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  Updated 8/9/20


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91 Shadow 210V
89 200 Evinrude
24 Raker, MK Maxxum 85#. "Owned 2 years, came with a good running but underpowered 120 Evinrude which ran mid 40's, just put a freshly rebuilt 1989 200 Evinrude looper w/24 Raker, will see what she does after motor is broke in."  Shadow Basser - KY
90 Shadow VT200
89 200 Merc
28 Performer, 6" jackplate, Lowrance electronics, MinnKota 75#. Propshaft is 2" below the pad. 72 mph @ 5600 rpm gps. "I bought this boat with a soft transom and totally rebuilt it myself. Added an extra set of knees in the process. Am 100% pleased with it and just now getting it dialed in. Goal is to hit 80 mph on a stock 200. Need 6" more setback and 3" more height and I should be there. Love these boats!"  RGSauger - TX
89 Shadow
88 150 Mariner
Quicksilver prop, 6" manual jackplate. Propshaft is 3.5" below the pad.  Papermaker - TN
87 Shadow 200VT
87 150 Suzuki
     Super Six
24 3 blade Suzuki SS, 8" jackplate. Propshaft is 3" below the pad. 5600 rpm. Friendsville, TN boat layed up so light you can just about see thru the metalflake stripe on the side if you look under the console."  Billy12379 - KY
87 Shadow 200
87 150 Merc
26 Chopper, 10" Hi-Jacker. 65 mph gps. "Just got the boat, never owned a tunnel hull boat. Had it on the lakes once. Any ideas on how to set the motor? Boat just don't seem to have any lift. Runs a flat 65 mph gps. Not sure if that's all I'm gonna get out of it or not. Some posts I read with the 150's on a 18' running in the mid 80's. Would the 20 ft make that much difference?  Stan M - GA
89 Shadow
78 235+ Evinrude
27 custom prop, 10" PowerDrive jackplate. Propshaft is 3" above the pad.   John M - TN
89 Shadow 200VT
89 200 Johnson
30 SS prop, 8" Power Jack hydraulic, Eagle electronics, MinnKota TM. 82 mph @ 6600 rpm (gps).   Haulin Azz - LA
89 Shadow
92 200 Johnson
27 Shooter, High Jacker jackplate.  Dirtdigger - NC
89 Shadow 18'
96 175 Evinrude
Manual jackplate, Lowrance electronics. 76 mph gps.
"I would like to know what length steering cables came on this boat, I want to replace them but don't know what length to buy. Please help!"
 Charliebell - MS
89 Shadow 20
     Tunnel V
99 260 Merc 2.5
26 Tempest, 12" jackplate, Humminbird 525, Johnson 55# TM. Propshaft is 1" below the pad. 91 mph @ 7300 rpm (gps). "Just got the 260 Merc ProMax, looking to get more speed. Just took off a 225 ProMax, boat would run 83 gps with just me, would run 75 to 77 with partner and fishing equipment. It kills your speed when you add another partner in these boats."  Shadow260 - KY
86 Shadow 200VT
93 200 Merc
26" Tempest Plus, 12" Bob's hydraulic, Humminbird Matrix 97, Matrix 87C, Motorguide 556. Propshaft is 1" below the pad. 84 mph @ 6600 rpm (gps). "Upgrading to a 99 ProMax 225 with chest bored, Wizard forged pistons, lightened and balanced rods, front half cut .050, high compression heads, intake spacer, velocity stacks, iridium plugs, 8.5 mm wires, 2.4 bp tuner, solid mounts, wh-20 big bore carbs, drilled exhaust, lwp, billet 7 petal cages, lightweight flywheel. I'm not quite finished building it but hopefully sometime soon."  Cawhite6814 - TX
89 Shadow 25" 4 blade Predator, 10" Quicksilver Paralift hydraulic,  Powerflo - VA
88 150 Yamaha ProV Humminbird indash flasher, Evinrude 64# TM.  
  Propshaft is 2" below pad.  63 mph @ 5900 rpm (gps).  
  "Boat, motor and trailer are in great shape."  
87 Shadow 200VT 22" Raker, 6" Super Jack, Humminbird 363 Combo  J Combs - KY
87 150 Evinrude sonar/GPS/chartplotter, Evinrude TM. Propshaft is 2"   
  below the pad. 72 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  
  I bought the boat 4 weeks ago (9/25/09). This is the best  
  bass boat I have had. I'm in the middle of cleaning it,   
  replacing carpet, seats, repainting trailer, new LED lights  
  and new decals. Also I have access to original decals, both  
  1985-1987 and 1988-1991. I will add photos when I  
  complete the clean-up. The 20' Shadow hull is still in   
  custom production at Nu-Legend Boats in Lily, KY.   
  The owner gave me the name of the graphics people."  
85 Shadow VT200 Manual jackplate. "I just acquired (7/09) a 1985 Shadow  Mike L - OH
  with trailer. No motor (was told it had a 200 Merc).  
  Was disassembled for transom and hull repairs. Looking for  
  advice and pictures of interior to make it look factory again.  
  Any advice on structural transom and fiberglass hull repair  
  websites. This is my first boat, it is pretty bad, but fit my  
  price range. Have lot of time, but limited funds."  
91 Shadow 180 Manual jackplate, Eagle 500C, Eagle 480, MinnKota  Jamie B - NB
91 150 Merc Maxxum. 79 mph (gps). "Motor has high rise carbs, tuned  PHOTO   PHOTO
  exhaust, shaved heads, bored, reeds."  
89 Shadow 21' 10" CMC Power Lift, MinnKota TM. "Haven't had the   Cromerd21 - KY
     Tunnel Hull boat long, just upgraded motor from 150 Merc, hope the  
06 175 Johnson 175 Johnson performs to my expectations. I should have  
  more info later about speed and jackplate setup."  
89 Shadow 200VT 26" Raker, 6" Walker jackplate, Motorguide 6700.  Fishing Mess Sgt - NC
90 200+ Evinrude Humminbird Wide One, TCR 101, Eagle 320C  PHOTO
  Updated July 11/10..... Propshaft is 2" below the pad. 82.2 mph @ 60000   
  rpm (gps)  
91 Shadow 180V 27" prop, 6" jackplate, Lowrance/Eagle electronics,   Jeremy - KY
89 200 Suzuki Motorguide 67#. Propshaft is 1" below pad.   
  75 mph @ 5700 rpm (gps). "Walks too bad on pad to get  
  more speed, still ain't used to the boat yet."  
88 Shadow 180V 23" Quicksilver, 12" jackplate, Lowrance X70A, X96 in  ChrisV - VA
89 175 Mariner front, Motorguide Classic. Propshaft is 1" above the pad.  
  75 mph @ 6100 rpm (gps). "Great boat, my father bought  
  the boat new, I got it from him 2 years ago. I know these  
  boats in and out, fished out of it my whole life and I know  
  many others who have owned one. I would be happy to try  
  to answer any questions."  
91 Shadow 22" Raker, 10" HighJacker, Johnson TM.   Rob - AL
91 150 Johnson GT 64.9 mph @ 5100 rpm. "Just bought boat, will take any  PHOTO    PHOTO
  advise on setups; all I know is it's 19.5 feet long (by a tape)  PHOTO    PHOTO
  White with Gold Stripe and Blue pinstripe and Blue carpet."  
88 Shadow 18' 23" QuickSilver prop, 8 to 10" jackplate. Propshaft is 1"   Lunker Stu - SC
84 150 Mariner below pad.  55 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps). "I can't seem to   
  get any bow lift with this boat, any tips on proper engine  
85 Shadow 20'2" 26" Turbo, 8" Super Jack, MinnKota All Terrain.  James H - TN
     V Tunnel Propshaft is 2" below pad. 75 mph @ 5100 rpm (speedo).  PHOTO   PHOTO
85 200 Merc "Boat has new transom, new carpet. Best boat I have ever  
87 Shadow 200VT 26" prop, 8" jackplate, Lowrance 337C, Motorguide Pro  92petejj1 - NC
87 150 Suzuki SS 70#.  Propshaft is 1" below pad. 60 mph (gps).  
  "Just finished restoring this boat and adding casting deck,   
  now have over 8 feet of deck and 3 extra storage bins.   
  Great boat. I had letters redone if anybody needs new   
  letters I can hook you up, they are not original but they are  
  good looking letters."  
90 Shadow 180V 26" Quicksilver, 10" Turbo jackplate, Eagle Cuda 168,  Fishing Mess Sgt - NC
90 200 Merc Humminbird fishfinder, Motorguide 756. Hot foot, pro trim.  PHOTO
  Propshaft is 1" above pad.  82.4 mph @ 6200 rpm (gps).  
91 Shadow 158 Merc prop, 6" Chopper hydraulic, Humminbird/Garmin  Tom - FL
89 80 Merc electronics, MinnKota TM. Propshaft is 2" below pad.  
  49 mph (speedo). "New stringers, all new plumbing, new  
  bilge pump, new floor and carpet, wedge plates on motor,  
  new gauges, 4 rod holders, new work/running lights front  
  and rear, AM/FM/CD/MP3 stereo. This boat is very fast  
  and smooth riding for a small boat."  
88 Shadow 200VT 29" OMC prop, jackplate, Lowrance X55,   Bigblockdock - MD
88 200 Johnson GT MinnKota All Terrain. Propshaft is even with pad.  
  72 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps). "Best handling bass boat I have  
  ever had at 70 plus mph. The only one in this area that I  
  know of and the first one I have seen other than in for sale  
  articles. The prop is a 4 blade thru hub w/o relief holes and  
  presently looking for a 3 blade ove hub for a few more  
  mph. Any suggestions?"  
88 Shadow 20'3" 28" Cleaver, jackplate, Motorguide Tour 82#.  Shadowman - TN
86 200 Merc Propshaft is even with pad. 74 mph (gps).  
  "I am trying to figure out what prop I need. I have never  
  owned a Shadow before."  
89 Shadow 200VT 6" jackplate. Propshaft is 1" below the pad.  TLucas1972 - MS
87 225 Johnson    
88 Shadow 180V 21" Quicksilver, 6" DI Turbo Jack, Garmin 240,   Matt - NC
81 115 Evinrude Motorguide Pro 70. Propshaft is 1" below the pad.  
  "I got this boat from a shop down the road, it was a trade-in  
  with no engine. Got it cheap$$! Way underpowered and   
  needs carpet, but the fish don't know."  
89 Shadow Spinelli, Turbo 21", jackplate. Propshaft is 1" below the   Triumphjim - MN
89 175 Merc pad. "I am new to Shadow and need help. This boat needs  
  an interior, can you give me the ideas on availability and   
  what you would do? It appears to have a Speedmaster type  
  lower unit with no drain plug - what is the drill to change oil?  
  Body puttied over the nosecone; is this typical and if so,  
  how do you drain the case? Thanks...."  
88 Shadow 200VT 26" Chopper, 15" jackplate. Propshaft is 1" above the pad.  Shadow2.4 - AL
84 200 Merc 7100 rpm. "Good running boat as long as you keep it   
  LIGHT.....the most weight sensitive boat I've ever seen.  
  Fun boat to play with as long as the water is relatively calm,  
  if it's not you'd better plan on a kidney transplant!!!"  
00 Shadow 180V 25" A45 Tempest, 10" Rapid Jack, Garmin 240, 160,  John - AL
95 150 Merc EFI Motorguide Tour Edition 80#. Propshaft is 1" above pad.  
  75.2 mph @ 6100 rpm (gps). "Beautiful White with Blue  
  stripes and Red and Silver pins - very patriotic - LOL!!  
  Has Boyesen reeds, Bob's tuner, modified water pickups,  
  solid mounts and shaved/cc'd heads. Awesome Boat!!  
  It will run with most of the 200's around here and will flat  
  out smoke anything with less hp than that!  Wish they still  
  made them. Drove 11 hours to Corbin, KY to get this one.  
  Had it special built a year before they went under."  
00 Shadow 180V Renegade prop, manual jackplate, Humminbird electronics,  LewisShadow5 - KY
99 150 Johnson MinnKota All Terrain. 75 mph @ 5500 rpm (speedo).  
  "Smoke on the water! Simply fast! They say the math says  
  it can't be. But I leave them behind."  
90 Shadow 200VT 25" Chopper, 6" Shadow jackplate, Garmin 240, 160,  Steve - SC
90 200 Merc Motorguide 6700. Propshaft is 6" below the pad.  
  84 mph @ 6400 rpm (gps). "Best bass boat I have had,   
  out runs all my friends 225's and 200's. I run 84 on a   
  choppy day."  
88 Shadow 26" Chopper, 8" homemade hydraulic jackplate,  Kevin - IN
88 150 Evinrude Livorsi/Gaffrig electronics. Propshaft is 1/4" below the pad.  
  84 mph @ 6500 rpm (gps).  
85 Shado 20'2" 25" Tempest, hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance X85,  Mike - SC
87 175 Merc LMS300, Johnson 12/24 TM. 70 plus mph @ 6000 rpms  
            Black Max (speedo). "I bought this boat from a friend at a bargain  
  price. I was impressed how fast and how well the boat  
  handled in rough water. It has plenty of room and storage  
  space aplenty. I'm still trying to get adjusted to it after  
  owning a 16' Venture with a 150 Mariner, there's a big  
91 Shadow 19" Stiletto, 6" hydraulic jackplate.  Tommy - TN
96 200 Johnson "I am re-painting my boat, a jet ski hit me last year, and I   
  cannot find the Shadow lettering package, would anyone  
  know where I could find it?"  
90 Shadow 200 VT 24" Mercury Cleaver, 12" Springfield power lift,   Jason - AL
88 2.4 Merc OMC TM. Propshaft is 2" below the pad.  
           Bridgeport 88 mph @ 7400 rpm (gps). "The best all around boat I  
  have ever had (except in rough water). Who's making them  
  now?  I heard Glassport/Outlaw??? "  
93 Shadow "I have a Shadow boat that keeps getting a lot of water in   Tom - TX
     150 Merc the tunnels.  The bottom is not cracked and I have put new  
  plugs in but I am still getting water in the tunnels.  Can  
  anyone give me information on what might be the problem."  
87 Shadow 200VT 28" Spinelli, 6" Land & Sea hydraulic, MotorGuide Tour  LiquidBoats - FL
     280 Merc 2.5 Edition. Propshaft is 1.5" above the pad.  
  96.4 mph (gps/radar) @ 72-7400 rpm.  
  "This is my second 200VT. The first was an '85 w/a 2.4  
  Bridgeport.  This one became a restoration project 2 yrs.  
  ago.  Unfortunately, at this time I have only managed to   
  complete the new transom project, blueprinting of bottom  
  and the paintwork (repainted in jet black Imron with orange  
  and yellow pins.  I still have the floor to replace and then   
  the rigging process.  The new transom is 3 layers of 3/4   
  marine ply vacuum bagged in placed with vinylester resin  
  and E glass laminates along with 3 reinforcement knees.  
  The new floor will be Airex foam.  It is a big project....but  
  one day I will either finish it....or sell it!  The 200VT is one  
  boat that can hold its own against ANYTHING on the   
  water in its class. There may be a couple that are faster.....  
  but none that are as easy to run as a Shadow."  
87 Shadow 20'1" 28" Chopper, 6" Bob's Machine jackplate.  Shadow - FL
     200 Mariner Propshaft is 2" above the pad.  88 mph @ 6200 rpm.(gps).  
  Owned new since 1987, still turns heads, one of the few  
  brands of older boats that people still want."  
89 Shadow  25" Trophy Plus, 8" jackplate, Garmin/Lowrance   Jerry - KY
    225 Merc ProMax electronics, Evinrude TM. Propshaft is even with the pad.  
  90 mph @ 6500 rpm (gps).   
  "I wish they would make them again!"  
89 Shadow 18'9" 25" Shooter, jackplate, Eagle electronics, Motorguide 61#   BigD - TN
     175 Johnson 63 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps)  
            FastStrike Gray and Black metalflake, gray carpet.  
       Updated 12/20/03..... "New paint, clear and gel coats. Boat looks line a new one  
         now, next on the list is new carpet. Still no luck finding any  
  info on Shadow boats. Still the best boat I've owned."  
90 Shadow 200 RT 32" Mazco prop, manual jackplate, Motor is 29" above  C Hurst - SC
     360 Evinrude the pad. 108 mph @ 6900 rpm (radar).  
00 Shadow 210V 25" Trophy A45, 6" T&H jackplate, Eagle LCR, Zercom  ATP - KY
00 225 Merc EFI indash, MotorGuide EF-54V Energy. Propshaft is 2.5"   
  below the pad. 73.5 mph @ 5900 rpm. "The boat seems to  
  like the 3.0 motor on the back better than the 2.5. It seems  
  more stable at high speeds. The boat has a great layout. The  
  most enjoyable boat I've ever fished out of !"  
88 Shadow 200 VT Variety of props, 10" jackplate, Lowrance X85,   Thomas - NC
     175 Yamaha Minnkota Maxxum 74#, propshaft even with pad.  
  82.6 mph (radar) @ 6100. "Awesome boat 100% -  
                                   For Sale".                                                                       
     Shadow MV2000 28" Lab Cleaver prop.  Shadow - OK
     Merc Formula EFI     
91 Shadow 200 VT 27" Renegade prop,  10" CMC hydraulic jackplate,  Skeet - GA
     Johnson 3.0 L. programmable fuel injection, JC's nosecone, TDR reeds   
  Eagle X7500, Lowrance 70, Garmin GPS, Johnson  
  56# TM. Red metalflake w/silver stripes, gray carpet.  

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