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SKEETER Likes & Dislikes

This is my second Skeeter. I have not had one problem. It runs and rides great. I'm a big boy and I can walk around this boat and it hardly moves. I'd buy another.
Sk225 - AZ                 2008 Skeeter ZX225 w/225 Yamaha                                                  
Likes: Holeshot and ride are unbeatable, handles ruff water great also. After owning an SHO I will never have another two stroke. Boat is stable and fishes great. I haven't touched the prop or jackplate and it will run 70 with two people at tournament load.
Dislikes: My Triton had more storage space up front. And Skeeter's Real Money problem cannot compare to some of the others.
Corybyrum - NC         2011 Skeeter ZX225 w/225 Yamaha SHO                                      
Likes: Solid boat! Love everything about it. Great storage and nice big deck. Extremely fast. Haven't checked with GPS but someone has made some major mods in the past, the old Mariner is pushing well over 200 hp and I love pulling up next to a new boat and leave them in my wake! Great handling and ride.
Dislikes: None. Just need some small facelift attention like carpet and she'll be clean as a whistle!
Fulltiltfishing - OK      1995 Skeeter 200ZX w/200 Mariner Magnum EFI                         
Really like the layout of the boat and the amount of storage it has. Just got the boat a few months ago and trying to get a good holeshot. I have not had it on the water enough to know how it really handles. Running a 25 Trophy and no jackplate, boat runs out about 70 mph speedo @ 5600 rpm. Will update after the additions are done.
Ky Bass Daddy - KY     1994 Skeeter 200ZX w/200 Merc Black Max                               
I love Skeeter boats. I am on my 3rd one and getting ready to make it 4. I have been in all the major boat brands and never been happy with them. I do a lot of fishing and travel and can honestly say that Skeeter has never let me down. It tackles everything that I ask it to and more. The stability of the boat is awesome. The layout of the boat is like no other. Some of these Ranger guys need to get off cloud 9 and realize that there are better boats out there. I can't wait to get in the FX Series. The Yamaha is everything it is cracked up to be. That is one team that has all of their eggs in a row.
Skeeter Boy - NC            2004 Skeeter ZX225 w/225 Yamaha HPDI                                    
No dislikes at all. All I can say is "WOW!" This boat is unlike any other I have ever been in. And about the only thing I can say about the VMax is that it's just unbelievable. I have had it up to around 65-66 mph but I have yet to bring 'er to 70 mph. If you're looking at a ZX200 or any other Skeeter for that matter, there is no need to look at any other brand.  
Skeeterbasszx200- PA     2010 Skeeter ZX200 w/200 Yamaha VMax                                 
Likes: The holeshot cannot be matched even by larger engine boats. When on plane, handles a tight 90 degree turn at 70 mph with no skipping or skimming. It is only my second boat but a world of difference from my Stratos. More than plenty of storage.  I have 15 rods, 300+ hard plastics, 500+ soft plastics, 200 jigs, 100 spinners/buzz/chatters, all in tackle boxes plus rain gear, 4 marking buoys, 4 lifevests, etc.,etc. and still have an open storage locker for my fishing partner. With all that gear and 26 gal of fuel I can be up on pad and running 60 mph in seconds. Dislikes: The compartments under the seats leak during heavy rain, seats could use a little more cushion and a better designed swing tongue.
Rick1067 - KY          2003 Skeeter ZX225 w/225 Yamaha HPDI                                          
I have a problem with the fenders cracking. I've only had the boat for 2 years. The EZLoader rep told me that he will see what he can do. I feel they should warranty the fenders at no cost. I bought the boat in '07, it was a dealer demo.
i20 - PA                     2006 Skeeter 20i w/250 Yamaha                                                         
Dislikes: Boat is back at repair shop for 2nd time getting cracks fixed and has less than 10 hours on it. This boat is going down the road.
Countreenut - MO    2009 Skeeter 190 SX w/150 Yamaha VMax                                       
Likes: Love the ride (better than any Ranger, Champion or Triton I've been in), fishing roo, storage. Fishes 4 people easily. Very fast. Run off and leave my tournament group. Also able to ski/tube behind with no issues.
Dislikes: Not much at all. The driver compartment under the seat isn't water tight and gets wet in heavy rains....that's about it. Won't own anything other than a Skeeter going forward.
Wildkat7 - AR           2001 Skeeter ZX225 w/225 Yamaha VMax                                        
Likes: Fast, smooth ride. Has lots of options, have lots of fun with it. I like my Skeeter.
Sanrick - WV             2004 Skeeter SL 180 w/150 Yamaha                                                  
Likes: Very versatile boat for both fishing and skiing/tubing. Carries 4 adults very comfortably. Fit and finish are excellent. Engine starts and runs smooth and is very quiet for the power.
Dislikes: Rear seat deck has no water drain and water stands around rear seat cushions.
Rusty - MN               2007 Skeeter SL 190 w/150 Yamaha 4 Stroke                                   
Likes: The ride and handling on really rough water, the deck layout (flush latches), customer service is second to non, comfortable seats, great storage, way better than my Ranger by FAR!
Fast Plane, nice abrupt stop with minimal to no backwash, the motor is a must buy, runs smooth, fuel efficient for its category and overall very pleased with Skeeter and proud to own one.
Dislikes: The floor at first creaked maybe because it was new off the line but stopped after a few weeks, the passenger glove box on single console leaks in heavy rain, the underseat storage leaks in heavy rain and should be used for anchors, ropes, marker buoys, etc., stuff that can get wet without being damaged. That's about it.
J4JeffW - FL                 2007 Skeeter SX200 w/200 Yamaha HPDI                                    
Likes: This is the best big water boat I have owned. The platform is extremely stable to fish off of. From the dealer with a full tournament load and two men it runs consistently 72 GPS.
In a hard turn at high speed there is no roll. Everything about the rig is user friendly. The seats are the most comfortable I have ever sat in.
Dislikes:  Some of the deck screws under the compartment lids have stripped out. The electronic locking device has had some problems. The dealer has take care of these in a timely manner so I can't complain. I have owned Ranger, Procraft, Nitro and the Skeeter is by far the best I have ever owned.
Oldbasser1 - PA             2007 Skeeter 21i w/250 Yamaha HPDI VMax                              2/10/08
Skeeter by far makes the best BASS Boat on the market - not a non-loaded, no trolling-motor, 1/4 tank of gas, speed demon!! You wanna fish get a Skeeter - you wanna go fast-well you ain't "eatin, sleepin, fishin!!" That simple.
SKEETERRULZ - TX    1999 Skeeter ZX185C w/Yammahamma                                      
Trailer by EZ Loader was awful, did not last 5 years, wood rotted way too fast for a garaged boat used 5 days a month.....rain gets under seats due to bad design....not enough standard cheaper parts like compartment locks, rod cords do not last....hull shape A+, hull solid, transom strong, paint fine (but the raised letters invite chipping and mine have), storage fine, seats x-cellent but overpriced.....overall I am pleased but not satisfied. Whoever is? Perhaps most of these things have been modified-improved since 2000, can't say. Poly trailer boards & troll tray should be (optional) no charge items by now.  Have owned 4 Skeeters since the 1979 HP Wrangler.   
Reelman46 - LA      2000 Skeeter ZX195 w/200 Yamaha                                                      
Likes: Great boat for my first tournament boat. Has decent room and good storage. Handles well on rough water, great value for the dollar.
Dislikes: The trailer is not built to last. Skeeter cheaped out by going with EZLoader. The fenders are rusting out - after less than a year (from the bottom up) due to being installed too close to the tires (per Irwin Marine - authorized dealer) and EZLoader won't do anything about it. I am replacing on my own dime. Stickers are peeling off the boat and trailer.
But I did get a great deal on the boat, so it is true, "you get what you pay for". All in all, very happy with the boat, but not the trailer.
Skeeter Fan - NH      2006 Skeeter SX180 w/115 Yamaha                                                  
I have owned many Skeeter bass boats as current as 2003 ZX225. Hands down from someone that understands boats and trailers, the newer boats and trailers are not build half as well as the older ones. For this reason I have gone back to the older boats when I can find them.
From the plastic latches and the plastic storage inserts to the tubular trailers that rust out from within they just don't compare to the stainless steel latches, fully carpeted and finished off storage compartments and C channel trailers that last forever. I will say that the newer and larger Skeeter boats do ride well in rough water.
MotorTech - VA     1996 Skeeter ZX190 w/ 98 Merc 150 EFI                                             
I bought this boat after having owned a Ranger 180 Reata and let me say there is no comparison, Ranger quality if far and away better in just about every category I can think of with their boats. The primary reason I bought this boat was because it had a Yamaha 150 4 stroke with only 9 hours on it.  
My dislikes are many but here are a few that jump right out. The limited storage space up front hinders the boats performance...with an engine the size of a 150 it is difficult to keep the front end down when travelling around 35 mph. I love the 150 which the boat is rated for but it would probably ride better with a 115 or less. The cup holders will not accomodate cooler cups and some don't even fit normal size beverage containers. There are no interior lights....if you are out at night you better have a good flashlight if drop something on the floor. The front end of this boat is tough to fish from in the slightest of rough water. The trailer is cheaply made.
Likes....the tilt steering wheel.
Camden - MO    2004 Skeeter SL180 w/Yamaha 150 four stroke.                                        
Likes: This boat has lasted forever. Been fishing out of it since 1980. For its size it handles rough water ok. The boat is very fast (52 mph) for its size. The motor has a very good track record. The only thing done to it was spark plugs and water pumps. The seats and carpet are original.
Dislikes: Too short for rough water; in rough water it is more like riding on a waverunner. The boat in rough water is always airborne.
Babywrangler - TX    1981 Skeeter w/Evinrude 100 HP120                                                   
Likes: This Skeeter is extremely fast for an 18 footer. It can outrun many bass boats with 225's. It has a very good ride and will turn on a dime. It has very good amount of storage space.
This Skeeter has all the livewell controls at the bow which is very rare. It also is a very stable fishing platform.  The Evinrude is very powerful but takes several turns of the key to start.
Dislikes: Does not have a flipping deck, only has one rod locker and backwashes bad if you do not feather the throttle.
Team SKEETER - AR   90 Skeeter SX175 w/175XP Evinrude                                           
Likes: Storage/ride/finish/hull toughness/shape-design.
Dislikes: Cupholder/cheap trailer boards rot fast and screws back out - should have rustproof composites on ZX premium line with ss locknut bolts/underseat storage takes on water in any hard rain - unforgivable in top end line/rubber "small mats" have inferior glue....I have had 5 Skeeters so am a 4ever fan...
Reelman - LA       2000 Skeeter ZX195 w/200 Yamaha                                                        
Small enough for small creeks and easy to jump fallen trees.
Lil Skeeter - TX    1996 Skeeter DC90 w/115 Johnson                                                          
I love this boat. Plenty of room for all my stuff.  Great for cruising, pulling a tube or just plain ol' catching fish all day.  The backwash isn't as bad as "the other guy" mentioned (he's the previous owner...hehe). It's a 5.5" CMC jackplate, not a Bob's.
Whatever I did dislike in the beginning is all fixed up....didn't have a trim switch on the bow, no deck lights and a couple of other little things.  I wish I had a dual console though....
BjBnet - ON           1992 Skeeter SF150SX w/99 150 Merc EFI                                           
I love this boat.  With the 27" Yamaha prop and the jackplate setting, the boat will peg the factory speed at 80...with two 200# guys, 45 gallons of gas, 9 rods and reels and all tackle and batteries with 80 lb. trolling motor....waiting to get actual speed on new gps though.  The boat handles rough water like a champ and has so much storage I'm still looking for things to put in all of it.  The front and rear decks are huge...usually me and my buddy will just both fish on the front deck.. Transom has been beefed up for 2000 and is a sturdy s.o.b.  Also, unlike other boats like Bullet or Allison with lighter hulls...lots of meat there, really strong hull!! 
Livewell systems and bilge are unbelievable and I don't know of a boat with more gph than these pumps...manual 800 gph and auto 1500 gph.  The big Yamaha is sooo quiet, starts every time fast, and runs even better.  The trailer is also good so far!
I have had this boat in the water probably 25 times with no probs...Not even lights.  The only problem that I have had was the trolling motor switch board went out once and that has been it.
Dislikes: The cupholder is too low and is already broken and I wish the lights in the two middle dry storage in the bow were a little more durable.
Other than that, I am definitely a Skeeter owner for life.
Clayd - TX               2000 Skeeter ZX202 w/225 Yamaha                                                     
Likes: Great running, fast boat. GPS @ 65 mph with a Bob's Machine Shop 6" jackplate and 22" Trophy prop.  Added Gaffrig gauges.  Good platform for fishing with lots of storage. Great livewell system for tournaments, never lost a fish yet. 
Dislikes: Backwash on the rear deck.
Bass Guy 1 - ONT       1993 Skeeter SX150 w/99 150 Merc EFI                                          

I think this is a great entry-level boat.  For the size it has adequate storage, handles well and looks good.  This is my first bassboat, and I'd recommend it for anyone not looking to spend much.  I would suggest buying it with a bigger motor though.
My biggest dislike is the trailer...seems Skeeter really went with the low bidder on this..mine came with ruse (small spots) almost everywhere under it, which I didn't notice until I was under the boat waxing it.  The trailer also blows my tail-light fuse very frequently.  Dealer (Reynolds Marine) says that they are in contact with the manufacturer, but response is VERY slow.
Ken - MA          2000 Skeeter SX166 w/60 hp.                                                                       10/9/02