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BBC receives over 10,000 visitors per day,  with the Boats4Sale pages
always being in the Top 10 of pages visited.  Below are a few 
testimonials from sellers that have used BBC to sell their boats. 

January 31/19
The owner of the site has great communication skills. He's on top of everything to make sure we all have what we need to sell our boat. He does his best to give us the best coverage we can on his site. Will recommend to all and will definitely be using him in the future for all boat sales. A+++++
Jason Lawson
Alexander, NC
August 21/17
Please take down my ad for the 1999 Champion 202SC, I sold it today. 
I had lots of action from across the US but in the end sold it to a Texas buyer. Lots of action within days. Really a good site. Thanks for your help.
Chris Barrett
Houston, TX
March 14/17
Just wanted to let you know my Phoenix 920 sold and you can remove it from BBC. I had 3-4 calls a day with numerous people ready to buy it but I was already holding it with a deposit for one of the first callers. Very, Very pleased with how fast you sold it for me. Thank you.
Marty Moulton
Opp, AL
February 11/17
I wanted to let you know I sold my 2004 Skeeter TZX190 today. Many thanks to you and your website as I got more hits and calls with you than I did with my ad on Boat Traders.
I am very impressed with what your site does. Be well and the best to you in the future.
Mark A.Milano
North Canton, OH
January 7/17
My 2004 TZX200 Skeeter listed Jan.4th has sold. 
Great website, had 14 responses in 48 hours.
Rick Clary
O'Fallon, MO
August 9/16
Dude your site is the best ever!!!
Sold my Bullet 21XRS on Saturday....had 4-5 serious buyers over the 2 week span I had it listed! Again, two weeks and the boat was gone!!!
Thanks so much for your site!
Billy Messer
Spartanburg, SC
April 19/16
I wanted to let you know that my 2006 Ranger Z20 (listed April 13th) sold this past weekend. The amount of interest it received from your site was tremendous and definitely made the selling process easier and quicker. 
Thanks again for the help!
Aaron Ellerman
Monroe, LA
March 17/16
I sold my 2008 Ranger 170VX. Thank you very much for your website. The boat was listed on a total of three websites. All of the inquiries were done by individuals observing BassBoat Central.
Thank you,
Ed Moody
Mahomet, IL
March 11/16
I listed my 2004 Stratos with you about 3 weeks ago. I received many calls on the ad from all over the country. I had several opportunites to sell the boat and actually sold the boat at full price to a buyer only 30 miles away from my house. Great service you offer. I have been recommending it to friends and will continue to do so. 
Garry Long
LaBelle, FL
February 21/16
Hi Al,
I listed my 2015 Ranger RT188 January 24th and sold it already, had a TON of inquiries on it!! Your site is the ONLY place to sell a boat! Thanks a million!
Troy Berntgen
Prairie Du Chen, WI
February 6/16
Hi Al,
I sold my Triton TR19 we listed last week. I was amazed at the interest the listing generated. The buyer contacted me less than 24 hours after the listing went up and  I had over a dozen calls! BBC is the best place to list a bass boat hands down.
Thanks again,
John Proctor
Conway, SC
January 24/16
Please remove my 2012 Triton 21XS Elite for sale ad from your BBC site.
I sold it this afternoon. In the roughly one month it has been listed, I received about a dozen queries on it.
Rick Alekna
Opelika, AL
July 30/15
Hey Al,
I just wanted to let you know I sold my Legend today. If you would go ahead and remove it from the for sale page.
I sold one last year in a week and this one took a total of 10 days. I'll say it again it's the best $45 you can spend.
Johnathan Keel
Scottsboro, AL
June 12/15
I sold my boat thanks to your site. It was on Craigslist for two weeks with barely any calls. As soon as it posted, I had over 10 calls in two days with people ready to buy. Will recommend to my buddies.
Thanks again.
Josh Chester
Memphis, TN
January 5/15
I have sold my 2012 Skeeter and am keeping my 2014, so please take both off the available list. I must commend you and your site, for BassBoat Central got me more calls than any other site and I had my boats advertised on several other sites. Your site generated far more activity that all of the others combined.
Thanks again,
Steve Thomas
Ft.Worth, TX
October 24/14
Go ahead and take my boat off your site. It sold. I was very pleased with the amount of exposure it received from your site and will use it to help sell the next one.
Matt Gunter
Wheatland, MO
June 10/14
My boat has sold, I wanted to thank you for your website. I listed my 2009 Nitro Z8 May 30th and sold it in one week. I've had literally dozens of inquiries. The $45 you charge is the best money a person can spend who's wanting to sell a boat. Again thank you and have a wonderful day.
Johnathan Keel
Scottsboro, AL
March 7/14
My Triton 19X3 sold yesterday. I am convinced that if you price the boat well, BassBoat Central will provide you with knowledgeable and serious buyers...quickly. The eventual buyer called me within 30 minutes of posting the advertisement. Thank You!
Mike Richetta
Peru, IL
March 5/14
Dear Al,
My '94 Allison username WesM sold. Thanks again for the most Awesome website in the world to sell a boat!
Wes Meadows
Cairo, GA
February 10/14
Thanks for your website. I sold my boat over the weekend, but I was in touch with the buyer in less than 24 hours. What a response, I received 11 phone calls and 5 emails on the boat in 4 days. I will be recommending your website to everybody. Thanks again,
Tim May
Bloomington, IN
February 10/14
This is Brent Algeo and I have sold my boat and was just wanting to notify you. Thank you so much! I received over 100 contacts in 21 days and had 6 offers in 24 hours for asking price! I've sold 3 Rangers on here and never waited more than a week for buyers and they've all been from 600-1200 miles away and it makes my business in fishing run without worry on trading boats! It's the only place needed to sell a boat. 6 of my buddies have sold their Rangers in less than a week on BBC. Thanks again.
Brent Algeo
Ozark, MO
February 3/14
Thank your for your help and web site. I had my 2011 Nitro Z9 listed on a local online classified for 12 weeks with no calls. I posted it on your site January 2, 2014 and started receiving calls within a week. The boat sold with the help of your site January 31, 2014. Thank you for allowing the link to the additional photos. I'll be back in 3 years when it's time to sell my 2014 Z9.
Sam Boss
Paducah, KY
January 28/14
Bass Boat Central,
I was able to sell my Skeeter boat that I had posted on your web site. It was the 2011 Skeeter FX20 for $37,000 posted by Larry Cahan. Thanks for the great webpage. I sell a boat every 1-2 years and your page is the only one I post it on because it always gets the most exposure and sells. Keep up the good work.
Larry Cahan
East Palatka, FL
November 6/13
Thank you very much in helping me sell my 2012 Triton 21HP. It was listed less than 1 month. It was sold to a gentleman that lived 23 hours away. I had 6 interested parties within a month. This is the 4th boat that I have sold on BBC in the last 5 years or so. Thanks again,
Kevin Smith
Lincoln, MO
September 8/13
I was just emailing you to let you know that my Blazer ProV 190 sold and you can remove the ad. So glad I posted it on BBC. Had a lot of calls and emails, sold boat in a week after posting.
Dustin Wood
Eufaula, AL
August 23/13
I am pleased to let you know that thanks to your web site I have sold my 2003 Ranger 521VX. Once my ad was up and running on your site the phone calls and emails flooded in. I think I spoke with at least 10 people the first 2days. I would advise people to only place ads on BBC if you truly want to sell your boat.:) It was very easy and cost effective. Thanks for the help.
Bill Vavrina
Brownstown, MI
July 24/13
Hello, I was wanting to let you know that my 2010 Triton boat has sold. Your site was great! I had people from all over the US and Canada calling about the boat. I highly recommend your site and want to say Thank You!!!!
Darryl Birdsong
Heber Springs, AR
July 7/13
I think we broke a record, my 2009 Triton 18HP sold in just over 2 hours of being listed on your site. You can remove my ad and you have another VERY satisfied customer!!!
Eric Bussard
Morrisville, MO
July 6/13
Hi Al,
I just sold my 2007 Ranger 188VS. Thanks so much. Didn't even take a full week and so many calls. Keep up the good work.
Anoop Pillai
Greenwood Lake, NY
June 7/13
Al, you posted my 1996 Ranger 361 for sale about a week or so ago. It sold today so would you mind taking the ad down when you get a chance. I think every boat I have put up for sale on BBC has sold within two or three weeks every time. Thanks,
Joe Hogan
Trussville, AL
March 7/13
Al, please remove my 2007 Cougar FTD as it sold today. I would like to thank you for providing a site that has so many followers because I had over fifty inquiries in less than two weeks. Keep up the great job with this site, thanks again.
Dennis Thompson
Alexander, AR
February 24/13
My 2007 Skeeter 20i has sold, it went in one week. I had 100's of calls and emails off BBC.
Thank you,
Stu Martel
Elmhurst, IL
February 18/13
I have sold my 2011 Z521 Ranger with Yamaha SHO would you please mark as sold. I had over 50 responses to my ad and sold for my asking price.
Claude L.Rabb
Ferriday, LA
February 16/13
Hey guys, Thanks again for such a great website. It was easy to list my boat and all changes were fast and hassle free. You are doing it right. Keep up the great work and I have already told several people about your website. With that said I just sold my boat so will you please take it off the web. 1998 Ranger 519DVS.
Cole Newton
Lakeland, TN
February 7/13
Mr.Shields, thanks to your website I sold my 2007 Champion in one week. Could you please remove from your site. Again thank you, great website!!
Tim Nesterenko
Little Rock, AR
January 27/13
Please remove my ad for the 2012 Ranger Z520. Boat has sold. Had 12 calls in 48 hours, WOW. Thanks.
Mike Wurm
Hot Springs, AR
January 20/13
Al, please take my 2010 Triton 21XS Elite off your site, I sold it this morning, only 5 days on your site! Thanks.
Drew Lynch
Paducah, KY
January 20/13
Al, just wanted to let you know that my 2009 Stratos can be removed from site. Sold today after only 5 days and approx. 20 responses. Thanks for your help and your website.
Alex Carlin
Jonesborough, TN
January 2/13
Al, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the BBC Boats for Sale pages...I sold my Skeeter FX20 and it was because of the listing here on the BBC. The BBC is the number one place to advertise your boat for sale and find buyers all over the country. The buyer was in Louisiana and came all the way to Missouri. Without the huge exposure of the BBC it would not make it easy to sell my boat.
I really appreciate the opportunity you provide owners to help upgrade their boats.
Thanks Doug.
Doug Vahrenberg
Higginsville, MO
January 2/13
I am once again pleased to be sending you an email to let you know that I have sold my boat, and that the listing can be removed! This is the 4th boat in about 8 years that I have listed on BBC and sold within a month of listing it! Thanks again!
Brad Fraley
Portsmouth, VA
September 7/12
I listed my 2012 Ranger Z520 on Craigslist, BassBoat Central and BoatTrader. BassBoat Central was the only site that got any response. I had an offer the first day and sold it in less than 2 weeks.
Richie White
Sulphur Springs, TX
March 10/12
BBC, thanks for everything, you can remove the ad. I sold my 2003 Triton TR186DC in only nine days for the advertised price! I appreciate how easy you were to work with. I never knew it would sell that fast.
Colan Shiver
Florence, SC
March 2/12
You can remove the 2002 BassCat Cougar for sale for $21K with HDS10 and $18K without. I sold it to a man from Georgia that saw it listed on your website. Thank you for being so cooperative and easy to work with. Your site was recommended to me by a satisfied customer. I will be sure and recommend your site, BBC to anyone interested in selling a bass boat. It certainly worked for me. Thanks again,
Bill Mayo
Gadsden, AL
February 20/12
Can you please mark my boat sold. My username is Jessetr20X. My boat is a 2005 Triton TR20 X Series that I had listed for $22,500. I can't believe how quick my boat sold and how many calls I received by using your service. Thanks!
Fulton, NY
January 24/12
Good morning Al - got another success story thanks to you. I was able to sell my Triton in less than a week! Thanks for leading the way and being so prompt in getting our listings up. Please remove my ad from your site due to the sale of the boat. Thanks again! I will alway bring my boats for sale to you and will always refer your site to anyone that is asking about a strong listing source!
Marcus Sykora
Osage Beach, MO
October 17/11
Please remove my boat from the for sale section. 2011 BassCat Puma FTD. Red/white with 250 Merc. Thanks to BBC ad, sold that boat in 7 days. WOW that is results. Thanks for your services to us.
Danny Richardson
Knoxville, TN
August 19/11
Hey Al,
Just wanted to let you know that you can remove my boat from the boats for sale section. I sold my 2004 Skeeter ZX250 today. I had several offers and inquiries from the BBC ad. I had the boat listed in 2 other places that cost more for 2 weeks than it cost for a year on your site and they only allowed 1 picture and an extremely short description. Those 2 ads generated one call. I had emails and phone calls from all over the U.S. that saw the BBC ad. Thanks for providing such a wonderful site. I know where I'll be listing my next boat for sale, no reason to go anywhere else. Thanks again,
Jay Hunter
Yorktown, IN
August 1/11
I posted my boat on the BBC "Boats for sale" page and started receiving phone calls the same day. I even had offers within two days. The boat ultimately sold within two weeks of listing it. By the time it was done I received over 20 emails and phone calls. I had listed the boat on a local website and never had any inquiries. The small fee to list on the BBC was worth every penny.
Rutledge Gordon
Prosper, TX
July 1/11
Hi Al, and happy Friday!
Thanks to you and BBC, I listed my boat last Sunday, got 10-12 calls, a commitment to buy from a guy 8 hours away by Tuesday and he just pulled away with the boat today.  I'm headed to the bank now! I didn't list the boat anywhere else...just on BassBoat Central.
Thanks a million and mark mine sold!
Darrell Diskey
Mt.Zion, IL
March 30/11
Please post sold or remove the add ASAP. I sold the boat within 4 hours and my phone has been ringing off the hook. I appreciate your help and would highly recommend your services.
Bob Paulo
Bryant, AR
March 1/11
I have sold my boat and was wondering if you could remove it from the website?
What a powerful way to sell a boat. I had 7 calls in 2 days and the first person that called me drove from Kentucky to pick it up Saturday. I really hated to sell the boat as I loved it, but I was invited to join the Nitro Boats State Fishing Team and had to sell it quick. I never dreamed that quick would mean less than a week!
With as many users as there are on BBC and all of the hits that your site gets, it really is the best way to sell a boat on the internet!
Thanks for your help,
Seth D.Glynn
Nevada, MO
February 26/11
My 2004 Stratos 295 Pro XL has been sold. I received a great deal of interest about the boat and it was sold to the 2nd person who called. I've received at least 30 calls in the first 2 weeks it was listed, your forum really was amazing.
Greg Gwaltney
Dahlonega, GA
February 17/11
Hey Al, just wanted to let you know that my 2006 TR196 has been sold and you can remove it from the "for sale" page. Thank you so much for having such a great website. The boat did sell to a local here in St.Louis that saw the boat on BBC. 
I can't tell you how many calls I had from guys calling from California, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, Nebraska and even several from Canada! Awesome site and every one of those guys were good guys.
Thanks again for all you do.
Brian L.Pinkley
St.Louis, MO
January 25/11
Thank you for your site. We sold our boat right away (listed January 17th) and had many more interested. I was not able to let you know until now because our computer had a virus and I was unable to get on the internet. Thank you so much!
We have told everyone how wonderful your site is!
Jason Bailey
Cullman, AL
December 1/10
Well as usual it didn't take very long to sell my boat on BBC. Could you please remove the ad. (Listed November 29th.)
Glenn Mann
Columbia, MO
November 9/10
Wanted to let you know I sold my boat a couple of weeks ago. I got several calls concerning my boat from your site. I got approx 25 calls with 20 of them being serious inquiries. I sold the boat to a person that saw the boat on your site. They were from the west coast. I came off a couple hundred dollars to help pay for boat transport to CA from AL. All that to say thanks for maintaining a great site. You can remove my boat from your site. I have gotten 6 emails in the last 9 days, I have responded to them all and let them know the boat was sold.
Thanks again,
Keith Kirkham
Gallion, AL
October 10/10
Please remove my ad for the 2006 Ranger bass boat. I swear, the ad was not live 15 minutes when I got an email from the gentleman who did eventually purchase it. He would have got it sooner but we had to work out the logistics since he is in Utah and I am in Maryland. Thank you very much.
Best regards,
Brian L.Frye
Gaithersburg, MD
September 16/10
Thanks for much for listing my 03 Blazer on BBC, just wanted to let you know that after about only one week it has SOLD. BBC is the best place to sell a boat without a doubt. I had about twenty calls on the boat and just as many e-mails, and got what I was needing for a price.
Thanks again,
Gray Smith
Thomasville, AL
August 6/10
Hi Al,
Just wanted to give a big thanks to BBC for their great site! I listed my Skeeter on 7/26 and sold it on 8/5, one week to the day! I got a ton of calls and emails from prospective buyers and will say this...BBC is the ONLY place to advertise!
Randy Vires
Memphis, TN
July 29/10
Hi Al,
I would like to write to let you know that it took just over 24 hours for my boat to sell once it was listed on BassBoat Central.com!!  This site is amazing!!
Sold: 07 Triton w/07 250 ProXS, listed 7/25.  I'll never waste another nickel making copies for a flyer. I'm going straight to BassBoat Central.com.
Thanks again,
Brent White
Monroe, LA
July 4/10
Thanks for listing my Skeeter boat. You listed the boat on Monday and it sold on Thursday. This has been the best way to find and sell a boat.
Thanks again,
Curtis Love
Chatsworth, GA
May 17/10
I want to thank you for the great site. I could not tell you how many calls and emails I received from prospective buyers. I sold my boat this morning (2003 Stratos) and I would recommend this site to anyone who is ready to sell a boat.
Grant Jordan
Benton, AR
April 17/10
Al, my 2004 Ranger 520 is sold. Second boat I have sold on your site in a month! Thanks a lot! I will have another one to list in 10-12 months. Thanks again.
Jeff Kitchens
Henderson, TX
April 12/10
Al, you can remove my boat listing. It left for a new home in southern Illinois Saturday. Got lots of responses on the boat, BBC was the only place I advertised. The response was great, I could have sold it several times over.
Larry Brumley
Topeka, KS
October 6/09
Hey guys, just wanted to let you know my Triton sold. I couldn't believe it moved so fast. It was listed with the local newspaper four times over the last few years with no serious inquiries. I sold it in three months with bassboatcentral.com.
Robert D.Parker
Birmingham, AL
August 18/09
Times are tough and selling these high dollar bass boats is not an easy thing to do but thanks to BBC the job got done. I sold my 2005 Skeeter bass boat yesterday.
Had numerous calls and visits just had to find the right person looking for a good boat, thanks again. I will be recommending to all that are selling boats your site is the only way to go.
Mike Damron
Wynne, AR
February 19/09
The BBC proves that even in a tough economy there is no better way to sell a bass boat. I listed my Ranger 521DVX with the Yamaha 225 back in late September of 2008. I knew that boat would not sell until Spring. I cannot tell you how many calls I got on the boat over the winter. Due to the economy I just sat on it until the first real offer came on the first warm day up here in Illinois a week ago. 
A very educated man on bass boats called me on a Tuesday and we came to an agreement. He and his lovely wife and daughter drove 10 hours up to Illinois and picked the boat up 4 days later. All parties are very happy.
I believe with the way the economy is...now is the time for both Sellers and Buyers to be utilizing BBC!
Thanks again for all of your help and keep up the great work!
Ed Walsh
September 5/08
Hello Al,
Please remove my Ranger from your for sale page. You listed it for me on Friday and it sold on Sunday and we finalized the deal today. This is the 3rd boat I've sold here. Great website!
Thanks, Joe.
Joe Standerfer
Norman, OK
August 7/08
I can't believe I sold my Stratos in just 6 days after listing. The gentleman travelled 3 hours one way from another state and I was able to get my full asking price.
Richard Brabham
Mineral Wells, WV
May 3/08
Thanks, Al for the great site. I listed my 2006 Ranger Z21 on April 1, 2008. 
I had no less than 25-30 contacts via email, phone and instant messages within the first few days. The contacts were all bass boat shoppers LOOKING to BUY. 
No tire kickers of sort but legitimate buyers. The group was well informed and the ad allowed me to spell it out and include pictures for reference. 
By April 14, 2008 I sold the boat to a gentleman in Texas. I doubt any site could have delivered my message to a target audience any better than BassBoat Central.
Man it pays to be a member here.
Terry Frisenda
(Fishendas on the BBC)
April 18/08
Please cancel the ad for the 2006 Allison Bassport Pro. It was sold this week and delivered to the new owner on April 16th. I really appreciate the effectiveness of the ad. I listed the boat on March 20th and received 11 contacts within 3 weeks.
Three of the contacts were interested in negotiating a price and the sale concluded on April 14th. That is getting results!
Teb Jones
Hattiesburg, MS
April 13/08
Please remove my listing for the 2000 21SS Extreme. It was sold this morning. I have been very pleased. I never dreamed it would sell in one week. I had calls and emails the following morning from my initial listing of the boat. A guy called me on Tuesday and stated to tell everyone it is sold that he is coming to get the boat.
He did this morning from Montgomery, AL. Thanks again for everything. This is and has been a great site.
Shannon King
Southaven, MS
April 9/08
Wanted to let you know we found a buyer for our Gambler within 24 hours of it appearing on your site. The sale has been completed now and you can remove it from your listing.
Annie & Don Pippin
Galena, MO
March 23/08
Hello Al, the 2008 BassCat has sold, this is my 5th Cat sold on your site, this one was the fastest, sold in two days.
Allan Glasgow
Ashville, AL
March 12/08
Thanks a bunch for helping me sell my BassCat. I had it posted on several other websites and did not have much interest. After a week on BBC I had over 30 calls and it sold in a week. 
Thanks and God Bless,
Jason Johnson
Tylertown, MS
March 12/08
Listed my boat on BBC on Monday, and it sold last night! Guy saw it and drove up from Arkansas and took it home. One day turnaround is awesome!
Mark Reppond
Nixa, MO
December 29/07
Please remove the listing for my Z20 Ranger....ASAP!!! My phone won't quit ringing!!! It sold in one day.  THANKS AL!!!
Thanks again, 
Joe Standerfer
Norman, OK
September 22/07
Al, I will send you photos tonight for the Puma. This will be the 4th Bass Cat I have listed on your site. I have sold them all from leads off of your site.
Jeff Scrimager
Mattoon, IL
April 26/07
Mr Shields, Thank you for posting my boat. It sold in 10 days!!!
1999 Ranger 518 w/1999 Merc Optimax. It was listed 4/8/07. Thank you again for the post and fast sale. It was sold for MORE than my asking price.
Torry Rhoades
LaCrosse, WI
April 21/07
Al, you will not believe this but someone 5 miles down the road from me saw my ad on BassBoat Central and came and looked at the boat. Two days later he was the new owner. Thanks again for the quick response and the fast sell.  
Jordy Richardson
Gonzales, LA
April 15/07
Al, just wanted to let you know that my boat sold. Amazing. I must have received over 30 phone calls about the boat in just a week of listing it, and it sold in just over a week and a half. Thanks again for your service and I'll be sure to recommend your site to anyone that needs to move a boat FAST!!!

Diego Segui
Gardner, KS 
April 6/07
Al, you can remove my 2002 Blazer from the Boats4Sale section. It sold in less than a week and I had 2 back up buyers. This is the second boat I have sold on BBC and both in less than a week and furthermore, I bought one that was listed on BBC. Many thanks again for such a well run and quality website.
Ed Houts
Rome, GA
April 6/07
Please remove the '93 Stratos ad that we recently placed on BBC. It has been sold. We had many interested inquiries and are so happy that we posted our ad on your website. In fact, it was the only ad we placed. Thank you again for all the work that you do - BBC is indeed the place to go for bass fishermen.
Have a wonderful Easter! 
Sara Beliunas
Wausau, WI
April 3/07
Please get these photos on the ad I just placed. This is the third boat we are selling thru your web site. You have the best Bass Boat website out there and I recommend your site to anyone I know that is looking for a boat.
Darrin Hill
Grove, OK
March 19/07
Please delete the ad for the 1997 Cajun boat. It has been sold as a result of my recent listing on the BBC Boats4Sale board - it was not listed anywhere else.
Due to the high cost of local newspaper classified ads here, I had planned to wait until better weather later in spring to list the boat locally but the boat sold off of your site in March for the full asking price, sight unseen from a gentleman three states away. Without your site, I would have never had the visibility to reach someone so far away. Thanks again for offering such a great resource!
John Kunkle
Lincoln, NE
February 5/07
Hello sir,
Please take the '97 Ranger off your boats for sale site. What a tremendous site to post a boat. I received several calls within the 4 weeks it was posted. I would recommend this site to sell a boat to anyone.
Todd Kimbrell
Elkland, MO
January 28/07
Hi Al, I have the white Gambler from Iowa; we reduced the price and I sold the boat. Thanks again for a 2nd boat sale in 2 years!!! I have had much luck using your website.
Phil Waddell
Burlington, IA
January 21/07
Al, your site is great. I had 5 serious inquiries and numerous emails. A young soldier that just returned from Iraq towed my Nitro away a few hours ago. I had a second buyer in the wings if the soldier did not want the Nitro. My compliments to your site. I sold this boat a lot quicker than expected. I had serious response from Texas, Indiana, Oklahoma, Nevada and Colorado. It was the best $25. I ever spent.
George Doty
Houston, TX
December 11/06
I am listing a 2004 520 and would like these pictures added. I have sold both the other boats listed on your site, the 2002 Ranger 520VX and the 1998 Ranger 461VS (WOW what a website to help sell a boat!) THANKS for your service.
Wayne Winters
Crayne, KY
December 6/06
Al, just wanted to let you know I sold the Stroker. I asked the guy where he saw the ad and he said BassBoat Central....Thanks for the exposure, I had over 100 people email me about it in the few months I had it on your site.
Thanks again.
Jordy Richardson
Gonzales, LA
November 3/06
Greetings Al, hope this finds all well with you. I'm happy to inform you of another boat gone!! The '06 Skeeter ZX225 you had listed for me is sold. Thank you very much for providing this forum, this is about the third or fourth one I've moved using the BBC site. Will be back in touch around the end of Sept 07. Wishing you happy, healthy holidays.
Mary DiVincenti
September 13/06
Re Ranger 520, thank you for listing this boat for me. The ad appeared Monday and was sold today. Unbelievable. Please remove from the Boats for sale page.
Again, thanks.
David Mattox
Lineville, Alabama
September 5/06
Wanted to take a minute and say thanks for the affordable advertising.
I have sold my boat the buyer commented that he saw my ad on BassBoat Central. It took just over two months but I can tell you that I had no less than a couple dozen responses from your website. Thanks for hosting a useful site for fishermen.
Phill Cavender
August 26/06
This is to let you know that the 2004 Nitro 882 that I had for sale has been sold.
Remarkable. I want to thank you very much for your service and highly recommend it to anyone who needs to make a bass boat sale and to anyone who needs/wants to buy one. Your price is superb, the service is outstanding; the listing was on very quickly. 
I sold the boat from Virginia to a guy in Massachusetts in about a month and a half. We delivered the boat on August 12th in MA, the guy loved the boat and we were both satisfied. Please be sure that if I need to do any other business like this, your service is what I will use.  Thanks again for the great service you provide for the bass fishing world.
Charley Goodwin
August 22/06
How great is your website? Posted my 1999 Ranger 519VS Comanche August 8 and sold to new owner 2 states away on August 19!  
Thanks much and feel free to use my testimony. 
Greatly appreciated, 
Greg Wascher
Appleton, WI
August 21/06
Please mark my ad for the 2005 Ranger Z20 as SOLD. I can't believe it. I listed on two other large national sites for 3 weeks with no real leads. The boat sold in less than 1 day on your site. Fantastic!
Thanks again, 
Kernie Brashier
Atlanta, GA
July 11/06
Thank you once again. Your site sold our Ranger. We will use your site again and will continue referring others to it.
Ryan Lake
New Prague, MN
July 8/06
I sold the boat yesterday as a result of my listing. Your site was the only site with which I listed my boat. Within a few days I had several inquiries from throughout the United States. Through patience and a continued presence on your site, I was able to sell my boat for the asking price. Thank you very much for your service and I will certainly recommend your site to fellow boaters/fishermen.
Tim Gruber
Tullahoma, TN
July 5/06
Thanks Al, I sold my boat that I had listed on your site. This is the fourth boat that I have sold that was listed on BBC. I get more replies from your site than any other place that I have listed a boat for sale before. Great web site and great price for an ad that runs a year. If a boat does not sell on BBC it is way over priced.
Phillip Lovett
Killen, AL
July 3/06
I just wanted to let you know that we sold our boat to the 1st person that inquired from this website. We thank you very much for the opportunity to advertise with your company. We will certainly pass on the great luck we had with your company to anyone we know that is interested in buying or selling bass boats.
Doug Alley & Sue Crockett
Spring City, TN
May 15/06
My Champion 187DC sold in hours after it was posted on BassBoat Central.
Thanks BBC.
Denham Springs, LA
May 1/06
Boat is sold. Thank you very much. I have had well over 30 hits. You have a class website and provide a service that is very unique, thank you.
Mark Daum
May 1/06
I have sold my 2005 Ranger 519 so you can remove it from your web page. I want to thank you for a great website to sell boat. I honestly cannot tell you how many telephone calls and e-mails I have received because of it.
Thanks again,
William Davis
Russellville, AL
April 27/06
I sold the boat in my ad already, great service it took two days that was it. Thanks again.
Tom Bolcato
April 25/06
Al, I sold the Ranger X-20 boat and it can be removed from your website. That is the second boat I have sold thru your website, again thanks a Million!
Wilbur Ramos
April 13/06
Thanks for the great ad. My boat is sold and I had at least 20 contacts on the boat, related from your site. Thanks again.
Donnie Self
Lebanon, TN
April 10/06
I was very impressed in the amount of inquiries I had on my boat in the short time it was listed. I will definitely use the BBC again for this in the future. Thanks.
Chris Johnson
Hill City, MN
April 7/06
Hey Al,
Thanks for helping me sell the boat. This is the second one I've sold through your site and I appreciate the good service and great value you offer to sellers and buyers alike.
Until next time.
Ben Conkin
Kingsport, TN