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This section is compiled of setups that were originally part of a section on BBC where you could e-mail Todd and he'd provide setup info.  Time constraints don't 
permit that any more so unfortunately we can't add to these pages but they
should be quite useful.. * Note: The Triton section doesn't include newer Tritons.
  If you have a setup problem that you need help with, go to the BBC Boards 
and go to the Setups by Todd forum and ask your question. 

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95 Astro X 20DC  Q: Todd, not sure on speed and water psi, I just got the gauge hooked up.
90 200 Johnson The boat pulls to the right when I give it about half to 1/3 open; is this prop torque
  or maybe cause the motor is too low?  What will it do to handling at 3.5" below
24" Raker the pad?  How do my rpms sound for the 20' boat and 200 hp motor?  When I 
5" below pad raise the motor will rpms increase?  Thanks........
5300 rpm     A: You're way too low at 5" under....if you have cable steering you'll probably
  always have torque.....I wouldn't rig based on steering torque.  You can always 

add a skeg mounted torque tab when the setup in complete.
  The 3 liter will spin 6K....start jacking and watch it come to life.
95 Astro X-20 DC  Q: Todd, just bought boat, all I have is 150XP Evinrude.  I have not put motor on
87 150XP Evinrude yet so I can't give setup, that's what I need to know.  How far to set the center
  of the prop down from the bottom of the boat?  My jackplate is probably 4". 

23" SS prop

Boat is a 20dc Astro bassboat.  How fast should it run with this motor?
  What do you think about the automix oil, keep it or chuck it?
     A: Set the shaft 3.5" under the pad and run a 22" Raker prop.....it will do
  55-58 mph gps.  Keep the VRO....actually you have no choice....it is the fuel pump
  as well as the injection pump for the oil also....you can add some oil to the tank also
  for insurance if you believe failure could be imminent.
92 Astro 20 DCX  Q: The information is with 2 guys, about 30 gallons of gas, one livewell full and
93 200 Merc EFI tackle.  What prop would you suggest?  Would you add a jackplate?
  Also, please note that I cannot lower motor any more on the transom.  I would like
24" Trophy PVS to get a little more speed. What would you suggest?  Thanks.....
No jackplate    A: Swapping to a 25 Trophy will give more speed now... with no other changes.
1.5 -  2" off transom Probably 2 mph.... Your numbers indicate a slippage problem....at 5900 with the
62 mph @ 5800/5900 24 you should be closer to 70....67 or so.  I think you need a plate badly....and an
No psi gauge h20 psi gauge......after plating you may or may not need a prop change.....being able
  to get your prop into the water more and reducing slip may cause the 24 to work
  exceptionally well...you have have to step up to a 25 anyway with the reduction in 
96 Astro X1850 DC  Q: Just wondered what you think about a size of jackplate for this boat.  I know
96 175 Merc EFI this boat was supposed to come with a Trophy but don't know what size pitch to
  start once I get jackplate.  Also, have you ever seen anyone put a hydrofoil on this

23" Laser II

 large motor bassboat.  I was told you could prop for speed and let the hydrofoil

No jackplate

make up the difference for the holeshot?  Any comments?  Thanks for your time....

4" off the transom

   A: If I plated it....I'd go 6". And I would plate it!!  Replacing the Laser2 with a

62 mph @ 6100

Trophy or Tempest prop will make you think you have another 50 hp compared to

No psi gauge

what you're doing now.  I'd say 23 pitch.....don't try to relate to Laser2 rpms to
  Trophy or Tempest r's.....6100 is too high....5800 is recommended.
  I'm not a fan of hydrofoils....there is always a way to make the boat leave better
  without adding the foil....although the solution without the foil would be better with
  the foil.....I still don't like them and won't rig one.  Dragboats use hydrofoils all the
  time.....400+ hp.....so having one on a 175 is not unusual.