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    Updated 10/4/20


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87 Winner
91 150 Yamaha
24 Suzuki, Super Jack jackplate 54 mph gps. "Solid boat, handles well at all speeds."  Thundertaker - OH
85 Winner
16 150 Merc Opti
24 Merc, 5" Hi Jacker, HB698, HB688, Evinrude TM. Propshaft is 2.5" below pad. "Setup not complete, should be ready within a week."  Eugonda - KY
89 Winner Legend
15 250 Yamaha SHO
26 Tempest, 10" Bob's hydraulic jackplate, HB Helix5 DI GPS, HB DI, MinnKota 80#. 78 mph @ 6000 rpm gps.  Mattmda1 - FL
84 Winner
84 115 Evinrude
"Will be using this boat in saltwater intercoastal waterway."  Sandshark63 - NC
88 Winner
87 150 Evinrude XP
23 SS prop, Lowrance Elite Pro, MinnKota Edge. 57 mph gps. Kevlar hull.  Larry - ON
86 Winner ZZ880
86 120 Johnson
"Just bought a 1986 Winner. Looking for any and all manuals.   Jason - OH
87 Winner
04 150 Merc
23 Laser II, 5" jackplate, HB Matrix 77C, MK Maxxum Digital 80#. 54 mph @ 5750 gps.  Thesignguy - MD
88 Winner
89 150 Evinrude
23 4 blade, MinnKota Edge. 62 mph gps. "Motor is done up and has hydrofoil."  Larry - ON
86 Winner
86 150 Johnson GT
25 Shooter. 47 mph @ 4400 rpm gps. "Have a few things planned to try to improve my setup. I know this boat is capable of much more speed. Would love to see the setup of a similar boat running much faster. All in all very pleased with this boat."  Steven G - PA
86 Winner 2000
86 200 Merc
26 Protester prop, 8" homemade jackplate, Lowrance Elite 5 DSI Gold, Motorguide Brute. Propshaft is 2" below the pad. 74 mph @ 5500 rpm gps. "Putting propshaft 2" below pad gave me bow lift and easier steering. Just came across '85 model Tournament w/200 Yamaha that needs new piston, probably will sell when its running."  Winner2000 - KY
87 Winner 1790
87 115 Yamaha
Stock prop, manual jackplate, MinnKota. 50 mph  CBoomer - TN
83 Winner Z880
83 150GT Johnson
Manual jackplate, Lowrance/Humminbird electronics. 69.9 mph (gps). "I'm in need of live/storage compartment deck lids. I was restoring my boat and they were accidently thrown away by a family member. Boat is in great condition and need them to finish restoration. Will purchase New or Used from parts boat. Please help."  Psufans1995 - PA
85 Winner
85 150 Merc
23 Quicksilver prop, manual jackplate, Humminbird 150, Tracker TM. "Work in progress. Manual would be great!"  Superduc21 - GA
84 Winner Z880
84 150 Merc
    Black Max
Manual jackplate, Humminbird electronics, MinnKota TM. "Just got the boat last weekend (5/13/12). Needs a tuneup bad but turns 50 @ 5000 rpm. She's in great condition."  Old Fitz - VA
88 Winner
83 150 Merc
"Really need a wiring diagram, just bought the boat (5/7/12) and someone has chopped all the wires and nothing works. If anyone can send me one or tell me where to find one I would appreciate it."  Lan20 - VA
90 Winner
  Tournament 2000
89 150 Merc
17 Michigan Wheel, manual jackplate, Eagle 320, 168, MinnKota 70#. 70 mph @ 4000 rpm (gps). "Just purchased the boat last month (3/12) and truly love it. It's a work in progress but I'm bringing her back to life. I sure could used a wiring diagram and any other info anyone might have out there. Would love to correspond with other "Winners" out there!"  Marley R - GA
88 Winner
    Tournament II
93 150 Suzuki
    Super Six
Humminbird 500TX, Motorguide 50#. 60.3 mph (gps).  Hunkerdowndawgs46 - GA
83 Winner Z880
84 150 Johnson
24 Raker, manual jackplate, Motorguide 76# TM.
"I noticed a lot of people here looking for owners manual with wiring diagrams, etc. I'm willing to help send out copies (when I can figure out best way to do it), with info on Escape/Sport/Z/ZZ and Tournament models. I just bought boat (1/22/12) and it has fuel issues, I'm rebuilding carbs now. So I have no idea what it will run in mph."
 HeyCharlie - VA
79 Winner Bass
79 115 Evinrude
Quicksilver prop, MinnKota 48# TM.  Ngamark - GA
85 Winner 
89 150 Johnsom 
22 prop, 6" jackplate, Lowrance LMS 522ci, Humminbird 597 DI HD, Motorguide Pro 70#. 56 mph @ 5400 rpm.  Laker272 - ON
85 Winner 
85 150 Yamaha
"I have a 18'2" 1985 Winner Tournament with a 150 Yamaha. This is my first boat and I don't know much about it. I'm in need of a manual if anyone has one. I'm willing to pay even if it's a copy. My boat runs fine, the problem I'm having is most of the gauges don't work. The wiring behind them looks like a bunch of spaghetti. Also need a windshield. Other than that the boat is in great shape."  Swollenjoes - FL
86 Winner ZZ880 "New to owning a bass boat and need an owners manual or copy of any original paperwork. I got this at a pawn shop and it's in good condition. I will pay for any related manuals or copies for the boat."  LizMack - AR
88 Winner 
89 150 Johnson
22 Raker, Humminbird 150, 365i, MinnKota 65# 24V All Terrain Tm.  63 mph.  Joe8989789 - KY
87 Winner 2000
99 150 Suzuki
"Had this for 2 years. Great boat! Would like to know where to get ANY additional info about this boat. Also, if anyone knows where to get a windshield."  Banjo800 - GA
86 Winner ZZ880
93 90 Johnson
51 mph (gps). "Bought this as a bank repo 5 years ago, great boat. Would like to see pics of others, haven't seen many with dual windshields."  Cad63ac - AR
84 Winner 
89 200 Evinrude XP
25 Shooter. 60.5 mph gps. "This boat is awesome, I love fishing on it and it's fast. We need more Winner owners to post their boats."  Record Bass Hunter - NY
88 Winner ZZ880
89 110 Johnson
Stock prop, hydraulic jackplate, Eagle flasher, Eagle LCR, Motorguide Magnum TM. 45 mph @ 6000 rpm. "Bought this boat from original owner five years ago, excellent fishing boat. Need more info about restoring finish, finish seems dull after only a couple of weeks after waxing."  J Miller - IN
88 Winner 2000
88 200 Mariner
Quicksilver prop, Power Lift jackplate, Johnson TM.
Just bought this one owner, boat garage kept. Can't wait to get her on the run. Will update later when I get more stats."
 SSmith - KY
88 Winner 2000
88 150 Merc XR4
Hydraulic jackplate. 60+ mph (speedo).  Jason - AL
89 Winner 18'6" Manual jackplate, Humminbird electronics, MinnKota  Basshole - FL
87 200 Merc Maxxum 80# TM. 68 mph @ 5700 rpm (gps).  
  "My Winner is an 18'6" bassboat style hull. I'm in need of  
  the original plate info off the placard for the US Coast  
  Guard! If anyone can spare the placard or email me the   
  picture of theirs it would really help."  
85 Winner  Lowrance 522C, Eagle Fish Easy 125, Motorguide 56#.  Geno27 - TX
84 115 Johnson    
85 Winner 18T Humminbird flasher, Humminbird 525, Evinrude 24V TM.  Buddlee - MS
85 175 Mariner 51 mph @ 5200 rpm (gps). "Just bought the boat (9/09)  
  and am working on getting it set up right. I would like to   
  know what is the best prop for top speed and a good hole  
  shot. Also need to know the best pad to propshaft   
  measurement. Holeshot is slow and top end is slower than  
  it should be. The powerhead is about 1 year old."  
89 Winner 2000 II "My Dad just gave me this boat and I'm pretty excited   TJNick97 - LA
      Tournament about fixin' it up. I could use a little advice on where to get  
89 200 Suzuki V6 parts and info, please help!!   
88 Winner 22" Laser II, 10" hydraulic, Humminbird electronics,  Bigwilly - AL
     Tournament II Motorguide Tour Pro. 63 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps).  
88 150 Merc XR4    
89 Winner 1790 24" Raker, Humminbird 575, Motorguide 767.  Soonerfan101 - OK
      Tournament 55 mph @ 5000 rpm (gps). "Just bought this boat 3-4  
89 XP150 Evinrude weeks ago (4/09). Had it on the water several times. Like  
  the way it looks, runs and fishes. Plan to play with setups  
  to see what I can improve. I would also pay for manual if  
  someone has one, copies are fine."  
89 Winner 1660 4 blade custom Spinelli, 4" Land & Sea hydraulic,  Rvparts123 - FL
     Tournament Humminbird electronics, Motorguide Laser 370 RF.  
92 150XR6 Merc "Hull was purchased new in 1993 last one from dealer still  
  in showroom. Finally rigged '95 with this used 150 XR6,  
  ran about 5 hours ended up the day with a blown   
  powerhead. Stored in garage until '08 for rebuild, still in   
  break-in so will update with top mph. Shaved heads .020,  
  TDR reeds/cages, Bob's composite mounts, shortened  
  exhaust tuner, removed oil injection and electronics. Still  
  need to do low water pickup to utilize full lift of plate."  
87 Winner Alpha II Suzuki prop, Eagle/Hummminbird electronics, MinnKota  Billy - CT
87 65 Suzuki AT 33. 38 mph.  
89 Winner 2000 Turbo prop, Garmin 300C, MinnKota 48#.  Wes S - IL
     Tournament 48 mph @ 5600 rpm (speedo). Just got this boat a couple  
89 200 Mariner of weeks ago (Aug.08) and love it so far. Was wondering  
  if anyone had any suggestions on how to get more speed?  
  It still needs some work but is fishable now and is being   
87 Winner 1790 25" Laser II, 6" Sure Jack, Eagle Cuda 168, Evinrude   Bday615 - TN
     Tournament 12/24 TM. 62 mph @ 5700 rpm (gps).  PHOTO    PHOTO
87 150 Merc XR2    
            Black Max    
88 Winner 2280 15" OMC, Humminbird 727, Standard Horizon CP150.  Phil P - FL
     Cuddy Sport 39.6 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps). "Going on 10 years, great  
99 200 Evinrude boat, solid fishing machine used in salt water in/offshore.  
  Would love to get a factory hardtop! Anyone know where  
  if there is one available?  Thanks."  
88 Winner 21" Laser II, HiJacker jackplate, Humminbird flasher,  Sdpd34 - FL
00 225 Evinrude Eagle FishMark 480, MinnKota 65#. "I just purchased   PHOTO   PHOTO
            Vindicator this boat to fish while I restore my '87 Kingfisher. I'm   
  getting the trailer squared away so I can take it out (bad   
  axle). The motor is over powering the boat capacity by 25  
  hp but we'll see how it runs; will update soon."  
87 Winner "Had some minor repair, hope to get her out soon.   Castmaster Cathy - OH
    Sport Cuddy 2280 She looks like a great fishing boat."  
87 230 OMC    
79 Winner "I recently purchased a Winner 17.5 Bass Boat,   Conrad B - VA
95 150 Merc (Excellent condition). I would like to update the wiring but   
  I have had no luck finding an owner's manual. Hopefully  
  someone can point me in the right direction."  
83 Winner Z880 "I would also pay for a copy of the owner's manual."  CSmart73 - LA
84 150 Merc    
88 Winner "Just bought and need to replace some wiring, looking for   Southernguy - FL
88 150 Evinrude owners manual or copies."  
87 Winner Shooter prop, Lowrance X70, Eagle Ultra 3, Motorguide.  Spbait - PA
87 150 Mariner 59 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps). "Love my boat, wish I could   
  find more info on the brand. I need owners manual and   
  wiring diagrams too!"  
85 Winner Z880 "Looking for owners manual for boat. Want to fix  WmTribbitt - TN
85 150 Evinrude speedometer and tach. Need wiring diagram to fix some  
89 Winner Legend "I need to buy the rear storage deck lids. Can anyone give  TCole1 - TX
89 150 Evinrude me a possible source?"  
88 Winner Alpha III Motorguide Great White.  55 mph (gps).  Steve - TX
88 115 Yamaha    
87 Winner  Motorguide TM.  58 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps).  Tom L - FL
     Tournament 2000 "Just bought this boat in Spring 2006. Need owners   
87 200 Merc manual or any info for this boat. Copies would be great.  
  I love this boat, it rocks!!"  
86 Winner Z660 21" prop, Eagle electronics, Motorguide 30# TM.  Ronnyd8719 - LA
86 115 Merc Propshaft is 3.5" below the pad. 55 mph @ 5500 rpm  
  (gps). "I just purchased the boat this spring. All is working,  
  need owner's manual for the boat. I have all the other   
  manuals. If you have a manual I will buy it from you or pay  
  to make a copy for me and mail it to me. I would like to   
  put a jackplate on and I want to be sure I can put one.  
  The owner manual should let me know this. I would like to  
  know the type of pad I have also."  
86 Winner "Just purchased (3/24/06), am in need of an owners  Waine - NC
     Tournament 2000 manual for boat. Please e-mail if you have one you wish to  
86 150 Evinrude get rid of or copy and mail to me....I will pay."  
87 Winner  6" High Jacker, MinnKota TM.  ShaneA - AR
     Tournament 65 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps). "I love my Winner bass boat."  
87 Mariner    
89 Winner 25"  4 blade prop, 6" jackplate, Humminbird 300,   RobertH - KY
     Tournament II Motorguide 60#.  55 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps).  
89 175 Johnson GT "What size prop should I be running on this boat, it's slow  
  to take off."  
87 Winner 21" Hooter prop, Humminbird flasher, Eagle LCD,  Tuck - TN
    Tournament 2000 Evinrude TM. "These boats are really solid but after nearly  
84 175 Evinrude 20 years of consistent use it's time to repair or replace the  
  driver and passenger seats. Anyone have extra seats they  
  would be willing to sell?"  
89 Winner FX 23 Tempest, 6" Turbo jackplate, Hummminbird.  Troy - TN
     Tournament Evinrude 12/24 TM. 65 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps).  
90 175 Yamaha Propshaft is 2.5" below the pad.  
85 Winner ZZ880 21" prop, Lowrance/Eagle electronics, Motorguide TM.  5fishsam - SC
05 150 Yamaha 64 mph (gps). "Bought it new in '85 in TN with a Mariner  
            4 Stroke Magnum 150 which I just replaced late last summer."  
89 Winner 10" Rapid Jack, MinnKota Maxxum 50#.  Firedude5015 - AL
     Tournament II 65 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps). "Just bought this boat.   
98 175 Yamaha Completely restored and beautiful!! Still working on setup  
            VMax and some minor issues. Will update as I get it right."  
89 Winner Legend 21" Trophy, 6" CMC, Humminbird Wide Paramount,  BASNBILL - IL
89 150 Mariner  MinnKota 74# Maxxum. Motor 1 hole up, 24 1/2" up   
            MagII from the pad.  63 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps).  
  "Have ran several props, best is with the Trophy. Are   
  there any other things that I can do to get more out of it?  
  Was told to not go over 5500 rpm otherwise you lose  
  performance. Motor has 115-120 psi in each cylinder.  
  I know some guys have the same boat/motor/prop and say  
  they are running 68-72 mph gps. How's that so?  
  Any and all suggestions appreciated."  
88 Winner  "Just purchased and need some information from other  Indianabassman - IN
     Tournament owners."  PHOTO      PHOTO
88 150 Johnson GT    PHOTO      PHOTO
86 Winner Z880 58 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  Kevin - TN
86 150 Mariner    
88 Winner V1600 Garmin/BottomLine electronics, MinnKota All Terrain.  Bassin Nutt - NY
88 50 Merc 36 mph (speedo). "A 16 ft fiberglass bassboat that has   
  everything I need."  
88 Winner 22" Merc, Garmin 240, Lowrance 480LMS,   Mike - WA
     Tournament Motorguide rebuilt w/SE digital kit, 82#. "I am still setting  
96 120 Force this boat up and am looking for some advice."  
88 Winner  Lowrance X47 EX, Garmin GPS Map 72,   Bo - FL
     Tournament II MinnKota All-Terrain 65#.  
88 150 Merc XR4    
     Black Max    
89 Winner Legend 2+2 Turbo, 6" Dewey Special jackplate, 2 Humminbird  Mike - VA
96 150 Evinrude Platinum ID's, Evinrude 12/24 TM. Motor is 3" off the   
  transom.  60 mph @ 5800 rpm (speedo).  
  "I have owned this boat for about 10 years.  It is an   
  excellent tournament/fishing boat.  It has all the necessary  
  bells and whistles for fishing and continues to look good.  
  The original seats and vinyl trim are still in excellent  
  condition.  I will get a digital picture and post soon."  
86 Winner Raker prop, Eagle Optima, Motorguide 67# TM.  Herb - NC
     Tournament 65 mph @ 5250 rpm (gps).  "Bought this boat off the   
93 150 Johnson original owner 3 years ago.  He bought it at the factory the   
            FastStrike way he wanted it in 1987.  Used very little.  Gold with   
  multicolor metalflake.  New lower unit and the motor   
  totally rebuilt recently.  Putting the hours on it now to   
  break it in.  Should be good for a long time.  Still looks   
  like new.  Paste wax it a couple of times a year and   
  Lemon Pledge it after each use.  I can't really see getting  
  rid of it except for wanting more storage capability.  
  Getting ready to recarpet the boat and may build a   
  removable extended deck with storage access.  Always  
  garage kept.  Looking forward to see if performance  
  is enhanced."  
87 Winner  Lowrance X75, X15 Paper Graph, MinnKota Maxxum   Garrett - CA
     Tournament 75# TM.  72 mph @ 5500 rpm (radar).   
87 175 Merc Great boat, love it!!  VERY FAST!!  72 mph by radar,   
  new troll motor, new Trojan batteries, new electronics up  
  front, new lower unit on motor, new prop, new carpet.  
  Great boat, love it!"  
87 Winner  24" Raker, 6" CMC, Lowrance GlobalMap 2000 (helm),   Mike - NY
   Tournament II 2000 Seaview 1600 (bow), MotorGuide 772 Brute 24/36 V.  
91 150 Evinrude 57 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps).  
86 Winner SS prop, Humminbird 400TX, Pirannha 2.  Ed - VA
     Tournament 56 mph @ 5000 rpm.  
     150 Evinrude    
89 Winner Legend 24" Laser, 6" Turbo jackplate, Eagle electronics,   Lakes - TN
     150 Merc XR4 MotorGuide 45#. 58-66 mph @ 5800 rpm.  
  "Stock twin boat with same setup runs 70+ mph, sister  
  boats w/175 hp runs 80+ mph. Blows out @ 6000 rpm.  
  One notch higher setting blows out at 5200 rpm, one   
  lower WOT max 5200 rpm @ 45 mph. Can not find  
  other props to fit lower unit. Will High Five improve   
  performance?  I fish out of this boat around 250 days   
  per year."  
90 Winner HighFive prop, 6" TurboJack jackplate, Humminbird  Rick - GA
  Tournament 2000 2  WideView, Humminbird TCI graph, Johnson TM  
     150 Merc 84 mph @ 6400 rpm (gps). "Engine ported and blue-  
     XR4 Black Max printed, Mercury performance heads, 40 amp aluminum  
  flywheel, racing starter and ignition, 23 degree racing cam.  
  Racing exhaust plate."  
89 Winner 1790 24" Shooter, Garmin 240, Humminbird 200tx, Minnkota  CU BASS - SC
     150 Evinrude Maxxum 54# TM. "I have the boat to have a fishing   
  machine while in college and it is serving me very well. It  
  will make someone else a nice first boat when I graduate."  
89 Winner Legend 4 blade prop, Minnkota 65# 12/24 TM.  Rich - PA
     150 Merc XR4 "Recently purchased. Will update after running in spring."  
84 Winner  23" Tempest, Humminbird Flasher Pro60,   Mike - OH
     Tournament MotorGuide 12/24 56# TM. 67 mph @ 5800 rpm   
99 150 Merc XR6 (speedo).  
87 Winner Camillion Mercury R28 TM. 68 mph (radar).  Curt - NY
     150 Evinrude "Fish & Ski with all the goodies -- love my Winner."  
89 Winner Legend 24" Laser II, Lowrance X75, Zercom Clearwater Pro,   Mark Mathis - FL
      150 Merc XR4 Zercom LPG2000, Lowrance 2330 Flasher, Minnkota   
  AT42 TM. "First boat I've owned, still learning  
  Updated 1/27/02... about the care and feeding of a Bass Boat. Looking   
  forward to many days on the water."  
87 Winner 19' MotorGuide 12/24 76# TM.  Stacy - FL
     Tournament Series 78 mph @ 6300 rpm (radar).  
     200 Merc    
 88 Winner 21" Laser II, 6" jackplate, Eagle 9000, Fish ID,  Tydwater - WA (D.C.)
       Tournament II MotorGuide TM.  56 mph @ 5500 rpm.  
       150 Merc "More to come on setup".  

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