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Installing a T&H Hot Foot

Installation in a 1991 BassCat Sabre w/Mariner 175 Mag EFI

Parts needed
1. T&H hot foot
2. New control cable 2 ft. longer than currently used with control box
3. Silicone
4. Stainless screws #14 x 3/4" oval heads.
5. Plastic wire ties
 ** No special tools needed.
Step 1: Remove motor cowl and disconnect the throttle cable from throttle arm and anchor trunion.  Then pull it into the boat bilge. I do not remove it from the boat.  It saves a lot of labor and it's there if ever needed too.
(So I will not cover removing it from the control box.)

Step 2: Put the old cable in an out of the way area and secure it with wire
tie.  (Make sure that the end can still move with control box)
HF1.jpg (47112 bytes)  Photo #1 - Shows original cable left in bilge area.

Step 3: Run new cable down thru hull and out to motor.  Be careful as all the wires and cables run in the same area.  Make sure that the new cable doesn't snag on a wire and disconnect anything.
Step 4: Sit hot foot in its desired location.  It has to be as shown in the picture. MAKE SURE that this spot is "safe" for screws. Once you are sure, mark all the screw holes for drilling.

HF5.jpg (42521 bytes)  Photo #2 - Make sure that the spot that you pick is
                  "safe" to drill.

Step 5: Drill the holes. (I put a piece of electrical tape on the drill bit for a depth gauge - 1/2") Don't go too deep!!
Step 6: Mount the hot foot to the cable. It comes with instructions for this.

HF2.jpg (36405 bytes)  Photo #3 - Indicates the cable hook up to the hotfoot.

Step 7: Sit hot foot back in its spot and put silicone on each screw and screw it to the floor.  Put in all screws before you tighten any.
The silicone is very important!  It seals the screws and also helps keep 
them tight.
Step 8: It's time to connect the new cable to the motor. You will have to turn the trunion to length for fit.

HF4.jpg (43392 bytes)  Photo #4 - Connecting to the motor. Indicates the wide
                   open throttle stop.

Step 9: This step is a lot easier with help.  With your hand, push down on hot foot pedal to wide open throttle.  Have a helper check for WOT.  The throttle arm has to come up against the stop for wide open.  If it doesn't,
(chances are that it won't), down behind the pedal is the pedal stop bolt.
Loosen the locking nut and then turn the bolt in to give you more pedal travel.  Another way to gain travel is by moving the 2 bolts that hold the side plate on. (The cable is anchored to this.)

HF3.jpg (28351 bytes)  Photo #5 - Shows the cable trunion mount,
                   pedal stop & WOT, and the pedal return
                   (idle) stop.

Step 10: Once you have it so the pedal will give it WOT and that's all, with no extra load on it, tighten the stop bolt in place against the pedal.
Recheck it.  Push pedal all the way to stop and check linkage at motor for wide open throttle with it only against the stop with no additional pressure.
Step 11: Time to set the idle return spring and pedal stop. You have to have enough return to ALWAYS bring it back to idle!  So, first screw the pedal stop bolt out to the pedal if it isn't already.  Then the spring is adjusted with the 2 nuts on the spring eye bolt.  You want it to have enough tension to return to idle every time!
Check this several times.  IF it doesn't return to IDLE RPM, gear housing damage can/will happen when put into gear.  SO MAKE SURE!!
Step 12: Once you are sure that it is set up correctly then go back and recheck that all bolts/nuts are tight and locked.

Final Note: Periodically lubricate all the pivot points to keep it working nice and smooth.  Also recheck the idle return to make sure it's still in adjustment.  You know why!

You're Done!!        Sherman Truss