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  Updated 9/15/18


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99 Tidecraft 
     Firehawk 225
00 225 Mariner
28 Michigan Wheel, Hi Lift manual jackplate, HDS5, HDS Gen2, MG Fortrex.  GrundyH - IN
77 Tidecraft
78 150 Evinrude
23 SS prop, Eagle Fish Elite, Evinrude TM. 55 mph gps.  Tidecraft150 - KY
82 Tidecraft V15
95 90 Force
23 Stiletto, 6" T-H jackplate, Motorguide 33#. Propshaft is 6" below the pad. 50 mph @ 5300 rpm gps.  Josh W - MS
82 Tidecraft V15
95 90 Force
21 aluminum prop, 6" Hi Jacker jackplate. Propshaft is 6" below the pad. 45 mph @ 5300 rpm. "Still testing engine heights but the aluminum prop blows out easy up high. Any recommendations on a stainless prop?"  Josh - MS
98 Tidecraft
     Firehawk 200
98 200 Johnson
26 Raker, 6" Pro Hi-Jacker, HDS8, HDS5, Motorguide 75#. 78-80 mph gps."I'm still tweaking the prop to pad height after trying 3.5" below pad which for some reason was way too high. Seeing everyone else boat is running between 1-2" is frustrating."  Beck125 - KS
95 Tidecraft
97 200 Mariner EFI
25 Tempest, 6" Panther jackplate, Lowrance electronics, MinnKota 50#. 78 mph @ 5800 rpm gps. "Boat is 18' and chinewalked until the jackplate was added."  Shane F - GA
98 Tidecraft Spitfire 100
99 115 Suzuki
Manual jackplate, Eagle Cuda 242, Humminbird Wide Optic, MinnKota Edge. 65 mph @ 5900 rpm (gps).  DustinD - TX
98 Tidecraft 
      Firehawk 225 DC
98 200 Merc
"Great and very fast boat. Had a 150 Evinrude and ran 70 mph. Just set a 200 Merc on it, looking for high 70's or 70. Sprayed interior floor, decks and lids with gator guard. In the process of replacing everything. New Motorguide, Lowrance electronics, aerator system, just everything in the boat. Plan on completing early 2012. It's White w/Grey Blue flake. Will post pics when complete."  Bassfisherman - TX
93 Tidecraft Spitfire
79 85 Evinrude
CMC PT 130 hydraulic jackplate. Still in restoration.  Pro Angler - PA
01 Tidecraft 
     Firehawk 200
99 225 Merc ProMax

25 Tempest Plus, 10" Hi-Jacker plus 6" spacer. Propshaft is 2" below the pad. "Just purchased boat and had lower unit setup with 1.75 gears instead of 1.87 with 27P prop. 75 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  Have had 2 of the older model hulls before Tidecraft bought molds. Performance Hulls 17.5' 81 mph 150 hp with 10" jackplate, 26 Raker prop. Added 6" extension in front of 10" jackplate. Runs out of water better. No hands at 75 mph."  Tim - MS
99 Tidecraft
      Firehawk 225
00 200 Evinrude
Lowrance LMS 522ci GPS, MinnKota 101# TM. 
75 mph (speedo). "This is my first Tidecraft bass boat and I'm very pleased with the boat. The holeshot is unbelievable and really handles well in the roughest of water (Lake Michigan). When trimmed up in calm water this boat rides like glass. I would have to rate this boat a solid 9 for looks, dependability. As for being a '99 this boat still looks like a newer boat. I only widh they still made them like this. Can anyone tell me where to get two windshields for this boat, it's one of the only things lacking."
 Jason - WI
86 Tidecraft Spitfire V15
86 90 Merc
Humminbird fish finder. "Bought my boat used, it came with a foot operated TM, black in coklor but no numbers or markings on it anywhere. The plastic pinion gear broke inside so I can't steer it. Can anyone help me identify what brand of trolling motor it might be so I can order a new pinion gear?"  Mwilli - TX
75 Tidecraft 15" prop, Humminbird electronics, Merc TM.  Memphis - OH
79 70 Merc 57 mph  "This was an empty shell when I found her 5 years  
91 Tidecraft Wildfire Hydraulic jackplate, Garmin electronics, Motorguide TM.  Bill - IN
90 115 Merc "Currently in restoration. I will add photos when finished."  
85 Tidecraft Spitfire 15V Motorguide TM.  Jake Division - MO
85 75 Merc    
92 Tidecraft Spitfire V15 19" SS prop, Humminbird 838, MinnKota 40.   Warriorlax17 - NY
92 88 Evinrude 56 mph @ 5900 rpm (gps). "I have redone this whole boat  
  from the bunks to the dash. I love this little boat, fast, gets in  
  just about anywhere and light enuff to tow with a small truck."  
86 Tidecraft Sunfire Eagle electronics, Evinrude TM. "I bought this boat via eBay  Nikoblade - MN
86 50 Evinrude from a dealer in Iowa. It ended up having a bad lower unit I  
  was unaware of but got to use it three times. I loved it until  
  the lower unit went. Now getting it fixed and back in the water  
  this year. I really like the size of this boat and it has all the   
  features of the big boys. I changed the seats. That's the only  
  improvement I've made. It's Gold/Brown and something out of  
  "That 70's Show" BUT nice. This is the only Sunfire I see   
  listed here so any feedback on this model would be   
84 Tidecraft Wildfire 150 23" Shooter, 6" T-H jackplate, MinnKota TM.  OMCforever - SC
84 150+ Evinrude Motor is 6" above the transom. 68 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  
  "This boat flies. Did not cost $40,000! 150 OMC is bored  
  with Wiseco forged slugs/re-timed porting on a 200 hp block  
  (3 1/2 bore), 150 carbs rejetted with Boyesen reeds,   
  hi compression heads. I surprise a lot of high $$$ rigs at the   
  lake. Oh what fun, almost better than fishing."  
84 Tidecraft Wildfire 30" Raker II, manual jackplate, Lowrance 351C, OMC TM.  Stang1 - NS
97 150 Evinrude Propshaft is 2" below the pad. 66 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps).  
  "This is my first BB and love the way the prop works with   
  this boat. It flies out of the hole and when you nail the gas at  
  50 mph it pulls to 65 mph+. Nice thing is that most 150's and   
  175' can't keep up with this boat. I just wish there were still   
  making these boats, I would buy a new one in a heartbeat!"  
95 Tidecraft V1900 25" High Five, Rapid Jack jackplate, Humminbird electronics,  Dave - LA
94 200 Merc Motorguide TM. 70 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps).  
91 Tidecraft Spitfire V15 Humminbird Wide 100, Eagle Magnaview, Motorguide  Nathan - AR
91 88 Johnson Four 743. "This is my second boat, my first was a '81  
  Tidecraft Spitfire with a 1985 85hp Suzuki. It ran about 55   
  mph. I just sold it and upgraded to this one which is 10 years  
  newer. I love these little boats. They run like a bullet and can  
  get into anywhere. You don't have to have a diesel to pull it.  
  They are great. My current setup cost me $2500 in perfect  
  condition. My old one was bad off and I bought it for $900.  
  and sold it for $1900. You can find great deals on these."  
97 Tidecraft  23" Tempest, 10" Hi Jacker, Lowrance electronics,  Cliff - LA
     Firehawk 200 Motorguide 67#. Propshaft is 1" below the pad.   
02 150 Yamaha VMax 71 mph @ 6100 rpm (gps).  
97 Tidecraft Wildfire 150 Hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance LMS 335dcf, X65,   Komak - WI
98 90 Evinrude MinnKota Powerdrive. 50 mph @ 6500 rpm (gps).  
01 Tidecraft Wildfire 150 23" Merc, 8" jackplate, Lowrance X97, 1440, Motorguide Ditchdiggerjcf - AR
99 150 Merc Brute. Propshaft is 2.5" below the pad. 67 mph @ 5900 rpm  
  (gps). "Just bought this boat and I love it. Boat fishes, rides  
  and handles great. I am still tuning the boat, still some speed  
  left. Boat runs 62 mph with 280# fishing partner, full livewells,  
  and full of fuel, and still has a great holeshot."  
83 Tidecraft Rustler Eagle electronics, Motorguide TM. "Great little boat!   Paul P - TX
78 55 Johnson Must moved inland from the coast, first time to freshwater  
  fish in 20 years! I'm loving it! May have to buy a larger boat   
  so the wife can come along with my son and I. Anyone have  
  an idea where to get a windshield?"  
97 Tidecraft Wildfire 21" Apollo prop, Humminbird 200 DX,  Lowrance X50DS,   OlDarb - FL
97 115 Suzuki MinnKota Edge 40. 6" HydroJacker jackplate.  PHOTO
  Propshaft is 1" below pad. 64 mph @ 6000 rpm (speedo).  
Updated 1/31/10..... Red metallic, very nice. Son learned to ski! Now 13 years  
  old, can't believe it."  
99 Tidecraft  Hustler prop, hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance LMS GPS,  Waterjakl13 - WI
     Fire Hawk 225 Evinrude TM. 74? mph (speedo). "I gotta check the speed  PHOTO
00 200 Evinrude this summer w/GPS. I had it out once on Lake Wisconsin.  
  Just bought boat in October '06."  
94 Tidecraft Humminbird electronics, Motorguide TM. 65 mph (speedo).  Customrods - TN
95 150 Merc "Love my boat, looking to replace console, jump and   
  passenger seats, anyone know a good place to get them?"  
01 Tidecraft  25" Tempest, jackplate, Lowrance X85, X62, Motorguide  Meathead - MO
      Firehawk 225 Pro 109#. "Great ride and fast, the only thing is it's white but  PHOTO
01 225 Merc I guess I'll have to live with it since it's such a great boat."  
85 Tidecraft Wildfire 150 24" prop, 10" jackplate, Lowrance electronics, Motorguide  Hook - MS
86 150 Johnson 65#.  57 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps). "I've had this boat about  
  seven years and through some rough weather and use and  
  still ready to go today. It can fish as good as any 40K boat  
  and better, with it paid for."  
81 Tidecraft Spitfire V15 SS prop, Humminbird 300TX, Wide Eye, MinnKota TM.  GaryK - TX
77 115 Evinrude "This boat is a good boat and you don't have to have a $40  PHOTO      PHOTO
    Updated 3/25/07..... Grand boat to catch Fish!!!!"  
82 Tidecraft Spitfire "I just bought this boat, engine and trailer for $688. It's my  DavetheWave - MN
82 50 Merc first boat and I'm sooo happy!! The engine is almost brand  
  new, starts right up without any problems. I can't believe I can  
  finally fish anywhere I want to!!"  
90 Tidecraft Wildfire 17" aluminum prop, Eagle electronics, Motorguide TM.  Hoss - SC
90 140 Evinrude 37 mph @ 5500 rpm (speedo).  
90 Tidecraft Wildfire 23" Razor, MinnKota 50#, Bottomline/Garmin electronics.  Hank - LA
96 120 Evinrude Motor is 3" above the transom. 53 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps).  
97 Tidecraft Firehawk 25" Merc Tempest, 4" jackplate, Lowrance X51, Eagle 360,  Trey - LA
97 200 Merc Motorguide 56#.  Propshaft is 1" below the pad.   
  74 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps). "I checked out a new 4 blade  
  prop @ 74 (speedo), but I'm getting a GPS this weekend.  
  We'll see how she does with true ground speed. I also need   
  to tweak my jackplate a little.  Any suggestions?"  
92 Tidecraft Wildfire 26" Laser II, 8" CMC, Lowrance/Eagle electronics,  Scotty - TX
92 200 Merc MinnKota 58# TM. 76 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps).  
84 Tidecraft 50 mph (speedo). "This boat belonged to my wife's uncle, we  Lakebums - TX
     V15 Spitfire bought it for $1500. It's Gold/Green combo called Mister  
84 90 Mariner Twister. It needed some TLC but we love it.!!  
92 Tidecraft  19" SS prop, Garmin 160, Lowrance X25, Motorguide 34#  Neal - AR
     V15 Spitfire Motor is 2" off the transom.  50 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  
92 90 Nissan "The boat is Gunmetal and Silver.  I'm the second owner of   
  this boat and it has really been taken care of.  This boat is just  
  under 16 ft and with a 90 hp motor it really gets up and runs.  
  I have been thinking of adding a jackplate.  If anybody knows  
  where I can get a windshield for this boat, please e-mail me."  
00 Tidecraft Wildfire 26" Tempest Plus, 8" jackplate, Lowrance X65, X49,   Papa - LA
03 150 Merc MotorGuide 4500 TM.  Propshaft is 2" below the pad.  
  71 mph @ 5400 rpm (radar). "Am going this morning to   
  trade to a 25" prop. Boat is full metalflake, Blue Silver &   
  Gold.  17'/86" at beam.  This is my 2nd Wildfire, had one in   
  76-80 but this one is much stronger.  Love the cornering and   
  high ride at wot.  By the way, Mr.Smith at Smith Marine in   
  Minden, LA (Tidecraft plant) is going to build a new 18'  
  model of the Wildfire; this should be a super boat.  Papa."  
81 Tidecraft  19" prop, BottomLine electronics, MotorGuide TM.   Joel - WI
     V15 Spitfire Motor is 3" off the transom.  47 mph @ 5200 rpm.  
     90 Evinrude "My first boat, I've looked at others but just really like this   
  boat, can't part with it."  
90 Tidecraft 155 21" Trophy, Eagle electronics, Minnkota 46# TM.  James - NC
     100 Merc 50 mph @ 5400 rpm (speedo). "My 1st bass boat, me and   
  my wife love it."  
99 TideCraft Firehawk 24" Tempest, 8" ProLift jackplate, Humminbird Wide  Bob - MD
     200+ + Merc Paramount, Zercom indash flasher, Minnkota 765 TM.  
  Transom height (a lot). 87 mph @ 6900 rpm (gps).  
  Outboard has been altered.  
99 TideCraft 24" OMC Raker, 6" PowerLift jackplate, Lowrance X65,   Lou - LA
     200 Firehawk X25, MotorGuide 12/24 56# TM. Motor is 3" off the   
     200 Johnson Venom transom. 73 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps).  
  "Has anyone tried a 25" prop on OMC?"  
97 TideCraft 24" SS prop, Johnson 45# TM, 68 mph @ 5000 rpm (gps).  JagsJoey - GA
     Firehawk 200    
     150 Suzuki    
99 TideCraft  24" OMC Raker, 6" CMC hydraulic, Lowrance 350a and  Dale - IA
     Firehawk 200 indash flasher, MotorGuide TM. Motor is 2" above the   
     200 Johnson transom.  68 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). "Need to do some   
  work on the fit and finish.  Carpet is coming unglued, also   
  think I should be able to get more speed."  
98 TideCraft Spitfire115  23" Turbo prop, Humminbird electronics. 6" CMC jackplate, Jeffro - AR
     90 Merc MotorGuide 736. Propshaft is 4" below the pad.  
 Updated 2/17 50 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps).  
99 TideCraft Firehawk 25" PowerTech prop, 6" Springfield jackplate, propshaft 2" Pobass - IN   
     200 Suzuki EFI below the pad, 5800 rpm running 73.6 mph. Minnkota 74#  
  Maxxum TM, X65's front/rear, hot foot, wheel trim, tandem.  
  White gel w/cherry red stripe & gunmetal accents, red carpet.  

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