70# of thrust."  
01 Tracker TV18 23" Tempest Plus, Garmin 535, 430, Motorguide 6700.  Rico G - PA
01 150 Merc XR6 55 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). "Great boat for the price.  
  Bought it new with a 90 Mer and had the opportunity  
  to put a 150 Merc on it. Runs great in rough water.   
  Have been on some big water with it and it takes its  
  share of bad conditions. I would like to know if anyone  
  knows how to gain a little bit more speed out of it.  
  Any suggestions would be appreciated. The Garmins  
  work great with both having gps capability."  
93 Tracker Pro 17 19" Evinrude prop, Humminbird 575, Motorguide TM.  Dan - KY
93 60 Evinrude 38 mph @ 5300 rpm (speedo). "I think the prop came  PHOTO
  with the original owner new, it's stainless."  
07 Tracker Targa Lowrance X47, MinnKota 12V. "This boat came with  TboneBob - CA
     185 WT everything......Except the owners manuals. I need to   
07 115 Merc Optimax get the complete owners manuals for this complete  
  boat/package. I would appreciate any help."  
06 Tracker Targa 21" Turbo. 31 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps). "I'm wondering  Chris - MN
     175 SC if anyone else has the same boat and what speed they  
05 135 Merc Optimax can run at. If so, are you propped differently?"  
83 Bass Tracker 21" Trophy Plus. 60 mph @ 6300 rpm (gps).  George - South Africa
  1800 FS Tournament    
07 150 Merc Verado    
91 Tracker V16 17" prop, Lowrance Pro Series 1000, Humminbird  Michael V - ON
91 40 Evinrude Wide One Hundred, Motorguide Energy 54# 12V.  
  "Nice starter boat but as it turns out had it for 8 seasons  
  Starting to think I need a new ride."  
00 Tracker Pro Humminbird Sonar/FF Wide. 30 mph @ 5100 rpm  Skip - ON
     Deep V-16 (speedo). "Looking for an owner's manual or service  
03 50 Merc manual, copy or original, will pay reasonable fee."  
92 BassTracker Pro 17 MinnKota Edge TM.  Robrote - DE
92 25 Merc    
99 Tracker Pro16 "I need an Owners manual for the 1999-2001 Pro  Deserttrout - CA
     Combo Combo by Tracker. An original or a copy. Will pay a   
99 50 Merc reasonable fee."  
08 Tracker Pro Team 12" Merc prop, Lowrance 522C, X37, Motorguide.  John C - TX
     175 TXW 31 mph @ 5400 rpm.   
08 50 Merc    
92 Bass Tracker Pro 3 blade prop, Eagle Fish ID, Motorguide 30#.  MMaveal - MI
    V-17 Spec.Edition "Bought it July 07. It sat in a garage for 7 years unused.  
92 60 Johnson Great outfit, just like it came from the dealer.Aerator  
  pump is not working right now, hope it's an easy fix."  
89 Bass Tracker High Five prop, Humminbird electronics, MinnKota  Lunker-R-Us - MA
     Tournament 40 AT. "Just bought this boat (April 08) and can't wait  
89 150 Merc  to hit the water this season. Good luck to all and happy  
            Black Max Bassin!!"  
98 Tracker 1800 TF 26" Merc Chopper, 6" T&H hydraulic, Humminbird  Joec229 - GA
83/95 Mariner 2.4 Wide View, MinnKota Maxxum.   
  78 mph @ 7600 rpm (gps).  
89 Bass Tracker High Five prop, MinnKota 40 AT. "New member to  Lunkers-R-us - MA
88 150 Merc  BBC and new to boating. Bass fishing for quite a few  
            Black Max years. This site is fantastic with lots of information and   
  a great bunch of anglers that love to lend useful advice."  
89 Tracker 23 "Any info about this boat would be appreciated.   Mike - TX
89 200 Merc It is a Tracker 23 fiberglass cuddy cabin 23.3 foot.  
            Black Max It is a beautiful boat but I can't find any info. Thanks."  
93 Tracker 17 Lowrance LMS520C, Garmin 430, MinnKota TM.  Mike B - KY
     Tournament V "Need decals for both sides of boat, if anybody has  
93 60 Evinrude them or knows someone that could make them please  
  email me. Thanks."  
93 Tracker Pro 17 SS prop, manual jackplate, Eagle depth finder.  Fishingman - AL
97 90 Merc Force "I have not got my speedometer to work but I am  
  turning 5250 rpm. I am guessing the speed in the low  
  to mid fifties. Strong motor."  
02 Tracker 175 LE Manual jackplate, Pinpoint 7520, 320, Motorguide  Crappieciller - MI
     Pro Series Pro Series 70#.   
02 40 Merc Jetdrive    
06 Bass Tracker Motorguide TM.  Deputydawg - TN
     ProCrappie 175    PHOTO
06 60 Merc 4 stroke    
95 Bass Tracker Humminbird electronics, Motorguide 50#.  Bubsbaitbox - AZ
     Pro 18 "Just bought this boat (3/27/08). Only a demo ride on  
95 75 Merc rought water but ran great. I have questions connecting  
  new batteries for 12/24V trolling motor, any advise?"  
89 Bass Tracker Humminbird electronics, MinnKota PowerDrive.  Trackervin - CT
     1600TF 40+ mph (gps). "Great old boat, fun and affordable to  
89 90 Evinrude run, light to trailer, drafts in a foot of water.  
  Have about $3500 into the whole rig!!"  
94 Tracker TX-17 Humminbird 565. 39 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps).  Spivy30 - WI
94 60 Evinrude "Great boat, had a 185 Starcraft but couldn't get up in  
  shallows on the rivers, little wet in rough water. trailers  
  great behind the SUV, has everything you need!"  
88 Tracker Pro 17 14" Merc prop, Lowrance X67C, 2007 MinnKota  Waterfoul - MI
88 40 Mariner Maxxum 55#. 30 mph (gps). "I've added a rod locker  
  and lockable storage since I bought the boat in March.  
  Also added a 2nd and 3rd battery and charger.  
  I fish a lot of tournies from this boat and love it!"  
06 Tracker PT 175TX Lowrance X125, Motorgude 42#. 36 mph (speedo).  DCRich - KY
05 50 Merc "Not expensive and has everything that I want in a boat.  
  I will step up to a longer boat one day, but for now this  
  gets me into places longer boats can't get."  
86 Tracker 13" Turning Point, Eagle Ultra 2, Cuda 250 S Map,  Fish81156 - IL
     Tournament TX BottomLine Tournament 1101, Tracker 72# TM.  
86 50 Mariner Propshaft is 4" below the pad. 35 mph @ 5600 rpm  
  (gps). Old boat completely redone and sure knows   
  how to catch fish."  
02 Tracker Pro 17 "I just bought this boat (10/24/07), have not got to the  Benny M - AL
98 90 Force water yet."  
07 Tracker 190 Humminbird 580 Combo GPS/sonar, Motorguide 43#.  FMJ - NH
06 90 Merc Optimax 42 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps).  
07 Tracker ProTeam Lowrance electronics, Motorguide TM.  Flounderhead59 - IL
     190TX 42 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps).  
06 90 Merc    
07 Tracker  17" Merc prop, Eagle Cuda 250 GPS, Motorguide 46.  Jim S - ?
     Pro Team 170 36 mph @ 5620 rpm (gps). "This boat runs good but   
07 50 Merc I want to change it to a jet and hope the 50 will be  
  big enough. The only reason I have a 17" prop is the   
  gear ration is 2:1 on this model."  
94 Tracker TV17 Lowrance LMS522C iGPS, Humminbird Wide Eye,  Scott - GA
94 60 Merc MinnKota Edge 70#. 33 mph (gps).  
89 Tracker 1800TF Humminbird/Eagle electronics, MinnKota TM.  Gstepp22 - WV
89 110 Evinrude "Needs some TLC to get in fishing shape. Anyone  
  familiar with this model please contact me. Would like   
  to get some opinions and knowledge of how some of  
  the electronics work. Any and all help would be  
07 Bass Tracker Lowrance X96, Motorguide 46#, 42" shaft.  Kickbasskid101 - DC
     Pro Team 175 40 mph (gps). "Awesome boat. No complaints except  
08 60 Merc EFI it moves around a lot in the wind."  
00 Tracker ProV 16 MinnKota TM.  Pandpfarms - CO
00 50 Merc    
84 Tracker 16' 14" prop, Humminbird 300TX, MinnKota TM.  Julius - GA
87 45 Merc    
91 Bass Tracker "I am looking for an owners manual for my boat."  Kenny P - AR
     Pro 17    
92 40 Evinrude    
99 Tracker Pro185 19" Tracker, Motorguide 45#. 39 mph @ 5200 rpm.  Dan - MO
99 75 Merc (gps). "I'm getting 39 mph with no gear in the boat, I   
  wanna go faster. With gear and warmer weather I only  
  get 33 mph and 4900 rpm. Any ideas on a new prop?  
  I'm running a stock tracker 19" aluminum."  
90 Tracker 1800FS Eagle electronics, Motorguide TM.  JGBasser - IA
89 110 Evinrude    
05 Tracker  Lowrance electronics, Motorguide TM. 35 mph.  Chris - NJ
     Pro Team 17 "My oil tank is leaking where the low oil sensor gets  
05 50 Merc inserted. Has anyone else had this problem? The sensor  
  is held in by a plastic spacer and a washer and screw.  
  It does not seem like a very reliable setup."  
91 Tracker Magna Garmin 140.  "Does anyone know where you can get  Andy C - ON
91 90 Evinrude the specifications - re schematic diagram for these  
05 Tracker Lowrance X37TX, Humminbird 535, Motorguide Pro  Outdoorsman75 - IL
     Pro Team 175 46.  32 mph @ 5300 rpm (speedo).  
05 50 Merc    
99 Tracker  12" Merc prop, Eagle Strata 128, Humminbird 200DX,  Ryan - NJ
     Pro Team 165 MinnKota Powerdrive 55#. 25 mph @ 5200 rpm  
99 25 Merc (speedo).  
87 Tracker 1710 23" Stiletto Pro 4 bass, Humminbird 400 tx, 300 tx,  Sawblade - GA
87 150XR2 Merc MinnKota 55 AT. Propshaft is 2" above the pad.  
  55 mph @ 5600 rpm (speedo).  
00 Tracker Grizzly MinnKota 40AT.  DC2842002 - CO
     1648 AWS    
98 25 Johnson    
95 Tracker Pro 18 Humminbird 343C, Motorguide 46#. "Old guide boat,  Aaron - OR
95 40 Merc 2 years in use for fly fishing, all new seating, powertrim,  
  750 gph livewell. No choke in sub zero, great running  
  motor! Just a little shy compared to some of the big   
89 Tracker 175 Garmin/Humminbird electronics, Motorguide TM.  Grapeape87 - IN
89 35 Mercury "Looking for a wiring diagram or a complete wiring  
  harness. The existing one is starting to dry rot and   
  become brittle."  
07 Tracker Lowrance M68C S/MAP, Lowrance X47TX,  Bassplayer54 - CA
     Pro Team 175TX Motorguide 46#. 38 mph @ 4800 rpm (gps).  
07 60 Mercury    
05 Tracker PT175 13" 3 blade prop, Lowrance X37, X67C,   Ronamyth - NJ
05 50 Merc MinnKota 70PD w/AP.  36 mph (gps).  
99 Tracker  GlobalMap 1600. "Trying to identify some switches on  Joe - LA
     Pro Team 185 the side wall next to the throttle. The main one in  
99 75 Merc question is a rotary switch that says "empty" and "auto".  
  There is a 3-way aerator switch on the instrument panel  
  but this is an additional switch on the side wall. Thanks."  
03 Tracker Pro Team Humminbird 128, Matrix 27, M27, Pro 128,  Chatter-rat-l - MD
     185 XT Motorguide 43#. 48/50 mph (gps).  
03 90 Merc    
99 Tracker Pro Team Raker prop, jackplate, Humminbird Pro Angler,   Superchugbug - CA
     185 SE 787C2, Motorguide Energy 76#.  
99 90 Merc 41 mph @ 5300 rpm (speedo)  
06 Tracker PT175 14" Solas, Lowrance 334, 102C, Motorguide 56#.  Charles C - Australia
06 60 Merc 4 Stroke 39 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). "Purchased from BPS  
  Las Vegas, a personal import into Australia, a top  
  performer, had it in 30 mph wind/2 ft chop, a little wet  
  when 1/4ing, best boat in my club. Had a minor  
  electrical problems, rang BPS for advice, fixed. Only  
  negative is lockers & under seats take on water when   
  exposed to rain, port side locker could be longer, a   
  hassle when using 7 footers. I mounted motor to 2nd  
  hole down, is it worth fitting a jackplate? I don't know   
  if there's enough steering cable to move the motor back  
  say 4". Any comments?"  
02 Tracker 13" Propco, Humminbird 565, Eagle Fishmark 480,  Michael - VA
     Pro Team 165 Motorguide 54#. Propshaft is 1/2" below pad.  
05 25 Merc 25.7 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps).   
  "Upgraded trolling motor and the livewell. Good little  
  boat for fishing tight places and shallow water."  
85 Tracker Ltd.Edition 26" Laser II, 6" Custom jackplate, Lowrance X65,  Luvmymerc - MO
     1710 6060, OMC BFL4TS. Propshaft is 3.75" below pad.  
85 150 Merc XR2 70+ mph @ 5800 rpm (speedo). "This boat was   
     Black Max already 20 yrs old when I bought it. The 2nd trip out  
  the big motor blew up. I got the boat so cheap that I  
  could afford to fix it up. I rebuilt the XR2 150 myself,  
  put in new carpet and basically fixed everything on it  
  that was broke. Now it runs like a scalded dog and   
  fishes great. This is the 6th or 7th boat I have owned  
  over the years and has turned into the most fun boat to  
  own. It is definitely the most fun boat to drive."  
06 Tracker Targa 165 13" prop.   Blayman - NY
05 60 Merc    
05 Tracker PT185 21" Black Max, hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance X37  SCSims - KY
05 90 Merc Humminbird 565, Motorguide 42#. 41 mph @ 5200  
  rpm (gps). "Great boat wouldn't trade it for nothing."  
06 Tracker Motorguide TM.  Josh - PA
     Pro Team 175    
06 25 Merc    
93 Tracker Targa Motorguide 35# TM.  Rickgudnason - TX
93 60 Tracker    
04 Tracker V16WT 14" Merc prop.  10 mph @ 3500 rpm.   Polebrother - CA
     Targa "Have had a problem since the day I bought this boat  
04 60 Merc 4 stroke a year ago. When there's only one person in the boat  
  it runs great...up to 30 mph. When there are 2 or 3   
  in the boat the motor won't exceed 3500 rpm and max  
  speed is 10 mph. Have worked with the dealer but   
  they don't have a clue as to what is wrong. Has anyone  
  experienced the same problem? Any advice?"  
90 Tracker 1800FS 24" Raker, Lowrance X67C, Motorguide 42#.  Brent N - MN
90 150 Johnson GT 62.8 mph @ 5200 rpm (gps). "Fun, fast boat. All my  
  friends want to drive it. Gets a little scary running out in  
  3+ footers when out on Mille Lacs chasing Walleyes  
  and Muskies. People always look at me funny at the  
  ramp launching a bass boat on Mille Lacs. Something  
  different up here in Lund/Crestliner country."  
05 Tracker TV-18 23" Quicksilver, Lowrance X47, Humminibird Matrix,  Kinster - WI
05 115 Merc Motorguide 54#. 49 mph @ 5100 rpm (gps).  
  "I love this boat. Handles rough water well and is nice  
  and stable to fish out of . It's the standard package from  
  Track with a 115 Merc. It runs 49 mph on the GPS  
  and 52 on the speedo - one of them is probably right.  
  I'll be updating the trolling motor (a little weak for my  
  taste) and having it propped for next season.  
  I'll update then."  
03 Tracker  Stock prop, Lowrance X67C. 30 mph @ 5600 rpm  Bummerbaits - SC
     Pro Team 185 (gps). "Has been a great boat since I bought it new.  
03 50 Merc Runs about 30-31 WOT with the 50 Merc on it.  
  Just found some cracks in the hull, so hopefully I can  
  get them repaired."  
05 Bass Tracker "I have a front storage compartment and a rear storage  RoyS - FL
     Pro 165 compartment. Is there any way to keep water from   
06 40 Merc going into these compartments and getting everything  
  wet or is it suppose to not let water in?"  
04 Tracker TV18 Rapture prop, Lowrance X47, Eagle Fishmark 420,  BMAC - OH
05 90 Merc Motorguide TM. "Second new bass boat. First was a   
  glass boat. An actualy better ride with the TV18!  
  Added a stainless prop, first time out was satisfied with  
  holeshot and speed on plane. Wide open seemed a   
  little squirrelly in busy water. Some minor issues after  
  delivery, all handled professionally and immediately,  
  guess it depends on the dealer!!"  
94 Tracker TV17 Humminbird Wide Eye, LCR400 ID. "Bought the boat  BCar - NY
94 60 Merc new in '95 (leftover). I really love the boat. Keeps me  
  dry when the fiberglass guys are getting soaked in the   
  waves. I fish tournaments with it and have never had a   
  problem. Some things are now starting to wear  
  (carpet, etc) and I am not meticulous when it comes to  
  to caring for my boat.  No leakage ever. Very happy  
  with the hull."  
05 Tracker  Merc prop, MinnKota 40#. "Still breaking in.  Pat M - CA
     Pro Guide V16 No leaks! Need info from those who have added  
05 60 Merc 4 Stroke chargers, stereo and additional toys."  
96 Bass Tracker 17' "I bought this boat last week and it seemed to be a nice  Collins - MS
96 70 Yamaha boat until I looked at the bottom It is beaten up and  
  some of the rivets are loose. I filled the boat with water  
  in the driveway yesterday to see if they leaked and they  
  did.  There is also a leak in the center of the hull down  
  the keel. Can somebody please tell me how to fix these  
  problems? I appreciate any help."  
05 Tracker Targa Eagle Fish Easy 2, Lowrance X47, MinnKota  Billvet6 - IN
     17 WT Powerdrive 70# Univ.Transducer. "Just traded my  
05 115 Merc 2000 Pro 175SE for this boat. I have been well   
  satisfied with Tracker (so far)."  
02 Tracker Avalanche 21" Trophy Plus, jackplate, Lowrance X47 EX.  Jim S - DE
04 125 Merc Motorguide 24 volt 67#. 47.8 mph @ 5300 rpm (gps).  PHOTO     PHOTO
  Updated 3/30/05..... Water temp at the time was 47 degrees, air temp was  PHOTO     
89 Tracker 1800 TF 23" OMC prop, Eagle Fish Easy electronics,  Gr8shot - SC
89 150 Johnson MinnKota 599M TM. 54 mph (gps).  
  "Unbelievable condition for a 16 year old boat. Looks  
  like it just came out of the showroom."  
89 Tracker 1800TF 21" OMC, Humminbird 4000, MinnKota 599 12/24.  CXL1 - WI
89 120 Johnson 52.1 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps). "Purchased in March  
  1999. Top speed is one person, 1/4 fuel tank, fully  
  trimmed, unloaded, with ideal 1' chop conditions.   
  Normal full load speed is 44.6 mph GPS, full fuel/oil  
  tanks, both livewells fille, 3 people tons of gear.  
  Boat has been fish a lot including annual 10 day trips  
  from WI to Lake Fork, TX. This boat has been good  
  for me and I love the layout so much it will be hard to   
  trade for something else if and when the time comes."  
05 Tracker PT175 23" stock Black Max, Lowrance X37, X47,  William - VA
04 75 Merc Motorguide Pro Series 43.  45.3 mph @ 5100 rpm  
  (gps). "Nice ride...beats the 9.9 Merc on 12' jonboat".  
04 Tracker  17" Turning Point Hustler, Lowrance M56 S/Map,  Dlctcg - CT
     Pro Team 185 Lowrance X47, Motorguide TM.  
04 90 Merc MinnKota Deckmate 40 anchor system.  
83 Tracker Aluminum prop, Motorguide TM. Propshaft is 2.8"  Wells 3 - IN
     Basstracker 3 below the pad. 34 mph @ 4800 rpm (gps).  
83 40 Merc "I have totally rebuilt this boat. My father bought it new  
  in 1983, I grew up fishing in this boat. I have added  
  storage compartments, a rod locker, new seats and   
  graphic decals. Spent three days polishing the aluminum  
  hull. I have over $5000. in this boat. Have completely  
  rebuilt the original 40 Merc. Tweaked it a little to get  
  the additional mph. I need a new windshield, the one   
  on it is dry rotting "cracking". After that, the only thing  
  to do is tilt and trim. I love the old boat but a 16' is not  
  big enough for me. I'm gonna buy a nice used 18'-19'  
  fiberglass boat. Any suggestions would be great.  
  I will add pics later. I get compliments every time I take  
  it out. No one can believe how nice my Bass Tracker   
  3 is."  
02 Tracker Avalanche 23" Tempest, Humminbird 600, 160, MinnKota  Bassin Fool - NY
02 150 Merc XR6 Maxxum 65#. Propshaft is 3.5" below the pad.  
  63 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). "Good handling boat in   
  ruff water with a tremendous amount of storage space  
  for an 18 footer. Dry ride in ruff water all around a   
  pretty decent rig. I've had mine now for three seasons  
  with no major problems. I've beat it pretty goos on the  
  St.Lawrence River, Lake Ontario, Lake Champlain  
  and other big waters. I've got my dents and scrapes  
  and gouges from getting up on stumps, rocks, against  
  docks and trees and to this point the paint job has  
  held up great. I can't understand why you don't see  
  more of them around. Definitely a well kept secret."  
01 Tracker  21" Cabela's Performance SS, Humminbird 565, 535,  GregH - MD
     Pro Team 175 MinnKota AT55. Motor is mounted in 2nd hole.  
02 75 Merc 48 mph @ 5100 rpm (speedo). "Great small bass boat  
  no complaints from me, but still want to upgrade to  
  Triton 196 w/200 Merc."  
03 Tracker Garmin GPSMap 168 sounder, Garmin 240,  Steve - NY
     Tournament V18 MinnKota 74#.  40 mph @ 5000 rpm (gps).  
03 90 Merc "Excellent boat for the money, few minor complaints."  
99 Tracker  Ballistic prop, Humminbird 565, 535, MinnKota 65AT.  Rehlers - OH
     Pro Team 185 45 mph @ 5500 rpm (speedo).  
99 90 Merc    
93 Tracker 175 Turbo prop, Eagle Magna, Eagle 320, Motorguide  JasonR - AZ
93 60 Johnaon 50# TM. "Leaks BADLY but I love it anyways."  
05 Tracker  28 mph @ 5600 rpm. "Piece of Poo!!!"  Tomsandy - ND
     Pro Guide 16    
50 Tracker (Merc)    
03 Tracker 175 Factory prop. "I love my boat but it leaks. It first  Mark - CA
03 50 Merc 4 Stroke leaked last September. Cracked hull and cracked   
  weld.  Dealer fixed it.  Now it leaks again, same weld  
  line, two other places. Tracker is taking it back for  
  evaluation. I told them I want a new hull. Has anyone  
  else had this problem?"  
04 Tracker Targa 17 19" Michigan prop, Lowrance X47,   Silvereagle6 - MO
04 90 Merc Motorguide X54 TM. 43 mph @ 5200 rpm (speedo).  
92 Tracker Pro 175 Humminbird Wide Paramount, Humminbird 565,  Zipfour - AL
92 40 Evinrude MinnKota 50AT. 36 mph @ 5000 rpm (speedo).  
  "Been a great boat, leaked but that was due to battery  
  acid and got that fixed. Now, problem is the wood   
  deck under the forward seat is rotting. Would like to  
  know if anyone ever tried to get that replaced by   
  Tracker under that "Limited Lifetime Warranty" on the  
  marine plywood decking. I am the original owner."  
02 Tracker Eagle Fishmark 240, Lowrance X135, Motorguide TM  Bigdawg - WI
     ProTeam 175 37 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps). "Greatest investment I   
02 60 Merc ever bought. I love fishing from the big platforms front  
  and back. Easy loading and unloading!"  
89 Tracker  Eagle Fish Easy 2, Humminbird Tourney 400,  BIG TK - OR
  Tournament 1800 FS MinnKota 55 AT. 62 mph @ 4900 rpm (gps).  
89 115 Johnson "Beautiful boat that runs very smooth. Until I saw it   
  for sale I did not realize Tracker made a fiberglass  
  bass boat. Has dual console, dual livewells, all the   
  amenities. If anyone else has a boat similar to this let's  
95 Tracker Magna 19 SS prop, Eagle Ultra Classic, Magellan SporTrak Map  StephenDawg - IN
95 125 Tracker Merc MinnKota AP 42#. 42 mph @ 5300 rpm (gps).  PHOTO
  "Added casting deck at rear, 6 Attwood flush mounts,  PHOTO
  2 Downeasters (on removable board), 8.5' rod storage,  
  42" livewell, single console, lighted compass."  
03 Tracker  12" factory prop. 36 mph @ 5400 rpm.  Tom - from ?
     Pro Deep-V 16 "Purchased the boat in January and have 40 hours  
03 50 Merc 4 Stroke operating time on the motor and it is slow to get on top  
  of the water when I fill the front livewell with approx.  
  15 gallons of water. The boat has 2 people and tackle  
  which is approx. 550 lbs which is well below the   
  allowable load.  The motor will top out at 5400 rpm  
  which is lower than the 5500-6000 rpm normal  
  operation range and appears to be under powered for   
  the boat. It also runs as loud as a 2 cycle motor and   
  appears to be too small to handle the boat. Is any one  
  experiencing these conditions, I would like to know."  
00 Tracker Deep V 15" prop.  36 mph @ 5200 rpm.  Deltafish - CA
00 75 Merc 4 Stroke "2nd owner of this boat, love the engine. It is too heavy  
  for the boat though. Causes the back to sit too low,  
  and sometimes takes in water from the rear. Other than  
  that, good boat for the money."  
03 Tracker TV-18 22" Laser II, Humminbird 200, Motorguide 52#.  Jeff - TX
03 115 Merc 52 mph @ 5200 rpm (speedo). "This boat is plenty  
  wide and stable, smooth and dry in the chop, lots of   
  storage, large deck space, great holeshot, and is   
  welded aluminum. Standard Motorguide is a little weak,  
  had a few minor fit/finish issues, boat can get squirrely  
  at high speed in the rough chop."  
01 Tracker Pro 175 "The boat seems to take on a lot of water. Will drain  Jeff - MI
01 Tracker 40 heavy for 4 min. after 2 1/2 hrs in water. Anyone else  
  have this problem or is it normal?  Where can I find  
  a user manual for this boat?"  
01 Tracker Targa 17' 19" stock aluminum, Humminbird/Eagle electronics,  Jerred - SD
01 90 Merc Motorguide 48# TM. "I bought my boat new and take  
  excellent care of it. I have had many problems with it  
  though. I've gone through 3 cranking batteries (all  
  Interstate). My dash cracked once while under   
  warranty and both are already cracked again. My psi  
  gauge went out a year ago, now my speedo doesn't  
  work. My stock stereo just went out. My bilge pump  
  went out and because of it I found out I'm taking on a   
  significant amount of water. (Tracker is in the process  
  of finding the cause.) There are many nit-noid problems,  
  I'm trying to find out if my problems are isolated or if   
  others arre having the same problems. Please e-mail  
  me with any inputs."  
98 Tracker  22" Laser II, Humminbird 128, 200 DX (console),   Dan - TN
     Pro Team 185 Motorguide 12/24 Tracker 60 series.   
02 90 Merc ELPTO 48 mph @ 5000 rpm (speedo). "Purchased new motor  
  in January of this year. Used approx. 22 gal. double  
  oil mix for break in period. Debated for some time   
  about replacing packaged motor - 75 Force (Tracker  
  Power Series) - was not pleased with hole shot or top  
  end. Now, no comparison, tremendous increased  
  performance up and down the rpm range. I am very  
  pleased with the set up I now have and look forward  
  to some great fishing trips for the rest of the year."  
89 Tracker 1600TF 19" Trophy, 6" CMC, Humminbird Piranha,   Joe - PA
     90 Evinrude Humminbird LC2000, Motorguide TM.  
  Motor is 2" off transom. 45 mph @ 5900 rpm (speedo)  
97 Tracker 21" Michigan SS prop, Lowrance X47, Humminbird  Larry - TX
     Pro Team 17 Matrix, Motorguide 22#.  51 mph @ 5100 rpm (gps)  
     60 Merc BigFoot Hot foot.  
93 Tracker Pro 19" prop, Garmin 160, MotorGuide Pro 30.   Crazedfisherman - OH
     Deep V 17 Motor is mounted in 2nd bolt hole.  
     70 Johnson 37 mph @ 5000 rpm (speedo). "I am the second   
  owner of this boat and it is still in immaculate  
  condition.  I use it for bass fishing mainly.  I use it  
  both for club tournaments and some open events.  
  It by no means is the fastest boat on the water but it   
  is very dependable and I have no problem handling  
  the rough waters.  For an aluminum boat you can't   
  beat it!"  
89 Tracker Pro 17 Humminbird 200DX, Eagle Explorer GPS,   Wendell - WV
     40 Johnson Minnkota autopilot. 27 mph (gps).  PHOTO
  "I bought this boat to use for both Bass fishing and   PHOTO
  Duck/Goose hunting.  I stripped it to bare aluminum  
  and painted a camo pattern on it. I am happy with the   
  performance (other than the speed) for this type of   
  boat.  I feel it gets me to the fish quieter and less  
  noticed than my last V bottom fiberglass boat. It also  
  trailers better behind a 6 cyl. SUV.  I added a Macks  
  river runner prop protector to the skeg.  This will help  
  since I run the Ohio River and its tributaries.  I am  
  also in the process of making retractable camo deck  
  covers for this upcoming waterfowl season. I would   
  recommend this for anyone who likes to fish and hunt  
  but doesn't want two boats."  
93 Tracker Magna 19 17" Turning Point prop, BottomLine 3310,   Hgmeyer - IL
     115 Johnson Eagle UltraClassic II, MotorGuide TM.  
  41 mph @ 5300 rpm (gps).  
  "Interior has been modified with a 36" x 12" rear deck  
  w/socket, second livewell, onboard charger, battery  
  storage, running Garmin gps 176, 15 hp OMC kicker.  
  Boat is setup for multi-species fishing, used for bass  
  and walleye tournaments."  
85 Tracker TX-17 12" Quicksilver prop, Eagle Silent Sixty flasher,   Courtland - NC
     75 Merc Humminbird Wide View, Tracker 37# 12V TM.  
  40-45 mph @ 5000 rpms (speedo).  
  "Wondering if a small jackplate would help out any.  
  Great holeshot and will be on 42 or 43 in a heartbeat.  
  Want to go to a G3 Hp-180 w/150 Yammy VMax.  
  Great boat for what we do. Thanks Tracker."  
02 Tracker ProTeam Lowrance X51, Humminbird/Tracker, Motorguide/  Elken - ID
      185 Jet Tracker Pro 60 TM. 45 mph @ 5200 rpm (speedo).  
     175 Merc SportJet "Bought to fish club bass tournaments and fish on   
  local rivers. SportJet runs great.  I like the all-welded  
  Revolution hull.  Upgraded to 67 lb 12/24V trolling   
  motor for windy days or strong current on the river."  
95 Tracker  35 mph @ 5200 rpm. "First boat and couldn't ask  Mitz - RI
     Pro Team 18 for anything better.  Really the only things I would like  
     60 Merc to do, upgrade to a 75 or 90 motor.  Other than that  
  this boat has lead me to a lot of great fishing."  
98 Tracker Humminbird electronics, MotorGuide TM.  Mtn Raider - NC
     Pro Team 175 "Love the boat, runs great, smooth ride, easy to launch  
     40 Force and recover.  Only problem is with power tilt and trim.  
  I have replaced both solenoids and it still takes spells  
  when it won't raise, no problem with lower.  
  Have to swap connections to raise motor when   
  recovering.  Any suggestions?"  
01 Tracker Humminbird, Garmin Fishfinder 240,   a1dennis - CA
     Pro Team 165 MotorGuide TM  
     25 Merc    
02 Tracker  23" Tempest Plus prop, 6" Vance jackplate,   Joval - OK
     Tournament V-18 Lowrance X91, MotorGuide Pro 67# TM.  
     150 Merc XR6 58 mph (speedo). "Great hole shot, for the money it  
  is a better buy than the new Avalanche. Fishes well,   
  a little squirrelly at speed in chop."  
86 Tracker  Humminbird Wide Portrait, Humminbird LCR4000,   Basstracker 34 - MN
     Guide Special V16 Minnkota 50 PD Bow Mount. 27 mph.   
     35 Merc "Great boat for in the heavy chop.   Got it 5 years ago  
  for $2500.  Does the job well.  It was a big step up  
  from a plain 14' aluminum boats/15 hp tiller combo!  
  Am looking for something newer and faster though."  
02 Tracker 21" aluminum Tracker/Merc prop, Humminbird Pro   CaptJack - OH
     Pro Team 185 SE 128 fishfinder, MotorGuide 44# TM. 44 mph.   
     90 Tracker/Merc "Purchased this boat to fish local bass tournaments.    
  Very pleased with the engine performance and smooth,   
  dry ride. Problem: Fishfinder loses bottom at 20-25   
  mph, starts working again when boat speed is reduced!    
  Any ideas on how to fix this?"  
     Updated 9/3/02.... "My problem with depth finder has been corrected by   
  moving transducer to lower step on transom."  
00 Tracker  19" Mercury prop, Humminbird TX200,   Michael - UT
     Pro-Deep 17 MotorGuide TM. 43 mph @ 5300 rpm. (speedo).  
     90 Merc "This is a great boat for all around use.  It fishes great  
  and handles bad weather good.  It has a good holeshot  
  and handles excellent in the turns.  I would like to get   
  a little more speed out of it.  I was thinking of adding  
  two spacers to my engine mount and getting a Hustler  
  prop this summer.  If anyone has any suggestions  
  please e-mail me.  
01 Tracker 23" Merc prop, Humminbird 200, MotorGuide TM.  MOFish - MO
     Tournament V18SE 58 mph @ 5200 rpm (speedo). "This boat meets my   
     150 Merc need for size, construction, layout and features. It is   
  extremely stable and smooth through rough chop, and   
  has a good deal of storage. The second console can   
  be removed to open up more room for a third person."  
01 Tracker Humminbird 128DX, MotorGuide TM.  C Heidt - AZ
     Pro Team 175 31 mph @ 5200 rpm (gps).  
     40 Merc    
00 Tracker 21" Hustler prop, Humminbird 200 DX,   Firebird - IA
     ProDeepV Combo MotorGuide TM. "This is my first boat.  I've had it for  
     75 Merc 2 seasons. It is fine for both fishing and running around."  
89 Tracker 17" Michigan prop, Eagle Optima, Humminbird  CDotter - OH
     Tournament V WideView, MotorGuide 52# 12V.  
     60 Johnson 33.4 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps).  PHOTO
  "I love the v-hull compared to those bouncy modified  PHOTO
  v's. I keep up with the glass bassboats when the water  
  gets rough. I did dent the hull this year on rought water  
  on Lake Erie.  It is very stable and light. I haven't had  
  much luck with the Eagle Optima. The plug comes  
  loose easy and after 2 years the screen went blank.  
  The Humminbird has a great mount, easy connect  
  and has been trouble free. I am waiting for one with  
  higher pixels.  The MotorGuide TM had a lot of   
  problems with foot pedal going bad, after 2 times in a   
  year I sent it back and had a manual pedal put on,   
  it is a lot more sturdy, "but bulkier" and for 50 lb thrust  
  I'm not too impressed.  Got to 24 volt if you want  
  power.  The boat is an '89 and is still solid but in last  
  2 years the livewell pump died and the water, tach,   
  bilge switch and speeo have gone bad. Also trailer  
  welds and wood stepsides are falling apart.  
  I am ready to upgrade to a new glass so I can fish   
  more tournaments competively."  
90 Tracker ProV 16 Humminbird/Lowrance electronics, MotorGuide 28#.  Uglystick Gary - IN
     60 Johnson "2nd owner of this boat and it's a jewel! Added cycle  
  switch to aerator and rod holder. My wife claims she's  
  my 2nd wife....my Tracker is my first !"  
02 Tracker  Raytheon L265, Humminbird Pro 128,   BKing - KY
     ProTeam 185 MotorGuide TM.  
     75 Merc    
00 Tracker TV18 20" Laser II, Humminbird DX400, Eagle X65,   Fritz109 - NJ
     90 Merc Minnkota Maxxum 74# TM.   
  43 mph @ 5300 rpm (gps). "Great riding and can run  
  all week on the 40 gallon tank. Fishes like a big glass  
  boat. Handles like a sports car. Likes big water."  
89 Tracker 1800 TF 23" Merc 3 blade, Eagle Classic Plus, Eagle Ultra III,   Dave - NH
02 125 Merc MotorGuide Brute 565 TM. Propshaft is 4" below  
             the pad. 46.2 mph @ 5200 rpm (gps).   
  "Blew up the Johnson 150 hp and went to a new 125  
            Updated 8/28/02...... hp motor.  Too much money to rebuild and I didn't   
  want to guy used.  Looking to try a 22" Laser II prop.  
  The boat was scary with a 150 at wot. Looking to do  
  50 mph."  
00 Tracker  MotorGuide TM. 31 mph.  Marco - FL
      ProTeam 175    
      40 Merc    
01 Tracker  Stock prop, Humminbird 200DX, Lowrance X75,   Bassstalker2000 - IL
     ProTeam 185 Minnkota Maxxum 65# TM. "Still working this puppy  
     90 Merc in.  There were a few quirks out of the box.  The 12V  
  adapter had the polarity wrong and some of the   
  compartments have a really tight fit.  However, she  
  handled alright for me on 2 foot whitecaps on a day   
  with 43 mph winds, so I'm happy."  
01 Tracker 128 DX, MotorGuide 43# TM.  Tim - TX
     Pro Team 175 "Breaking it in.  Smooth ride."  
     40 Merc    
94 Bass Tracker 18" prop, BassTracker electronics, BassTracker TM.  Bill - VA
     Pro 17    
     40 Merc    
01 Tracker  "So far, I am very pleased with the new all welded   TNScott - TN
     Pro Team 175 boat and the wider beam.  Still doing break in but ride  
     75 Merc is very smooth and stable."  
78 Bass Tracker Humminbird Wide 100, Minnkota 24B TM. 27 mph.  StanAramus - MO
     55 Johnson For pics: http://members.aol.com/stanaramus/boat.htm  
93 Tracker Solas prop, Eagle StrataView 128, Humminbird 3D  EsoxTracker - IL
     Tournament V17 Vision, Minnkota AT50 TM. "Nice Tin Boat.   
     60 Johnson Added lights and radio, full gauges.     
00 Tracker Targa V17 "For a starter boat it's great.  It came with a dual   BassNWoman - MA
     60 Tracker console with the full windshield, which is a pain when  
  casting from the front deck, so everything on the   
  passenger side will be coming off this spring."  
  Visit my web page to see the boat under the   
  "Fishing Link"...   
96 Tracker ProTeam18 Eagle Magnaview II, Eagle Optimax, MotorGuide TM,  Mike Corbett - NC
     50 Tracker 32 mph.  "Bought new in '96, have added a vertical  
  white plastic rod holder (3 places I believe), to the   
  front of the console. This holds my landing net vertically  
  and serves as some where to put my rod when   
  changing baits or riding to a new location. Disconnected  
  the courtesy light on the side of the console as I kept  
  accidently turning it on and running the battery down.  
  No leaks, but then I baby her by quartering into waves  
  or slowing down.  Only problem has been a defective  
  tilt solenoid which I easily fixed myself. Love my boat!  
00 Tracker ProTeam 21" Aluminum prop, MotorGuide 56# TM.  BASSFISH - Ontario
     Pro Team 175 43 mph @ 5200 rpm. (radar)  
     75 Merc    
00 Tracker TV-18 Humminbird DX200, BottomLine SF1200,   BMoore - MO
     90 Merc MotorGuide TM. 45 mph @ 5300 rpm (gps).  
  "Plenty of room, great ride, no negative quality issues  
  that seemed to have plagued some Tracker owners."  
00 Tracker  15" Turbo Holeshot prop, Tracker (MG) Pro40 TM,  Jerry - FL
     Grizzly 16 Bass Lowrance X38 (hate it). Motor is 3" off the transom.  
     50 Merc 40 mph @ 5300 rpm (gps). "Added carpet for the hot  PHOTO
  summer days here in Florida. Great hunting/fishing boat.  
  Overpowered by 50 horse."  
00 Tracker  "First new boat with a steering wheel."  Sam - IN
     Pro Team 185 Eagle Ultra Classic, Humminbird, Tracker Pro Angler,  PHOTO
     90 Merc MotorGuide TM. 47 mph @ 5200-5300 rpm (speedo)  
  Have added an hour meter and a water pressure gauge.  
96 Tracker  Tracker 35# TM. Humminbird WideEye. 17', only had  HBPowell - NC
     75 Tracker the boat for 4 weeks, just love the way it performs".  
99 Tracker ProTeam 13" Merc aluminum prop, MotorGuide TM.  Larry - CA
     25 Merc 4stroke 24 mph @ 6200 rpm (speedo).  
93 Tracker Magna 4 downriggers, 2 cannon manuals, 2 walkers electrics,  Magna19 - PA
     19' Bowrider Eagle Magna 2, Ultra 2 w/speed/temp, bow w/sideshot  
     90 Evinrude Lowrance GlobalNav 310 GPS, marine radio,   
       8 Merc kicker MotorGuide 45# TM,am/fm cassette, overhead rod   
  rack, planer board setup, canopy.  
94 Tracker Pro 18 21" PowerTech prop, 4" CMC jackplate, Minnkota Chris Savage
     90 Mariner ELPTO Maxxum 50AT TM, 2 Humminbirds w/temp. (aka Wannabe) - MS
89 Tracker 17' Alum.   Trolling motor, fish finder, etc. Bill Knight - FL
     80 Merc    
94 Tracker TV17 Humminbird Wide w/speed/temp & a bow mount   Rob - AZ
     75 Mariner with sidefinder. Added livewell timer, hour meter,   
  Stingray hydrafoil  
99 Tracker  21" aluminum prop, 6" CMC jackplate,  Rob - CA
     ProTeam 185 43# MotorGuide TM, Humminbird LCD, ELPTO.  
     90 Merc