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January 12/02 - Voting closed. 
The Stroker Rally 2002 will be held at 
Lake Norfork, ARKANSAS - April 5, 6, 7.
More details to follow as we get into 'high gear' with the planning.

Results as of January 12

  Lake:  Bull Shoals,AR 
          Lake Guntersville,AL
             Lake Norfork,AR
             Table Rock,MO
             Lake Eufaula, AL

*Month:  April

 Days:   Friday/Saturday     
Tournament: Morning
              No Tournament
 Judged Boat Show:   No
 Owners voting to date:   24*
Some have voted for more than one
lake or month...

Roy - NY - "I would suggest Lake Champlain (in May)."
Knnfla - FL - "I would suggest Toho Lake, FL"
DVDFLA - FL - "I would suggest Lake Walk in the Water, FL."
DGent - KY - " I don't know what all is involved in a Rally, I have never attended a Rally, depends when and where it is scheduled if I will be able to attend. Would you send additional information concerning the Rally.  Thanks...."
 ** Danny - You didn't provide me with your correct e-mail address, please send me an e-mail.  Thanks..... Al Shields   ashields@accessv.com
1badboat - AR - "If we have this Rally on Bull Shoals or Norfolk Lake I can try to get some good rates on motels in the area.  If we have it on Norfolk we can probably use the shop at Advantage Marine to change setback, fine tune, etc.  The shop is right by the water.  As far as dates go, I think we can be safe to have the Rally in April on the 5,6 & 7th, as I've heard that the other tournaments are going to be in May."
umfanatic -FL - "Looks like we may have three lakes that will be close with the number of people wishing to go there.  Out contact in Arkansas thought that Norfolk may be a better choice of lakes for a place to run as well as fish.  If we wind up with Bull Shoals I'm sure we can make that work too."
Mscle - LA - "Just be nice to get together with other Stroker owners and discuss setups, ideas..........about our toys.........
Psychojohn - AL - "Run tournament under BASS regulations (except horsepower regulations, of course) and include big fish.  Set entry fee and big fish pot.  Schedule time for prop swap and GPS running.  Pro slalom course, anti drag races."
Fast Glass - OR - If this is moved further east, I will not be able to attend. I'd suggest
Norfolk, AR."
Garry - WA - "How come no lakes from the West are mentioned, at least give us a chance to show up. I'd suggest Lake Shasta."
Stroker - TX - "Would pick Ross Barnett, MS.  For us to lose a free boat deal because we can't come together on this would suck the big ones....more than two or three of us are gonna have to come forward to make this happen...I think a tourny of $100 entry fee is a good idea...with a 50% / 30% / 20% split.  I am willing to put a few bucks to mail out letters with Rally info on them to all we can find who do not have a puter.  I do think one person needs to be the head cookie so that he can hand out duties to others for all the things that need doing...again, as Dan is the board host....it looks like he might want to be the one....I was hoping to get the Rally closer to Dan so he could make the trip.  Dan...again, if I'm out of line here just say so....stroke on."
Strokertom - FL - "I will attend regardless of time or location.
Texasstrokin  - "Radar gun handy, a prop guru that might bring a few that we could buy, some freebie handouts such as Stroker window stickers, hats, two day big bass pot that pays during pre fish or tournament."
strokedyamaha - "Suggest Norfolk Lake, AR or Pomme de Terre, MO.
 Jan 6 Update: Changed my vote to just Norfolk......(had voted for Table Rock as well).
280ssStroker - "Would like the week of April 5,6,7 for the Rally".