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   Updated 7/30/07

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03 Skeeter SX200 12" Slidemaster, Lowrance LMS-320, X87, 1240A,  Littlebass15 - IN
03 200 Yamaha Motorguide TR82. Motor is 2" off the transom.  PHOTO
  71.9 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps). "Just got the boat from   PHOTO
  dealer, boat is super in all aspects!! The boat keeps very   PHOTO
  dry and runs really smooth. This is my third boat and it  PHOTO
  definitely handles the best out of all my others, includes  PHOTO
  all the other boats I have driven.   
  Updated 10/28/03..... "Was just reading the new Bassmaster and noticed the  
  OXYMAX air system on my boat must be on there since  
  it's a Federation boat. Because in the Bassmaster article it  
  says this system will be offered on the 2004 ZX models??  
95 Skeeter ZX150 23" Quicksilver, stock jackplate, Lowrance X71, X70,  TN37868 - TN
95 150 Merc XRi Garmin 1600 GPS, MinnKota 74# TM.  
  Propshaft is 2.75" below the pad.   
  61.8 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps). "Bought this Skeeter used  
  in Sept.'02, it was in like new condition, great fishing boat,  
  excellent performance, good looker."  
03 Skeeter SX200 25M Yamaha, Garmin 168 Map GPS sounder,  Skeeter5 - TX
03 200 Yamaha EFI BottomLine 11000, MinnKota Maxxum 74#.  PHOTO
  Motor is 4.5" above the transom.   
  64 mph @ 5300 rpm  
   Check out our website  
98 Skeeter SS90 18" Piranha prop, Humminbird Wide Panorama,  Cam - ON
99 60 Yamaha Humminbird Tracker Pro, MinnKota Maxxum TM.  PHOTO
  38.7 mph (gps). "For a small boat, she kills in the ruff  
  stuff!! Love it !! SKEETER....SKEETER!!!  
02 Skeeter ZX225 27" Yamaha, 12" Slidemaster, Lowrance X75.  Crispin - TN
02 225 Yamaha MinnKota Maxxum 101#. 75 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps).  
            VMax OX66 "I haven't had a chance to tinker with the set up as much  
  as I would like. I think I can get a little more out of it."  
03 Skeeter SX190 25" Yamaha, BottomLine 4100's (2). MinnKota TM  Tim from NY
03 150 Yamaha VMax Motor is 2" off the transom. 63 mph @ 5100 rpm (gps).  
97 Skeeter SS 140 21" Yamaha ProSeries, Motorguide TM.   Chad B - LA
97 115 Yamaha Motor is 2" above the transom. 54.7 mph @ 5400 rpm  
  (gps). "This boat does everything I want."  
91 Skeeter 200DX 25" Renegade, 5.5" CMC hydraulic, Eagle Magna III,  Barchief - LA
95 200 Johnson Eagle Magna II, Motorguide 56#.  
  68 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). "Electronics are original  
  Eagle electronics, will upgrade sometime soon, same with  
  the trolling motor."  
01 Skeeter SX200 25" Yamaha, Lowrance X65, Garmin 240,   Hutchjr1 - MO
01 200 Yamaha Motorguide 767 TM. 72 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps)  PHOTO
  "I have been really satisfied with the performance of my  PHOTO
  boat which was a demo purchase. I am looking for ideas  PHOTO
  and suggestions on how to add some of the nice to have   
  items like lights in the storage and rod boxes, courtesy  
  lights for the walkway and rear deck, and rod organizers  
  for the rod boxes. This boat handles rough water very well  
  but will still allow you to get to that special bank in a   
  hurry. My second Skeeter and I am definitely hooked."  
02 Skeeter SX200 25" Yamaha ProSeries, 6" Rapid Jack, Lowrance X51,  Opie - IN
01 200 Yamaha X15MT, Motorguide TE82. "Pick up my new boat soon,   
  looking forward to it."  
03 Skeeter ZX200 Lowrance X87, X51, MinnKota 74# TM.  Skeetman1 - CT
03 200 Yamaha    PHOTO      PHOTO
92 Skeeter SF175 25" prop, Lowrance X25, Motorguide 12/24 TM.  Stevieraybla - LA
92 175 Merc Motor is 2" off the transom.  
81 Skeeter SF 175 24" Raker, 4" Hi-Jacker, Lowrance X-15, Humminbird,  Cjrsktr - TX
81 175 Johnson Motorguide 76#.  Motor is 4" above the transom.  PHOTO
  67 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps).  
  "Boat currently undergoing ground-up restoration. New  
  carpet, upholstery, rub rail, T-motor, flipping deck, clear  
  coat, new floor and front deck. Will submit pics of the  
  process and finished product."  
03 Skeeter TZX190 25" Yamaha, 12" jackplate, MinnKota TM.  Johnboat42 - OH
03 150 Yamaha Propshaft is 4.5" below the pad. 68 mph @ 5400 rpm   
  (gps). "Better rough water boat than my 364 Ranger, also   
  a lot faster. Good dealer at Boat Boys in Newark, OH."  
00 Skeeter SX 186 Garmin GPS 180, Motorguide TM.  Mike - RI
00 150 Yamaha    
88 Skeeter DX-175 24" Trophy, 10" Detwiler, BottomLine 1250, 1150,  MTish - ID
88 175 Merc Motorguide TM. Propshaft is 3.5" below the pad.  
            Black Max 67 mph @ 5700 rpm (gps). "Old but still runs great."  
92 Skeeter SD80 14" prop, Motorguide 40#. 43 mph (gps).  ParaDygm - OK
92 70 Nissan "I love to fish, but with this rig, I love to boat now too!!  PHOTO
  It ain't the biggest or the fastest, but it looks near new!"  PHOTO
03 Skeeter ZX225 27" Yamaha ProSeries, 12" Slidemaster, Lowrance X87,  Siggy - WI
03 225 Yamaha OX66 Lowrance X15/GPS, MinnKota 101#.  
  Propshaft is 3.5" below the pad. 74.4 mph @ 5800 rpm  
  (gps). "Still working on setup. Love the boat, had a   
  ZX195 last year.  ZX225 handles and drives excellent."  
02 Skeeter 190ZX 25" Yamaha, 12" jackplate, Lowrance X-15CI,   Danny - SC
02 150 Yamaha 1040A, Motorguide 82# Tour Edition. "Just bought my   
  dream rig. Loaded to the hilt with options. Breaking it in  
  now. Came with the Lowrance X15, 82# MG, Lowrance   
  in dash flasher, ratchet tiedowns, surge disc brakes,   
  aluminum wheels,and more. Man, I love this boat.  
     Updated 12/7/03..... "58.5 mph @ 5200 rpm (gps) This is while fully loaded  
  and two people."  
85 Skeeter  Humminbird electronics, Motorguide TM.  Lakeforkblazer - TX
     Wrangler HP150 48 mph (speedo).  
85 90 Johnson    
85 Skeeter SF 175 Turbo prop, 6" jackplate, Eagle Ultra, Motorguide Brute  Chris - MO
85 150 Merc XR2 55# Tm. "Just got this boat and will post more when I get  
  a chance to iron all the bugs out.....Love it so far."  
99 Skeeter ZX202 25" Yamaha, 12" jackplate, Lowrance LMS320, X91,  KStout35 - LA
99 200 Yamaha 3.1 Zercom flashers CID-40, MinnKota Maxxum 74#.   
             VMax 73.1 mph @ 5900 rpm (gps). "This boat runs fast for a   
  heavy boat with just a 200 hp on the back. It handles  
  rough water extremely well and is very dry.  The boat is   
  solid White with laser pin stripes and has White seats.  
  Will post pics later."  
03 Skeeter TZX190 Lowrance X51, Lowrance flasher, MinnKota Maxxum  Skeeterman - IN
03 150 Yamaha 74#.  68 mph @ 5300 rpm (speedo). "Finally got my   
  Skeeter.  Brand new 2003 TZX190 Gunmetal/White and  
  Black ice.  Had her for 3 months and have fished her to   
  death and caught some good fish too.  Don't think I'll   
  ever own anything but a Skeeter, such a smooth ride and  
  so sweet looking. Skeeter really does a good job at   
  desigining these boats for everything thanks..Skeeterman.  
94 Skeeter SS90 22" Quicksilver prop, 4" jackplate, Motorguide Tour.  Alan - AL
89 100 Merc 56 mph @ 5250 rpm (speedo).  
03 Skeeter ZX225 25" Tempest, 12" jackplate, Motorguide 82# TM.  D. Henderson - KY
03 225 Yamaha HPDI 74 mph  
00 Skeeter SX185DC 25" Yamaha, Lowrance X85, X65, Zercom CID-40.  JetSkeeter - NY
00 150 Yamaha VMax Motorguide 767 TM. 66 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps).   
  "Going into my second full season fishing this boat.  
  Really looking to work on performance improvements  
  this year (jackplate maybe?) Boat is White with Black  
  Galaxy trim and laser pins. Hamby's beaching bumper  
  (great invention). Charging Systems 3 bank ProCharger  
  with a Pro-Xtra II. Disc brakes on the trailer. Great ride,  
  speed and fishability. Really stable fishing platform.   
  Looks nice too!  Lots of little extras on this little SX series  
  boat.  Good value for the money.  Love my Skeeter!"  
03 Skeeter SX200 25" Yamaha, Lowrance X51 at console, X51 at bow,   Tnman - TN
     Dual Console MinnKota Maxxum 74#. Propshaft is 2.5" below the pad.  
03 200 Yamaha 76 mph @ 5500 rpm (speedo). "This is my 5th boat, and  
  my largest. It also is the biggest and fastest "19" foot boat  
  I have ever been in. It has as much room as the 21 foot   
  Rangers and Tritons I've been in and runs as fast if not  
  faster than either one.  The SX series doesn't have all the   
  bells and whistles on it, so I added them myself. I custom  
  built my own rod holders in the locker, added lights in all  
  the compartments, installed boat buckles on the trailer, a  
  rod ramp on the passenger side, three bank charger,   
  exterior charger plug and battery monitor, keel shield,   
  hot foot, hydraulic steering and Lowrance electronics.  
  I don't really know how fast it goes yet.  Still learning how   
  the boat handles at 70 plus mph.  I am impressed how   
  smooth it rides in 1 to 2 foot chop.  I am surprised how  
  strong the Yamaha 200 VMax is. (I have always been an  
  OMC man). And the gas mileage is a lot better than I   
  expected. I'm gonna enjoy this boat for the next few   
       Updated 4/15/03..... "Took my new Skeeter out with gps today. I'm surprised  
  the boat actually ran in the 70's. I never really got a good   
  run at wide open throttle because of high winds and too   
  much chop. Still, the gps read 71 mph and there was a   
  little left (I think). The sped read about 3 mph over the gps  
  all up and down the range. Thought the speedo would be  
  off more than that. I do like the way this boat handles at  
  every speed."  
00 Skeeter ZX202C 25" Tempest, 12" Skeeter jackplate, Zercom CID-40,   Jeff - MN
01 225 Yamaha Garmin Fishfinder 160,  Garmin GPS Map76,  
  MinnKota Maxxum 74, Universal Transducer. "   
     Updated 6/18/03..... 69.2 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). "Great handling boat even  
  in rough water.  Love the ride and strudy feel!  69.2 GPS  
  with a good holeshot. Great fishing platform, and the 74#  
  MinnKota w/built in transducer is the best trolling motor  
  I've ever owned!  I'm still learning to drive it and having  
96 Skeeter ZX180D 25" Laser II, Lowrance 1240A, X25A, Motorguide TM.  Spank - TX
95 175 Merc EFI 62-65 mph @ 5800 rpm (speedo).  
  "I was wondering if a 6" jackplate would help on top  
  speed?  If so, how far below the pad do I need to put  
  the propshaft? The boat runs fine like it is, but I think I   
  could get more speed out of it.  The boat is 18'3".  
  Thanks very much for any help."  
99 Skeeter ZX202c 12" jackplate, MinnKota Maxxum 74# TM.  Keithscatch - TX
99 200 Yamaha 70 mph @ 5200 rpm (speedo).  
01 Skeeter ZX225 27" Yamaha ProSeries, 12" Slidemaster, Lowrance X85,  Bassfool - WA
01 225 Yamaha X65, Motorguide Tour Edition 109#.   
  Propshaft is 3.5" below the pad. 80 mph (speedo).  
  "An absolute awesome boat, casting deck is like a dance  
  floor, super smooth ride. Love the 109# trolling motor."  
02 Skeeter ZX225 27" Yamaha/26" Tempest, 12" RiteHite, Pinpoint 7520,  Duke - NV
02 225 Yamaha MinnKota TM. Propshaft is 3 1/2" below the pad.  
  "This is my second Skeeter, My ZX195 was gel cracking  
  and when it came back from the factory it was in worse  
  shape than when it went. I finally had to talk to the vice   
  president of Skeeter and in 3 days I got a call asking me  
  what color I wanted my new boat.  They upgraded  
  everything (ZX225/VMax 225). Skeeter has really   
  backed their product; it did cost me a couple of dollars  
  but that was for the difference in boat costs. As for the   
  new boat, I was running the new 27" prop that they are   
  making for the 250's, and at 5200 rpm it ran 68 mph.  
  I sent the prop to Rich Boger and he measured it out to   
  be a 29". So he brought it down to a 27". I also bought  
  a 26" Tempest from him but I still have not ran either of   
  them, but when I do I will update.  The new Skeeters  
  are awesome.  I have been in a lot of other boats and I   
  still like my Skeeter.  If I ever get rid of it, it will be for a   
  Bullet.  If anybody has any set-up tips please let me   
03 Skeeter 180SX 19" Yamaha, BottomLine 1100, 3100, MinnKota 55AT,  Tx180sx - TX
03 115 Yamaha 56 mph @ 5750 rpm (speedo).  PHOTO
             4 Stroke    PHOTO
03 Skeeter TZX190 Yamaha prop, 12" Skeeter jackplate, Lowrance X51,   Smallie Buster - TN
03 150 Yamaha X87, MinnKota Maxxum 74# TM.  
01 Skeeter ZX190 Yamaha prop, jackplate, Garmin 240, 160,   Tom - MA
01 175 Yamaha MinnKota Maxxum 74#. "I don't know how fast the boat  
  will go, I still need to experiment with engine height, but  
  it runs mid 70's now."  
01 Skeeter SX180 21" Yamaha ProSeries, Pinpoint 7520, Lowrance   George - CA
01 115 Yamaha LMS-320, Motorguide TourEdition 82# TM.  PHOTO
  50 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps).  
85 Skeeter SD80 19" prop, Humminbird 300 (console), 100 (bow),  Razfam - PA
     15' 3" Motorguide 34# TM.  Propshaft is 2" below the pad.  PHOTO
85 70 Yamaha 50 mph @ 5600 rpm (speedo). "This is my first glass  PHOTO
  boat and after four years I really love the thing.  It's in   
  perfect shape and handles the water really good, it's small  
  enough to fit in a garage so it stays in new condition.  
  Top end is good for a boat this size, I just wish I could  
  improve the holeshot a little.  Skeeter did a great job  
  building this old boat, I did install Boyesen reeds and that  
  really improved the midrange.  I wish the boat was rated  
  for a 90 or a 115, being a family man with three daughters  
  I do take them waterskiing when we are on vacation and   
  the boat just does not have the low end for skiing and I'm  
  not about to give up top end with a lower pitch prop.  
  Fishing from this boat has been a dream and is more than  
  stable enough for me and my father."  
02 Skeeter SX190 Lowrance X65, Motorguide TM.  Mike - IL
02 150 Yamaha "Brand new boat!  Waiting for weather to warm up so I  
  can break her in! "  
02 Skeeter ZX225 Lowrance LMS 160, Motorguide 36V 101# TM.  Ken - IN
02 225 Yamaha Tandem trailer w/swing away tongue. Dual console.  
02 Skeeter ZX250 27" Yamaha, 12" jackplate, Lowrance X91, X75,   MStolgitis - MA
02 250 Yamaha MinnKota 101# TM.  83 mph (gps).  PHOTO        PHOTO
     PHOTO        PHOTO
97 Skeeter ZX185DC Yamaha prop, manual jackplate, Lowrance X65/X45.  Fish4loot - WA
97 150 Yamaha VMax    
96 Skeeter ZX300C 27" Renegade modified, 12" jackplate, Lowrance   ZX300C - LA
00 225 Johnson HO electronics, Motorguide 36V TM.  PHOTO
  Propshaft is 1" below the pad.  76 mph @ 6100 rpm(gps)  PHOTO
  "Speed was checked with 20/30 gallons fuel, all fishing   PHOTO
  gear and one person on a cool dry day.  This setup will   PHOTO
  work best with a 4 blade prop.  Vibrates with a 3 blade."  
02 Skeeter SX190 25" prop, Lowrance X71's (2), Motorguide Brute TM.  David - SC
     150 Yamaha 59.6 mph.  
84 Skeeter  Humminbird Wide Eye, Wide 3D, Magellan.  KPelham1 - AL
     Starfire 175 Motorguide 67# 12/24 TM.  67 mph.  PHOTO
     150 Merc    PHOTO
03 Skeeter TZX190 25" Yamaha Performance, 12" Slidemaster,  GITBIT - AL
     175 Yamaha VMax LMS240, Lowrance X71, MotorGuide Tour Edition.  PHOTO
      HPDI 68 mph @ 5300 rpm (gps).  PHOTO
     Updated 12/8/02..... "I bought this boat at the BassMasters Classic that was  PHOTO
  held here in Alabama at Lay Lake this past July.  I had a   
  1999 Stratos 268V that I traded in and I am so glad I   
  did.  I love the performance, stability, fishability and   
  storage of this boat.  I have not really tinkered with the   
  set-up other than raising the motor 1/2".  Everything else  
  is just as I bought it.  I'm still learning the character of the  
  boat but we are becoming very fast friends, in the water  
  and out.  People comment on the boat everywhere I go.  
  Skeeter and Yamaha have created an awesome  
  combination!  My dealer was Ken Hollis at Airport  
  Marine, Clanton, AL (205) 664-0407. What else can I   
  say.  I LOVE MY SKEETER!!"    GIT BIT......  
99 Skeeter ZX202C 25" Yamaha ProSeries, Zercom CID-40, Raytheon L365  George Norris - FL
     200 Yamaha Minnkota Maxxum 74#.  74 mph.  PHOTO
  "This little Beauty has everything you can get on a Skeeter.  PHOTO
  This baby got me to the 2002 B.A.S.S. Florida Federation  PHOTO
  State Team and was fished in the 2002 CITGO/B.A.S.S.  PHOTO
  Federation Southern Divisional Championship Tournament  
  Skeeter is the finest bass boat you could ever fish from!!"  
02 Skeeter ZX190 25" Yamaha ProSeries, 10" Skeeter jackplate,   SOCB Prez - CA
     175 Yamaha Lowrance LCX15mt w/gps, Lowrance LCX 15mt,   PHOTO
  Minnkota 101#.  62 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps).   PHOTO
  See my Website for exact specifications.  PHOTO
01 Skeeter ZX250 27" Yamaha ProSeries, 12" jackplate, Lowrance LCX15,  Maverick - ON
     250 Yamaha Lowrance X85, MotorGuide Tour Edition 107#,   
  Motor is 5.5" above the transom. 78 mph @ 5800 rpm   
  (gps). "Boat is Fantastic.  Handles rough water nicely.  
  Seems like I should be going a little faster than I am.  
  Have had some trouble getting the motor to perform.  
  I have a new 250 HPDI coming for next year, so   
  hopefully I will see some improvement."  
97 Skeeter 185DC ZX 25" Yamaha ProSeries, 10" Springfield jackplate,   Fsh2win - AZ
     150 Yamaha ProV Motorguide 756.  65 mph @ 5400 rpm (speedo).   
  "Haven't got it dialed in yet, just learnin to drive the sucka,  
        Updated 12/22/02.... it's a wild ride."  
97 Skeeter ZX 185 25" Predator, 12" Springfield jackplate, Lowrance 1240  John - MI
     150 Yamaha & GPS, Garmin 240, Minnkota 74# TM.   
  65.2 mph @ 5350 rpm (gps)  
83 Skeeter SF150 Renegade prop, Eagle Ultra 3, Bottom Line 310 series,   Jose - NJ
     150 Evinrude Motorguide Brute 55 TM.  Transom height - 22".  
  65 mph. "I was a little nervous when I bought this boat  
  because of its size, but since it has a 86 1/2" beam it   
  rides like a dream, handles rough water like the bigger  
  boats and I love it.  The previous owner had everything  
  redone on the boat - new gelcoat, seats, sticker and   
  carpet - people are amazed that it's a 1983, it looks like  
  new - they don't make them like this anymore!"  
88 Skeeter SF 175SX 23" Trophy, 6" CMC jackplate.   DelW - AZ
     175 Merc Propshaft is 1" below the pad,  69-72 mph @ 5800/6000  
  rpm (gps).  "No chinewalk, comes out of the hole on a   
  dime.  When using the 22" Trophy that I had on, I was  
  getting 69 mph at 6400+ rpms, yes, even a Merc will run  
  that rpm.  I want to try a 25" 4 blade and a 26" 3 blade  
  soon.  The boat is extremely stable on light chop at   
  70 mph with a 4 blade; with a 3 blade it's a little scary.  
  The 4 blade was a friend's ptop I was trying, I think the   
  3 blade has a little less cup than the 4 blade, because it's   
  a little faster with the 4 blade.  When running the 3 blade  
  with a full tank of gas I was getting about 65-68 mph."  
00 Skeeter ZX202c 25" Tempest, 8" jackplate, Zercom flasher.  Skeeterjoe - GA
     225 Yamaha 73 mph @ 6000 rpm (speedo). "Am currently trying   
  different props to find best setup."  
02 Skeeter ZX225  27" Yamaha, 12" Slidemaster, Garmin 168/GPS,   Rich Z - NC
     225 Yamaha Pinpoint 7420, MotorGuide Tour 109#.  PHOTO
  Propshaft is 3" below the pad.  74 mph @ 5800 rpm(gps)  PHOTO
      "Outstanding/stable fishing platform.  Storage for up to   
  3 fishermen.  Excellent handling in all conditions.  Still   
  working on getting a little more performance and speed.  
  74 mph was in cool weather and water conditions with   
  light chop."  
01 Skeeter ZX225 27" Yamaha ProSeries, 12" Slidemaster, Lowrance   Warren Hillman - KY
     225 Yamaha X15, X71, Zercom flasher, MotorGuide TourEdition 82#.  
  73.9 mph @ 5650 rpm (gps). "A great boat, I bought the  
  boat new as a carry over; it's an awesome rig to fish   
  and run. I plan on trying some different props and motor  
  heights to tweak just a little more, I would love to see  
  75 + + + + + "  
01 Skeeter ZX225 Yamaha SS prop, Pinpoint 7420, Zercom 1240A,   Texasskeeter 3 - TX
     225 Yamaha MotorGuide Tour Edition 109#.   
  70 mph (gps). "The boat has all the ZX standard stuff,   
  plus 3 bank on board charger, Pro trim, custom cover.  
  This boat is awesome!!!"  
96 Skeeter ZX300 24" Powertech, Detweiler hydraulic, Lowrance X70A,  Nozzlenut - NC
     225 Merc EFI Garmin 240, MotorGuide 776 TM.  
  70 mph @ 5800 rpm Approx.(gps).   
  "Working on setup and all my settings."  
02 Skeeter SX190 Lowrance X51, Lowrance LMS 240.  Chris - SC
     150 Yamaha VMax 58 mph @ 5200 rpm (gps).  
  "This is my first boat!  I am only in my 4th hour of break in   
  but the boat handles great!  I would appreciate any help  
  from the "Skeeter Vets!"  Eat! Sleep! Run a Skeeter!"  
98 Skeeter ZX202 25" Yamaha, 14" Powerlift hydraulic, Lowrance GPS2000  Shannon - CA
     200 Yamaha MotorGuide TM. 75-76 mph @ 5900 rpm (speedo).  
  "This is the most fishable boat I've ever fished out ot.  
  Quick, fast, stable.  Everyone who's fished out of it has  
  said the same and these are other bass boat owners.  
  Everyone has said their next boat will definitely be a   
  Skeeter.  I fish everything from pitch and flip to open   
  rough water and don't even bother with the butt seats or   
  chairs.  It's the most user-friendly boat out there.  
  Eat-Sleep-Fish.  What else is there!"  
92 Skeeter ZX175 24" High Five, 5" Vance jackplate, Lowrance X60,  Faslil2.5 - LA
     150+ Merc Lowrance 1240A, Pinpoint 3700.   
  Propshaft is 1 3/8" below the pad.  
  76.8 mph @ 6600 rpm (gps). "Motor is a Roberie  
  modified 2.5L block, no bucket, new tuner, WH20 carbs,  
  and contrary to everyone's belief, I get good lift out of this  
  High Five prop. For some odd reason it works on my  

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