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TRITON Likes & Dislikes

Wow, has the construction and solid feel of Tritons come a long way. This boat has the suspension seats, and that with the padded deck and solid feel provide the smoothest riding boat I've ever been in. This is the flagship of their line and I see why.
Milfoil - ME          2010 Triton 21HP w/250 Evinrude E-Tec                                            
Like the ride and handling of the boat and all of the storage and compartment space it provides for tackle. Driver and passenger seat are extremely comfortable.
Do not like the partition in the livewell which keeps popping out since new and also having problems with the seals at top of storage boxes leaking and allowing water to get into supposedly dry storage areas.
Texfishman - TX     2007 Triton TR 200 w/225 Merc Optimax                                          
Likes: Nice holeshot, plenty of room, front deck huge - 2 people can fish. GPS 56 mph, no plate, with a 23 Tempest. Very good in rough water, plenty of boat for Iowa lakes, almost too big. 
1st bass boat, durable, no problems with transom cracks, very good boat, bought used.
Bigfish - IA          2004 Triton 197 Mag DC w/150 Merc XR6                                          
Plenty of storage, not dry enough though. Came with all the bells & whistles, great smaller tournament boat (can't tell the difference between a 186 and 20 on the water until you see the numbers on the side. Love the rod holders, power trim, hot foot, jackplate, seats. Speedo doesn't work but that is due to the hole in the motor clogging so easy, especially on the dirty tidal rivers. The compartments need a better design, I'm constantly redoing the rubber with 3M adhesive. Mine has stress cracks on the cap behind the seats also, and has a lot of minor issues others have mentioned, but it still looks and runs good for a 7 year old boat. Have had it in some rough water, Potomac, James, Gaston with 3 to 4 footers. GPS 63 with a reworked prop.
Soggybottom - VA   2004 Triton TR186 DC w/150 Merc XR6                                           
My first bass boat....I love it....I'm just wondering what other TR186 owners have found to be the best performing prop combo for this outfit. Interest in getting more performance from what I got, already have a jackplate on it. Thanks for all suggestions.
Fishn4fun - WV       2006 Triton TR186 w/150 Merc Optimax                                            
Rod box opening on single console is WAY too small to put rods in tubes. Opening on step up cooler is way too small. Step on single axle trailer should be much longer and wider. I missed step in the garage getting out of boat, fell on my back and hurt ever since. Otherwise the boat rides good and fishes very good.
Jignpig - IA        2010 Triton 19XS Tournament w/225 Merc Pro XS                                   
I am from Australia and brought my Triton from the U.S. I fish in Competitions in Aus and this boat is everything and more than I could hope for. Its handling and performance are exceptional. I had some dramas re importing with customs so contacted Triton. I dealt with Ken and his support and help offered was exceptional. He contacted their trailer manufacturer who promptly solved my problem. I have fished out of every brand of bassboat and the Triton 186 is the best by a mile. For any Comp angler you simply can not go past a Triton for performance and handling and its comforting to know that their customer support is second to none.
Mauger18 - Australia     2007 Triton 186 w/150 Merc Optimax                                          
Likes: Huge boat with all the storage needed and then some. Ride is dry and solid, no chinewalk at 65 which is about as fast as I run. Of course the front deck is huge, so is the back deck which my wife and other fishing partners love.
Dislikes: Gas smell in rod lockers and the trailer wiring problems. There is no place on the trailer for a licence plate.
Painter 1 - MO        2001 Triton TR22 w/225 Merc Optimax                                               
This boat has been fantastic so far. It is the best riding and most comfortable 17.6' boat I have been in. Tons of storage room, stable smooth ride and solid. I get 50.4 mph with a 22" Laser II prop at 5300 rpm in cool weather. In hot weather I run a 20" and get 48 mph at 5800 rpm but have to watch it does not over rev. I use Sunoco V gas as it does not have ethanol in it.
Only dislike is I had to get the seats replaced due to the seat backs were too tall for the boat and started to bend rearward. Also had a couple of gauges replaced because of fogging in damp weather.
Randy D - ON           2006 Triton TR176DC w/115 Merc                                                    
Love the storage and ride. Hate the drivers dash integrity along with bow instrument panel integrity. All dash gauges are falling thru the thin panel along with trolling motor plug falling thru as well. Triton needs to beef up these locations.
TNT - TX                    2004 Triton X Series w/225 Merc                                                    
Likes: Have owned the boat since new in '02, fish St.Clair, Erie and multiple inland lakes. Boat still looks good! Seats, carpeting better than many newer boats, seats have great support and comfortable ride. Better storage than most boats, livewells are great, rubber plugs don't bother me at all.
Dislikes: Should have gone with a 200 hp and now long for a 20 footer. Gas smells in the rod lockers suck! Triton sent me floor vents to install, no improvement. Hooking up the bow eye is a joke, would love to hear from the guy in TX who posted back in 7/05 that he raised his winch 2" which he says helped. Hull slap is annoying, you don't have that in Rangers or Stratos.
Capt Charlie - MI       2002 Triton TR196 w/175 Merc EFI                   
Likes: Easy to fish from with wide front casting deack, very stable in high winds and chop, lots of storage, wonderful handling, beautiful shape with a tough look.
Dislikes: Slight fuel smell in storage areas, heavy boat for 150 hp at 5000+ altitude. Had to put a 19" prop because of the altitude just to get on plane. Rod locker is tough to get rods in and out without damaging, decals peeling off trailer after one use. But overall it is a great boat and will probably stick to Triton for years to come but should have spent the extra for a 20 ft.
Backnthegame - CO     2008 Triton 18X2 w/150 Merc Optimax                                          
I really love this boat now after learning how to drive it and how to set it up properly with some help of some wonderful BBC members. This boat has great holeshot and will top out around 72 GPS with my by myself. It has a good ride you just have to keep the nose up a bit. It has a great deck which I can fish 2 people from easily. The livewells are top notch except the plastic divider comes undone every once in awhile. My only complaint would have to be I just wish it was a bit wider and a little faster!
Flippinstic - IN      2007 Triton TR-196 w/200 Merc Optimax                                             
Likes: Great ride, big livewells, looks great, excellent holeshot.
Dislikes: Chinewalk above 60. 60 if fast enough. Livewells are a little pain but my Champion had a cut off switch, had to replace 2 or 3 times, gets full of dirt, takes a pair of pliers to turn it.
That may be one of the reasons Triton opts for plugs.
Bigfish - TX           2006 Triton TR200 w/225 Merc Optimax                                              
Love the boat drives good, looks good, runs fast. Perfect boat for me, stepped up from a Ranger R73. The boat has been good to me and I am thankful to Triton for making such a good boat.
Don't like no rod organizer, no chrome latches, no lid pistons, no jackplate, no wp gauge. For the money I paid all that should be standard. Also don't like after I ordered my boat they came out with a single axle trailer with fiberglass fenders and didn't have Blue color to choose to match my truck.
Gunit - LA                2009 Triton HP Explorer w/150 Merc EFI                                            
Likes: Speed, handling, creature comforts such as tackle organizers in every storage box, great hull as far as performance, very large livewells, big fuel tanks.
Dislikes: Gas smell in compartments, stress cracks on top cap behind seats, electronics not tightened at factory, now the nuts have fallen off the bolts. I don't think there were any nuts on the bolts that connect the seat to the boat, all compartments leak, the weather stripping started falling off within a year. My gas gauge has never worked, even after taking it 75 miles to my dealer 4 times and calling Triton personally. Batteries are hard to deal with in their location.
I don't like the standard single axle trailer; should come standard with a tandem. Don't get me wrong, I like my boat, but a little more attention to detail would be nice.
If they could get the little things right, this boat would go from good to great.
Runt4561 - FL          2004 Triton TR196 w/200 Merc EFI                                                   
Likes: Lots of storage, nice livewells, handles rough water great, has huge front and back decks for a 20 footer and has great control.
Dislikes: I'm not sure why Triton 20 footers came on a single axle trailer, but it bounces everywhere. Here in Idaho our speed limits on the freeway are 75 and the trailer just bounces everywhere. Also, there should be more room in the battery compartment for an extra battery.
I cannot fit another battery if wanted to upgrade to a 36 volt system. Another is cracking - have cracking on the bow next to the cup holders and behind the driver's seat.  Triton putting crappy Venom Johnson on the boat, it lacks serious speed. 56 mph from 3 different props, MANY jackplate setups and terrible holeshot with 2 people and full livewells.
Blackhawk431 - ID    1998 Triton TR20 w/200 Johnson Venom                                         
Likes: Very stable platform to fish from, lots of storage including the cooler, nice to have ladder for boarding after cooling off, handles rough water very well.
Dislikes: For price of boat, 3 bank charger instead of 2 to include charging of cranking battery for storage. Triton cover tends to "balloon" in the middle during towing. 
Have to figure out the nasty chine walk.
Gator2560 - IL    2007 Triton TR196 w/200 Merc Optimax                                                
I bought the boat new in 2007 and love it. It is a stable fishing platform and it rides very smooth. I bought the TR176 because it fits well in my one car garage. The only dislike I have is the trailer. I can never get the boat centered between the two bunks properly. I spoke to the dealer about this and he said there is nothing they can do. I feel like the trailer needs an extra set of bunks. Like I said I love the boat, just hate loading it on the trailer.
Tritonrob - FL      2006 Triton TR176 w/115 Optimax                                                            
Like: The size. This boat is perfect for fishing the narrow Mountain Lakes of WV and does pretty well on the Ohio.
Dislikes: Maybe someone can help me with this one? There are so many minor things wrong with this boat only after four times out - rubber around the housing in the bow is coming out, speedometer quit working, no bow light, rod divider is not a good design idea, foam seals are peeling off of the dry storage, noisy trailer, decals are peeling off, court lights are already burning out after one time use, writing on the console switches is worn off, and not to mention that Merc forgot to hook up the H20 sensor which made the maiden voyage a short one.
My dealer is excellent but they tell me it takes a few times out to see what the little glitches are on a new boat, I guess my belief is there shouldn't be glitches on a new boat.
Any of you Triton owners go through the same thing?
Chef - WV            2008 Triton TR 176 w/115 Optimax                                                        
Likes: Smooth ride. Storage is nice and plenty of platform up front and back when fishing club events. Boat moves pretty well with me alone and not too bad with fishing partner. Love having the 4 stroke on there as well.
Dislikes: For all of you that have problems with gas smell. I called Triton and they sent me a couple of vent plates that are to be mounted right below your seats. Dealer can install. Plug in recessed foot pedal area is too small and clogs way too easy. Factory installed gauges are put in way too tight. Have shattered a couple after moderate rough ride. Don't like how they've arranged the pumps. Certain screws are hard to get to which makes repairs a little more troublesome.
Triton186 - AR      2004 Triton TR-186 w/150 FastStrike                                                    
Likes: Awesome fishing machine, very comfortable. Tons of storage, lights in every compartment. Rides great in rough water. It's the BEST boat I ever owned. You can get on pad in 2 foot of water, jumps right out of the hole! Handles great in tight rivers and rough water conditions. Not as fast as the X series, but with my bad back, I'll give up that five mph for the great ride.
Dislikes: Nothing.....Wish I had got one sooner!
Getthenet01 - NC     2007 Triton 20 X2 w/250 Merc Pro XS                                               
Likes: Outstanding fishing platform. Great consoles. Great storage; I can store nets, pedestal seats, food, 300lb+ of tackle and 18 rods comfortably! Great ride; super smooth take off and ride in rough water. Trailer is unbelievably smooth too. Swing away tongue is very easy to use. FAST!!
Dislikes: Right rod locker smells like gas if I don't leave it open in the garage. Livewell has a manual rubber plug. Hard to reach under and lock the boat eye to the strap.
Smileyj206 - CA     2003 Triton TR21 w/225 Optimax                                                         
Likes: Runs well and fishes well. Lots of room - overall love the boat.
Dislikes: Strong gas smell in lockers making all my equipment smell like gas (I'm not sure but I don't think bass like that smell), can't get any answers as to why and no one is willing to address it.  
DphPhil - TN       2005 Triton TR 196 w/200 Merc Optimax                                                
Likes: Fast, comfortable, dry ride. Plenty of storage, great layout, good looking boat. In general, I love the boat.
Dislikes: Terrible drainage. In heavy rain the deck fills with water and takes forever to drain into the bilge. The two drain holes are much too small and clog easily. Seats starting cracking after only three seasons. Boat is tough to get on plane with two fishermen and both livewells full. Otherwise a great boat.
Allan G - NY          2002 Triton TR19 DC w/200 Merc EFI                                                 
Likes: Fast, responsive - like driving a racecar. Shock Absorbing Seats make for an extremely smooth ride. Best layout of any tournament boat I've ever been in. Looks fast when when on the trailer. Huge decks, massive storage.
Dislikes: The rod rack (removed it) - bent/broke more guides in one month of owning this boat than I had in the previous 11 years of tournament fishing in 3 other boats. It had "to go". The rod hold-down straps on the front deck (permanently mounted in the side of the gunnels) are mounted too far back, allowing the rods to slide back towards the passenger. This boat needs remote closures for the livewell.  On a boat with this much attention to detail and tournament readiness, it's a disappointment to have to open livewells and manually stick plugs in the bottom of them. My 1976 Renegade bassboat had this system. You would think a boat almost 30 years newer would have a more "upgraded" system - like my previous 3 Cajuns did.
All things consider - this is the best boat I've ever owned, and I love fishing from it just as much as I do riding in it to get to my fishing spots. Extremely nicely appointed boat, and my dealer - Pops Marine in Toano, Virginia is the greatest group of people I've dealt with in the Marine industry.
TR-20XGlenn - VA      2005 Triton TR20PD-X w/225 Merc Optimax                  
This is the second Triton I have owned and I absolutely love them. It has an awesome holeshot. With the ProXS and a 25" prop and a full tank of gas and one person it GPS's at 78. This boat rides much smoother than any other I have driven including the TR20.
Dislikes: Am seeing some stress cracks on top of the transom gel coat next to the motor mounts. They are not large at the moment and don't feel it is a structural problem. I have heard that some oil bath hubs on the trailers have been going bad losing their seals so I will have to keep a check on the bearing eyes.
GRUFFY - NC    2006 TR20X w/Merc 225 ProXS.                                             
Have had it 6 years now and fish year round on Seneca Lake, many times at below freezing temperature. Had to replace the power trim pump and the steering cables are getting in bad need of lube but basically trouble free. Still looks new and cleans up 100%. Gel coat has the normal Triton cracks but are just cosmetic. I saved for a new one but like the boat so much I can not bring myself to part with it. Last time out 67 speedo with 2 people. It's a carb motor and is thirsty but they never seem to break. Dealer pitched that it would be the last boat I ever bought and I bet he's kickin himself now because he might be right.
Dan - NY    2001 Triton TX186 w/150 Merc Saltwater                                         
Like: This boat looks great. The ride is awesome in rough KY lake water and the holeshot is very quick. It has topped out at 78 mph gps with one personal and 1/4 tank. Great storage.
Dislike: Minor stuff really. The livewell foam under lids wants to keep coming off. I smell gas real bad when I open my rod lockers. I will never buy another boat. Triton is the standard!
Fishmaster - TN       2005 Triton TR-20X DC w/225 Evinrude E-Tec                  
Just got the boat, I really love it. GPS 66 mph so far. I just need to get used to the chinewalk.
Tons, I mean tons of storage!  Awesome ride, dry ride, my holeshot seems a little sluggish but I think it's the 26" Trophy prop. 
Ruben - TX            2004 Triton TR196DC LE w/ 200 Merc Optimax                   
I like the way the boat rides, love the big decks, massive storage, good looks, quality of construction.
The only dislikes I have would be: 1. It is very hard to hook the winch strap to the eye in the front of the boat when loading on the trailer, eye is way too far back. 2. The built in cooler is impossible to reach while the boat is on the trailer......that's when you load it!!
Billius - IN              1999 Triton TR20 PDC w/200 Merc EFI                                 
Likes: I just got the boat and I like it so far. Thank god the trailer doesn't squeek like most others say. I wish I had hydraulic steering. I'm getting about 64 mph out of it. It has a lot more features than my last boat (ie. pumpout, cushioned seats, battery charger). Love the deck space and fishability. Like the tackle management and rod organizers. Great ride!
Dislikes: The weak winch mount!! The "mechanical" steering and the livewell plug. Previous owner "shaved" the plug a little and it is easier to put in but it would have a remote plug.
Jps37033 - TN          2001 Triton TR186 w/150 Johnson                                         
Likes: This boat is the best riding 20 footer I've ever been in BAR NONE. This boat is still fast, 76 gps with 1/2 tank, all my gear and a partner. Ride is undoubtedly better than the Z20 Ranger I drove. Several draw partners have told me the same thing. The livewell plug doesn't bother me, I hardly ever take them out anyway.
Dislikes: I wish there was a little more storage like a glove compartment or the day storage box like on a Skeeter.
Flydownrich - KY       2005 Triton TR-20X w/225 Merc Pro XS Optimax              
The boat is awesome, what a rocket!  No complaints about the boat. For you guys that do complain here is a little tip.  Do not push the livewell plugs all the way in, you don't have to do this, it makes it much more easy.  And the problem with your trailers on the bow eye, they do not properly set them at the factory, you might have to raise the winch about 2", that will bring your boat a little bit more on the trailer and you will find that it works better that way.  And as far as the hull slap, you can't get around that, the boat is solid and a hell of a runner, it is just telling people to get out of your way because you are moving on!!  I hope this bit of info helps some of you.  Chuck, Marine Tech Service Co.
ChuckM - TX       2002 Triton TR19 w/200 Yamaha VMax                                  
Likes: Smooth and responsive. Currently set-up with 27" Tempest and 6" jackplate, am running 74 gps with tournament load and 44 gallons gas. Many think it's a glass rig until they're told that it is aluminum.  SeaStar steering, hot foot and trim @ wheel are nice safety features.
Dislikes:  Transom is severely stressed and the welds from transom to knee braces have cracked loose on 3 of the 5 braces.  Also, cracks have appeared on exterior of transom and on splashwell due to stresses.  The upholstery is all failing at the seams and the boat is stored inside so this couldn't be from excessive sun and exposure to the elements.
JerryV - TX      2004 Triton 197 Mag w/200 Merc EFI                                         
Likes: This is my second Triton. Loved the first one and so far this one has lived up to all my expectations. The quality for price of a Triton just simply can't be beat.  Fit and finish are all but perfect.  I have searched hard and found absolutely no flaw in this new Triton.  Fishability, drivability and looks have the others simply outclassed.
Dislikes:  Only one.  As with my old Triton, this new one does not have a temp gauge.  Water pressure is important but you motor can run hot even with relatively good water pressure. I've had this happen more than once.  This is especially true in Southern lakes where you can pick up grass, etc., very easy and run your motor hot quickly.  Not only will a temp gauge tell when you're getting hot it will also tell you when it's time to replace your water pump impeller.  Sure it can be added, but to put it in the best place now requires relocating almost all the other gauges. Water pressure is OK, but Triton really needs to add a temp gauge to the cockpit gauge layouts.
Chopper - FL       2005 Triton TR-21X w/225 Merc Optimax                              
Love my Triton, bought new in 2000 and hasn't been in the shop at all. Installed a 10" CMC hydraulic jackplate and went to a 24" Tempest and it flies and handles like a dream. Only complaint was no lights in livewell so I installed two LED lights in the back wall and hooked right into the interior lights for the storage boxes on each side.  I had a guy spray the trailer with the "Vortec" bedliner material and it looks and holds up great to the rocks that the Chevy 4x4 throws at it. He put a clear coat over the top of the top and it still has a good shine to it.
My local dealer said that Triton is coming out with a similar process this next year on all boat trailers and it can be purchased in any color you want. Might check Vortec's website for someone in your area because it isn't much more expensive than repainting it.
Marksmac - TX       2001 Triton TR186DC w/150 Merc                                    
Likes: Great ride in rough water when trimmed correctly. Fishability is amazing. My last boat was a Ranger and this boat has it beat a country mile.  More storage space than I really need. I better buy some more tackle.  I get so many compliments it's amazing.  I have people come by and comment on how beautiful the boat is when I'm filling up with gas. The instrumentation is awesome.
Dislikes: I'll have to say ditto to all who complain about the livewell plugs. The bow eye and winch are a pain to connect and I can't believe there isn't a built-in safety chain.
Kentley - OK        2004 Triton TR20XDC w/225 Merc EFI                            
Likes: Love the boat as a whole, lots of compliments. Very smooth ride and fishes great!
Dislikes: Pulling out and pushing in the livewell plugs sucks. Can barely get two fingers on it. A boat as good as the Triton should have a remote plug. My MFI trailer squeeks like mad.
And the jack wheels shaft is bending at the top of the wheel.
McTriton - MO     2000 Triton TR186 w/150 Merc Optimax                          
Likes: The size of the fishing decks and the vastness of the storage. Love the power and quick planing. The boat just looks terrific too.
Dislikes: I've heard this before, not really easy to hook onto your trailer, if you are alone on the lake you may have a time getting on the trailer.
MikeDaleo - IN    2003 Triton TR21 PD w/225 Yamaha HPDI                      
Likes: I have had the boat out twice.  Still breaking in the motor and will give an update on it later.  I love the boat, it has exceeded my expectations for ride and fit and finish.  Even my wife says it rides really smooth and she rarely goes out on any kind of boat due to severe back problems.
Dislikes:  I have only had it out twice but the water pickup hole for the speedo on the engine has gotten clogged up twice with junk rendering it inop.  This is not during shallow water running.
Water depth ws in the 35-40 foot range.  I think it needs a screen or something...any suggestions out there on how to stop this?  Other than that it runs like a champ.
KenS186 - TN   2003 Triton 186PD w/150 Merc EFI                                       
Like most things about this boat. Great ride and great fishability.
Dislike: The plug for the livewell conflicts with the stainless steel mesh screens. Poor design.
Takes very strong fingers (which I don't have) to plug and unplug livewells.
Monte - CA   2000 Triton TR19 w/175 Ficht                                                     
Probably one of the most fishable boats that I've ever been in.  Unbelievable storage, deck space, and most comfortable supportive seats on the market.  Fit and finish are excellent.
Dislikes....slightest chop on the water and I get a constant hull slap, my buddies can hear me coming half a mile away.  Anyone else have this problem?  Suggestion/solution?
Rabbit - MI    2002 Triton TR19PDC w/175 Merc EFI                                     
Love the boat, I get a lot of compliments from other brand owners...Performs to all of my expectations...But, the trailer is awful!! What happened?? This is the squeakiest thing I have ever heard, my neighbors definitely know when I am going fishing in the morning.
This is not to mention the rust coming from the seams of every weld, not too impressive for a boat that has never seen saltwater.  I have no regrets about my purchase but would love to chat with Mr.Bentz about the quality of the trailers that bear the Triton logo.....
Hydro - LA     2002 Triton TR186 w/175 Merc EFI                                           
Dislikes:  The only thing I dislike about this boat is the livewell located behind the driver which gives it a tendency to lean left slightly while running, at almost WOT.
Likes: Everything else is very much to my liking.  The boat with a 23" Tempest Plus, 37 gallons of gas, a livewell full and one person, will gps at 64 mph which is quite good.  I cannot quite keep up with a 200 on a bass rig but will outrun most 150's.  Never thought I would have anything but a bassboat but after badly hurting my back this boat is heaven sent, the ride is excellent, even in heavy water, with white caps.
In the rain all I have to do is shut the window and stay very dry while running.  The 67# trolling motor moves the boat well.  The boat has been fished out of in lakes from Grand in Oklahoma to Toho, Walk in Water and Kissimmee in Florida, and have found nothing it can't handle.
Would not trade it for a bassboat of any kind, make or model, and I have won a tournament out of it too, snuck up on the bassboat boys, they didn't even see me coming.
Renegade - AL
I have had my rig for 16 months now and I have no dislikes at all as far as the boat or motor goes.
* it is fast for a full 21' boat (74 gps)
* has awesome holeshot
* huge front deck
* tons of organized storage boxes
* sleek and flashy design
* awesome ride in rough or calm water
* turns like it is on a rail and handles awesome
* hull design and forward pad is great at all speeds
* easy controls to work and trim on wheel
* great livewell system with the works
* fishes great and low to water
* will fish in less than 2' of water without touching bottom
* very stable at all times under all conditions
* fast acceleration from any point
* ALWAYS a dry ride unless it is raining
I have no complaints about this boat at all. The low bow design does not cause a wet ride under any conditions and only makes fishing that much better since it is low to the water.  I have amazed every angle that I have drawn in tournaments by this boat's performance and fishability.
Even Ranger owners are amazed that Triton has such a top class boat that costs less than most other brands of the same size on the market.  And now, Triton is stepping up and joining trails and offering more money to anglers that fish from Tritons.
My only complaints have to do with the trailer that comes with the boats.  It is a tandem with 4 wheel brakes, but the lights are constantly going bad and wiring has to be replaced often.
That is the only complaint I have.  I would have to say in my opinion, Triton boats are the best all around bass boat on the market today.  Good Luck and Good Fishing.
74 Jeremy Adams - AL   2001 Triton TR21 w/225 Merc EFI                                
Likes: The space, the layout, the gauges, the quality of the seats, the tons of storage.
The VMax is awesome.  The boat leaps onto plane.
Dislikes: I hate the fact that the bow hook is so far underneath, makes it hard to connect the 
winch.  Also, the plug is so far underneath the boat that you have to get on the ground to get to it!  The bow also seems to sit rather low to the water, I'm sure that in rough water, there will be waves over the bow, whether under power or fishing.
Tony - GA     2002 Triton TR21 w/225 Yamaha VMax                                           
The 190FS (Fish & Ski) is a new model that was released in November 2001.  It is a 19 footer that is more like a bass boat than their Ski & Fish models. It has a low profile and a huge front deck.  The 94 inch beam provides a lot of space in the cockpit and deck areas.
The rear storage compartment is very large and easily accommodates your partner's clothing, cooler and tackle.  The 30 gallon livewell is large and features a recirculating pump and a separate pump to pump the water out of the livewell.  There are two storage compartments next to the driver and passenger seats that can be used for storage of maps, ropes and other small items.  Actually it is long enough to put your power pedestal poles in!  There is a cassette or CD stereo radio and speakers.  The center rod locker is long enough to fit seven foot rods.  There are holders for four rods and space to put seven more rods on the floor of the compartment.  The two side storage compartments on the front deck have plenty of room for life jackets, clothing, tackle bags and other items.  
The cooler under the center rear seat holds enough drinks (10), food (four sandwiches) and ice for a day's fishing trip.  The onboard battery charger is very convenient.  All gauges are easy to read.  Plenty of leg room under the consoles.  The driver and passenger seats have forward and backward adjustment.  The passenger seat swivels around to face backward.  
The ride in rough water is very soft, smooth and solid.  Speed with the Mercury 200 Optimax and a 21" Revolution 4 blade prop is approximately 62 mph.  The boat comes out of the hole very quickly and very flat.  You never lose sight of the water in front of the boat even with five people on board.  It appears that the various pumps will be easy to service through the rear battery compartment and the access plate in the splash well.  Fit and finish are very good.
All the batteries are on the driver's side.  If there is no water in the livewll, the boat lists to the driver's side and if one of the fishermen moves to the edge on the driver's side, the list becomes very exaggerated.  The divider in the livewell comes loose from its position from the water sloshing around in the well.  During their pre-delivery testing, the dealer found a leak through one of the transom tie downs.  This was corrected prior to delivery.  The center wind curtain is made too big (not a big problem).  The hinge feature for the convertible top is mounted right behind the end of the windshield and hits your arm as it rests on the gunwale.  I fixed the problem by replacing it with a flush mounted hinge from Accon Marine.  Water comes over the transom from large cruiser wakes.  Not a big problem, but it is annoying.
May be caused by the weight of the Optimax motor.  No space to put a hot foot throttle.  
Drain hole in the cooler should be finished off rather than just a hole drilled in the fiberglass.

Overall opinion:
This is an excellent boat that provides ample deck space and speed for fishing and a comfortable ride and room for family outings.  The flat take off and quick acceleration should be beneficial for skiing.
190FS Owner    02 Triton 190 FS w/ Mercury 200 Optimax                                          
I like the fishability, the ride, the interior layout and the new style consoles.
I absolutely hate the trailer.  The paint chips too easily and then rusts.  It squeaks constantly, as was pointed out by others.  The winch bracket and winch assemby needs to be permanently (welded) mounted.  I went fishing with my friend who has a TR20 almost identical to mine.
When we got back to the landing from fishing we found that someone needed his winch and bracket more than we did!  I would recommend to EVERY Triton boat owner than they tack weld their winch mounting bracket in place.  It's too easy to steal by loosening one allen hex head bolt, and from experience I can tell you it happens!  You'll be out just over $200.
Thetac - MN    01 Triton TR20PDC w/01 Yamaha 225 VMax.                                      
Likes: Love this boat - my 2nd Triton. Roomy lockers, super PALS storage system, oustanding ride in rough water.  2001 hull redesign is a winner (although still chinewalks a bit).
Dislikes: Why can't they put a courtesy light in the front PALS tackle locker?  All the others have them except this one. Was mine a factory mistake or is this intentional?  Would also be nice if they'd get a better trailer manufacturer.  My EZ Loader trailer bow roller wore out after 3 months...leaves big black marks on the white hull.  Trailer squeaks like crazy.  Bow stop isn't welded to the frame..it's held on by a set screw.  A little extra attention to quality design in the trailer department is indicated.
Mark - AL      01 Triton TR21 w/ 225 Merc EFI                                                             
The winch/front roller mount on the EZ Loader trailer is wimpy, so I added a 1/4" thick x 3 1/2" x 7" aluminum plate under the think plate the winch mounts to.  The bolts were trying to pull thru and bend the thin plate.  Now it has some backbone.  Hope this helps anyone that has had this problem.  Trailer squeeks, which I thought a new trailer shouldn't do right off the bat.
Also can't understand why they (Triton) left the centers that were left from drilling out the rear drain and livewell intakes in the bilge area.  Seems like they would have cleaned up their mess.
Other than that and a bad case of cabin fever, I'm happy.
BassBandit      01 Triton TR 186 w/150 Merc EFI                                                          
Soft ride in the chop.  No carpets except in the rod lockers which makes for an easy clean up with a hose.  Got the upgrade with the galvanized trailer and aluminum rims.  Only problem is the squeeking which does not seem to have a permanent fix.  Overall a nice rig.  You will never lose a fish with the oversize livewells and baitwells.  The fit and finish is not what my Ranger was but the hull design and performance is much better.  I use it in freshwater but hope to take it to Boca Grande this year and won't need to do a thing.
It does 65 (speedo) with the oversize livewell and gas tank filled with two fat boys and tournament load.  I run a T&H jackplate at 5 5/8" with a 24" Trophy Plus small hub.  Does 69 (speedo) 1/2 tank fuel, one person, no gear.
Not as nice as a carpeted model for use with the family but I find myself not worrying about getting it dirty cause cleanup is such a snap.  If you fish 95% and family plan it 5% like I do I would recommend the TX over the TR!
D.Miller - NY     01 Triton TX186 w/01 Merc Saltwater Series                                       
I love the Boat and hate the EZ Loader trailer it came with.  The boat sits too high on the trailer. Difficult to load and unload in low water ramps. Trailer bounces and squeeks very loud.
You need a thin wall lug wrench to get the lugs off the trailer.  A regular lug wrench will not fit. They do not supply a lug wrench and do not inform you that a special lug wrench is required.
Post that holds the wrench fits over an inner post.  This is a poor design.  I had my boat a couple of months and I can see the rust coming from the inner post.  YOUR BOAT IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE TRAILER THAT GETS YOU TO THE WATER.  Next time I buy a new boat, I will look real close at the trailer and trailer manufacturer.
Bud - CT           01 Triton TR19 w/200 Merc EFI                                                               
Likes: Runs great, fishes great, plenty of storage, nice ride with good top end.
Dislikes: Cracks, many cracks!! Transom had two major cracks at the end of first season.
Triton had the boat for two months to fix it.  At the end of the second season it had thirteen cracks in the deck and more cracks in the hull.  I wanted to buy a left over TR21 PDC but could not do anything with my boat until it was fixed.  Triton has had it for three months now and the dealer sold the left over.  Triton won't find me another so it looks like I'll be buying a Ranger.
Ben K - NJ         99 Triton TR19 PD w/ 150 Merc XR6                                                     

Update:  December 12/19
Retraction to some of my comments on 12/2.......
Well, I went to buy a Skeeter at a dealership that also sold Tritons.  When I told them why I did not want another Triton the owner asked if I would talk to Earl Bentz.  I did and Earl was very concerned about losing a customer.  He went over the history of my boat and decided that my boat was an exception, and needed to be addressed.  To keep it short, Earl made me a deal on a 2001 TR21 PD in order to keep me as a customer.
I would like to say "thank you" to the guys at Anglers Choice in Martinsville, VA for bringing this to the level of the company owner, and it is good to know that there are men like Earl Bentz out there.  Thank You!!                                                                                                         

The boat rides like a dream, even on ruff chop like Lake Champlain.
Dislikes: Triton says lifetime on the hull...not True...second owner gets only ten years from date of purchase and the cost is $100. to transfer warranty.  That sure doesn't sound like lifetime to me!
Steve - VT     2000 Triton TR20 PDC w/200 Merc EFI                                                      10/30

Still like it immensely.  Fishability is outstanding and is fun to drive when the fish ain't biting.
For an 18' boat, the ride and handling are great.  It is quick out of the hole and I can turn it on a dime, (dropping the trim and running a 4 blade Renegade).
The only thing I don't like:  it is not on the water near as much as I would like it to be.  Work prevents me from having it out there 24/7.

Bob Davis - TX    1998 Triton TR18 DC w/150 Evinrude                                                  
- Large, long, deep rod boxes, lighted, with rod organizer on port side box and both carpeted where you can't see to the bow.
- Large gear storage compartment that extends under front deck to bow.
- Three large tackle storage boxes, one next to front gear storage, and two port and starboard aft, all with the PALS racks that hold my Plano storage boxes upright.
- Rotary switches, lighted, for all pump and accessory electronics.
- Hydraulic steering with steering mounted stem-style trim switch.
- Ample dash and gauge areas on driver's console, with large flat deck area to mount electronic aids.  Nice bow accessory panel too.
- Large comfortable, thick vinyl seats.
- Separate, large livewells using TH Marine's max-air to introduce air bubbles to recirculate water.  And high capacity pumps on fill, recirculate and pumpout.
- Roomy design of dual console layout so driver and passenger don't feel cramped.
- Battery compartment that permits access to bilge and plumbing for service.  And integral spare prop storage.
- A safe-felling ride in rough water, and adequate "on the pad" speed ride for those that want a compromise between spacious layout and go-fast.  A solid feel when cutting thru chop or hard-cornering to miss a careless jet-skier.
- Disc brakes on the trailer with easy to service bearing grease caps.
- Great lifetime warranty on a hull that has no wood to rot.
- Optional foot throttle for safety and convenience.
- A great dealer whose staff treat me like a valued customer.  A factory back-up network with goals to keep customers satisfied with the value of their boat.

- Battery compartment could be a touch wider to view the cells of the second trolling motor battery.
- The black bow roller on the front of the trailer puts marks on a white boat.  A clear neoprene roller would be better.  They don't supply a safety chain at the bow to secure trailer to boat for emergency.
- The front trim switch could use a protective shield to prevent accidental action.
- The ice chest could be a touch bigger and drain to outside not bilge.
- Everyone keeps asking if there is a Triton Owners Tournament on the lake cuz of all the Tritons there that day.  They just keep asking questions about the boat and wanting to look in/at it.  An owner talks their fool head off at the ramp answering all the questions and thanking onlookers for the compliments.        - rip

r i p - TX   1999 Triton TR21 PDC w/225 Merc EFI                                                            10/30