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 Updated 7/29/07

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99 Skeeter 202C 25" Yamaha, 12" jackplate, Lowrance LMS 160,   Ksams59 - OK
     200 Yamaha Lowrance X85, MotorGuide Brute 68.   
  Motor is 1 5/8" off the transom.   
  68 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps).  
86 Skeeter  25" Tempest, Lowrance X65, MotorGuide 80# TM.  Jr - CA
     Starfire 185    
     175 Merc    
90 Skeeter SF 175 23" Shooter, BottomLine Tournament Master,   Shawn - ON
     175 Evinrude XP Lowrance X60, MotorGuide 107# TM.  
90 Skeeter SF175 21" Propco, manual jackplate, Humminbird/Eagle   Kenny - GA
     150 Yamaha electronics, MotorGuide 42# TM. 50 mph  
  "Dark Gray with light Gray and Red pinstripe.  
  Wish it had better holeshot."  
02 Skeeter ZX225 27" Yamaha, 6" Slidemaster, Lowrance X51, X15ct,   George - PA
     225 Yamaha 1240A. Minnkota Maxxum 101# TM. "I'm still dialing in   
  this setup and will updated the missing info when it's right.  
  The reason I'm listing on this board is to get help from the   
  members in getting my setup right."  
99 Skeeter ZX202C 27" Yamaha Pro, 12" Slidemaster, Lowrance X85, X65,  JohnPZX - WA
97 200 Yamaha ProV Nordskog Analog GPS speedo, Motorguide ZX series.  
  Propshaft is 2.75" below the pad. 76+ mph @ 6100 rpm  
  (gps). "Motor has a HydroTec Phase II performance  
  kit and a Bob's "Sportsman" lower unit kit.   
   Updated 4/12/03..... Prop was customized by Keystone Propeller. I finish   
  sanded the hull with 400 grit sandpaper. This boat flat   
  out HAULS for a Skeeter with a 200. I have hit 77.4  
  with a light load and consistently run 76-76. I am very  
  pleased with the results of a lot of research and time in  
  setting this rig up. This board has helped a lot!"  
00 Skeeter ZX 185C 12" jackplate, Lowrance LMS 350A, X85, MotorGuide  Joseph - NE
     150 Yamaha 67# TM.  64 mph (gps).  
93 Skeeter 200 SX 25" High Five, 6" Vance Mfg jackplate, Lowrance X85,  BassScratcher - TX
     200 Mariner MotorGuide Brute 55.  Propshaft is 2.5" below the pad.  
  61 mph @ 5700 rpm (gps). "Just purchased in April of   
  2002.  Boat is in excellent condition.  I put the first scratch  
  on this 9 year old boat."  
02 Skeeter SX200 25" Yamaha ProSeries, 8" jackplate, Lowrance   Spinnerbait Man - AL
     200 Yamaha 3.1 LCX-15-MT, X51, MotorGuide Tour Edition 82#,   
             VMax Propshaft is 3" below the pad. 74 mph @ 5600 rpm(gps).  
  "Very good handling boat and FAST. Smooth ride at  
  high speeds.  Very good layout of deck space."  
01 Skeeter ZX225 27" Yamaha ProSeries, Pinpoint 7420, Pinpoint 3700 TM  Greg - OK
     225 Yamaha Motor is 5.25" off the transom.  73.6 mph @ 5950 rpm  
00 Skeeter ZX180 12" Slidemaster, Lowrance LMS 160 Map, Eagle   Skeeterzx180 - MN
     150 Yamaha Fish Easy 128, Lowrance flasher. MinnKota Maxxum 74.  
     VMax HPDI Propshaft is 3.5" below the pad.  64 mph @ 6000 rpm   
  (gps). "Replaced Motorguide TM with the MinnKota  
    Updated 1/4/03..... Maxxum and love it, rpms seem a little high at WOT, so   
  I plan on lowering the jackplate in the spring.  I did my   
  homeworkd before I bought my boat and would   
  recommend Skeeter over any other Brand, will probably  
  upgrade to a 20' in the future and will always stick with  
  the ZX package, definitely worth the extra bucks.  
  If anybody has any questions on my setup, just e-mail me."  
02 Skeeter SX180 21" Yamaha, Garmin GPS, Lowrance X65,   Jimmy - TX
     115 Yamaha MotorGuide 24V 56# TM. Motor is 2" above the   
  transom. 56 mph @ 5200 rpm (gps).  
  "Good boat, my second Skeeter."  
01 Skeeter ZX225 DC 27" Yamaha ProSeries, 12" RiteHite jackplate,   JohnnySkeeter - CT
     225 Yamaha Eagle Fish Easy, Zercom flasher. MotorGuide TourEdition  
  82.  80+ mph @ 5600 rpm (speedo).  
  "Very fast well handling boat.  Smooth ride, takes the   
  chop very easily.  Huge front deck, almost "aircraft   
  carrier like."  
00 Skeeter SX176 Yamaha SS prop, Zercom, Lowrance X49, X85,   TomD - TX
     115 Yamaha Zercom in dash. Hamby keel guard.  
  MotorGuide Pro TM. 58 mph @ 5200 rpm (gps).  
01 Skeeter ZX225 27T  Yamaha, 12" RiteHite jackplate, Lowrance X71,   TButler - AL
     225 Yamaha flasher. MotorGuide 109# TM. 78 mph @ 5800 rpm   
     (speedo). "Went from 27M to 27T.  This prop loves the  
  225!.  Picked up 2.8 mph under tourney load."  
     Updated 4/18/03..... "Went out and did some stunts with a camera crew in a   
  'copter before a big tourney. They showed 74.3 mph.  
  Lots of fun with another ZX225 and a ZX200. I was faster  
  out of the hole and top end than the other 225, and the   
  200 couldn't hang with either of us!"  
97 Skeeter SS 140 SP 23" Trophy. 48 mph @ 5000 rpm. (gps)  Rbur442 - AL
     115 Mariner    
01 Skeeter SX180 21" Turbo, Pinpoint 7520, Lowrance X65,  Skeeter-Fisher - CA
     115 Yamaha MotorGuide TourEdition.  56 mph.  
95 Skeeter ZX190 10" jackplate, Lowrance electronics, MotorGuide TM.  Scott - MO
     150 Mariner Propshaft is 4" below the pad. "Just  bought this boat a   
  week ago and am loving it.  The storage room is great.   
  I haven't had it WOT to see what it will do yet."  
99 Skeeter ZX185 10" jackplate, Lowrance X75, MotorGuide 767 TM.  Glenn - MS
     150 Yamaha    
95 Skeeter 200ZX 25" Trophy, 6" jackplate, Lowrance LMS 300,   Greg - MD
     200 Merc XRi Lowrance X70, MotorGuide 80# TM.  
  Propshaft is 4 7/16" below pad. 77 mph @ 6300 rpm   
  (radar). "When I got this boat I went round and round  
  figuring engine height.  The factory said to measure   
  4 5/16" from bottom of pad to prop centerline. I ended  
  up an 1/8" above that with much experimentation. I   
  would love to try a 26" 4 blade on this boat. This boat   
  runs exceptionally well in rough (Chesapeake Bay) water.  
  The storage and layout cannot be beaten by ANY brand.  
96 Skeeter 300ZX 25" Trophy, 10" jackplate, Lowrance LMS 160,   AllenB - WA
     225 Merc Lowrance X70, MotorGuide 767 Tour Edition.  
  74.8 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps).  
01 Skeeter ZX200 25" Powertech prop, manual jackplate, Minnkota  Bobby - MS
     200 Yamaha Maxxum 74# TM.  
88 Skeeter SF150SX 23" Quicksilver prop,  Humminbird 400 TX, 200 DX,   Apsbass - UT
     150 Merc  MotorGuide MP5200. 63 mph @ 5400 rpm (speedo).  PHOTO
            Black Max "Always been covered, what a great Boat.   PHOTO
  Skeeter is #1 in my book."  
87 Skeeter SF175DX 23" Quicksilver prop, Humminbird electronics,   Steven - OK
     175 Merc MotorGuide TM. "Just bought the boat; it's in great  
  shape. Have not had a chance to verify speed; will   
  update when I can. This is my second Skeeter and will   
  not be my last."  
00 Skeeter SL-185 20" prop, 12" jackplate, Lowrance X65, MotorGuide  Lewis - NC
     150 Yamaha Brute 67# TM. 66 mph @ 5900 rpm (speedo).  
  Security system by Boat Patrol/Dove's Electronics.  
86 Skeeter  Hydraulic jackplate, Eagle Accura, Lowrance X55a,   SkeeterBit - TX
     StarFire 175 MotorGuide TM.  
     200 Yamaha    
95 Skeeter 200ZX 25" Laser prop, 6" ProLine jackplate, Humminbird  Mark - TX
     200 Merc XRi Big Foot Flasher, MotorGuide 55# TM.   
  Propshaft is 1.5" below pad. 74 mph @ 6100 mph.  
  (speedo). "This boat performs well with the Laser prop,  
  will run 2 mph faster with the Trophy, but the holeshot  
  is not as good.  Great boat, with great ride."  
97 Skeeter ZX185C 25" Yamaha (2), 12" jackplate, Lowrance X55, 1240A,   4Him - AL
     150 Yamaha TRP Motorguide TE 107# Tm. 68-70 mph @ 5900 rpm (gps).  
  "This is my 2nd Skeeter.  '93 SS90 was my first.   
  Upgraded to '97 ZX185 with Yamaha 150 TRP in March  
  of '97. Love it.  Great ride, lift and fast for a 1300 pound  
  boat. Runs consistent 68-70 gps, depending on water   
  conditions.  Wanting to upgrade now to the ZX225.   
  Glad to hear it's a 75 mph boat. Can't wait to get one."  
98 Skeeter ZX202 25" Yamaha ProSeries, 12" jackplate, Lowrance X65(2),   Les - ID
     200 Yamaha MotorGuide ZX60 TM. Propshaft is 3" below the pad.  
  68.5 mph @ 5800 rpm. "The 68.5 was at an elevation  
  of 2850 ft and temp at 94. This is my second bassboat.  
  I like the fishability of the Skeeter.  Watch for my rig  
  and boat in the Feb.2002 issue of Bass & Walleye,   
  under the "Hot Rigs" section."  
00 Skeeter ZX180 25" Yamaha ProSeries, 12" jackplate, Lowrance   Bob - MI
     150 Yamaha LMS160, Eagle Optima, Motorguide TM.  
  62 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps).  
01 Skeeter ZX200 27" Yamaha, 10" Slidemaster, Lowrance X85,   SkeeterZX200 - KS
     200 Yamaha HPDI Garmin GPS Map 176, MotorGuide TourEdition 107#,   
  65.1 mph @ 5200 rpm (gps). "I bought this boat from   PHOTO
  Brent Chapman. It is my first fiberglass boat.  I have only   PHOTO
  had this boat for a few months. All I can say is that it is  PHOTO
  amazing.  I am planning on buying a new prop in the future.  PHOTO
  I believe this boat is capable of a few more mph. Since I   PHOTO
  am only 18, I have only had the opportunity to drive a   
  few boats. My Yamaha HPDI is the best by far.  
  Nearly twice the gas mileage at 4000 rpm's.  
  Knock on wood, the boat has been completely problem  
  free. My next boat will definitely be a Skeeter, but maybe  
  a ZX225 or ZX250.  Tight Lines !"  
02 Skeeter SX190 25" Yamaha, Lowrance X64, MotorGuide Brute 764.   Brad - TX
     150 Yamaha 67 mph @ 5200 rpm (speedo). "First glass boat.   
  Still breaking the motor in. The ride is great in rough  
02 Skeeter SX190 SS prop, Lowrance X49, MotorGuide 764 Brute.  Doug - AZ
     150 Yamaha 68 mph @ 5000 rpm (speedo). "Brand new boat, still  
            ProV running break in oil."  
89 Skeeter SD125 SS prop, Humminbird Wide 3D Vision, Eagle 128,   Art - TX
     115 Suzuki Minnkota All Terrain 74# TM.   
  50 mph.  
00 Skeeter ZX185 25" Yamaha ProSeries, 12" Slidemaster, Lowrance X65,   Turtle - AZ
     150 Yamaha VMax Pinpoint 7520, MotorGuide 767 TourEdition.  
  66 mph @ 5300 rpm (speedo). "Adding the Pinpoint real  
  soon.  Great boat and love it so far.  Great holeshot, gets  
  to top end quickly, and I'm really impressed with all the   
  features and quality.  Next boat will definitely be another  
  Skeeter! "  
02 Skeeter SX190 6" jackplate, Lowrance X65. "First new boat. Had it one  Rooster - CA
     150 Yamaha VMax week, still doing the break in period. Put a 6" manual  
  jackplate on it.  Any suggestions to set this boat up right  
  would be appreciated.  I LOVE IT.  
96 Skeeter C2000 26" Trophy Plus, 10" Springfield jackplate, Lowrance  Brent - TN
     200 Merc LMS 350, Lowrance LMS 160, OMC 12/24 TM.   
  74 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps).   
  "Will update on height of motor later, never really  
01 Skeeter SX180 21" SS prop, Eagle Ultra Classic, Eagle Magna 3,   King Fish - SC
     115 Yamaha MotorGuide Tour Edition 80# 24 V,   
  53 mph @ 5200 rpm. "This is the first bass boat and so  
  far I am very pleased.  It runs very good with the 4 stroke  
  engine and is very quiet. I finally put on my first 10 hours."  
01 Skeeter SX180 21" SS prop, Zercom CID-40, Garmin 160,   Augie - TX
     115 Yamaha MotorGuide TM. 50 mph @ 5200 rpm (speedo).  
  "Smooth ride, even in rough waters. Great hole shot for a   
  boat this size. Takes corners real smooth and doesn't skip  
  even at high speeds."  
94 Skeeter SS140 22" Laser, 6" RiteHite, Lowrance X65, MotorGuide TM.  Rex - KS
     115 Merc Propshaft is 2" below the pad. 55 mph @ 5400 rpm  
  (speedo). "Would like to know where to set the plate  
  and the right prop to get maximum performance and   
  speed it should run."  
01 Skeeter ZX225 27" Yamaha Performance XL, 12" Sliderite jackplate,   Radefszx225 - NC
     225 Yamaha Lowrance X75 (upfront), Garmin 240 (console).  
  MotorGuide Tour Edition TE780.  
  Motor is 4.25" off the transom. 78.5 mph @ 5900.(gps).  
    Updated 1/28/02...... "I now have a little over 20 hours on the motor. I achieved  
  this speed with my wife at 135 lbs., me at 200 lbs, all my   
  tournament gear and tackle, 40 gallons of fuel. The  
  livewells were empty.  I feel the synthetic oil and info  
  Todd has given me is the key to my success with this boat.  
  I'm now working on hitting 80-83 mph here soon.  
  I also tray to configure gear and not needed extra weight  
  for optimal performance along with trying trimming at   
  different heights usually the highest I can get and driving  
  through the chinewalk."  
89 Skeeter SF 175DX Evinrude Scout TM.  Shoei - CA
     175+ Merc    
95 Skeeter ZX150 DC 24" Trophy, 6" CMC, Lowrance X65, X85, 1240A,  Fisherman Scottie - OK
     150 Merc EFI hotfoot, MotorGuide 765. Propshaft is 2" below the pad.  
  61 mph @ 5900 rpm (gps). "I love this boat, one of the  
  most fishable I've ever been in.  But need to get a 25"   
  wheel to bring the rpms down just a bit."  
86 Skeeter Starfire 24" Raker, 12" Hydosports jackplate, Humminbird/  Aggie 1 - TX
     175 SDX Raytheon electronics, Minnkota TM. Motor is 6" off the  
     150 Johnson transom. 62 mph @ 5700 rpm (speedo). "It's an old boat,   
  but she can still catch fish with the best of them.  I came to  
  realize it is too expensive to hot rod cars, so I thought I   
  would hot rod my boat thinking it would be cheaper, boy  
  was I wrong! 62 mph is not all that fast but my wife won't  
  let me go any faster."  
98 Skeeter ZX 185 Trophy prop, Lowrance X75, MotorGuide 60# TM,  NED - NC
     150 Yamaha 65+ mph @ 5600 rpm (speedo). "Great fishing platform,  
  quick out of the hole.  Plenty of storage laid out nicely.  
  Very fast hull with a lot of lift.  Handling is very sensitive  
  to trim and the hull will hop in a tight turn.  Overall very  
  pleased with the boat."  
00 Skeeter ZX202 26" Trophy, 12" Bob's Machine Shop hydraulic,   JonC - IL
     225 Yamaha Zercom LPG2000, Lowrance LMS160, Minnkota   
  Maxxum 101#.  73 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps).   
  "I predominantly use the Trophy prop for holeshot and   
  rough water ride reasons.  This rig will go faster with the  
  Yammie 27" ProSeries prop which I also run from time  
  to time."  
89 Skeeter  17" SS prop, MotorGuide TM. 63 mph.  Pete - PA
     175 Merc    
97 Skeeter ZX202 25" Trophy, 12" CMC, Lowrance X85, X65,   Cope - MI
     200 Merc MotorGuide Energy. Propshaft is 1 1/4" below the pad.  PHOTO
  68 mph @ 5800 rpm.(gps)  PHOTO
00 Skeeter ZX210C 25" Yamaha, 12" jackplate, Lowrance LMS 350A, X75,   Tommie - TX
     225 Yamaha MotorGuide 580V 80# handcontrol, TriPro charger,   
  ProKontrol handle, Hamby's keel protector.  
92 Skeeter SS140 19" prop, Eagle electronics, MotorGuide 56# TM.  Randy Smith - TX
     Fish & Ski 45 mph @ 6000 rpm.  "Nothing fancy".  
     115 Yamaha    
97 Skeeter SS140 21" Yamaha prop, MotorGuide 43# TM, DualPro  Vic - MI
     115 Yamaha charger, X45's (bow & console), Eagle Explorer GPS.  

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