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 Updated 5/2/20


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20 Lowe 198 Stinger 
     FF Edition
20 150 Merc
8" Atlas hydraulic, Helix10, Helix8, MK Ultrex 80#.  Richie29072 - SC
15 Lowe Scorpion
12 20 Merc
 HDS9 Gen3, Lowrance Elite7 Chirp. 22 mph @ 6000 rpm gps.  Dyoung9121 - PA
00 Lowe 180WZ
02 115 Johnson
20 Raker, 7" jackplate, Elite 5, Mark 5, MinnKota 71#. 50 mph @ 5300 rpm gps  Tatorsgrandpa - OH
06 Lowe Stinger 180
06 115 Merc
22 Laser II, Lowrance Touch 9's bow and console, Motorguide XI-5 w/PinPoint. 50 mph @ 5600 rpm gps. "All welded aluminum, great for shallow water flippin and pitchin, wished they made a 22 footer and foam filled for add weight for big water."  JCHensley - IN
13 Lowe ST175
13 60 Merc
Lowrance X4 Pro, Motorguide 46#.  Ol' Blue Cajun - AL
12 Lowe 18 HP
12 115 Merc
     Pro XS
22 Laser II.  Bluefisherman429 - LA
07 Lowe Stinger
07 90 Merc Opti
19 aluminum prop, Humminbird 570, 581, MinnKota Fortrex 80#. 39 mph @ 6500 rpm (gps). "Switching from 3 blade aluminum to 4 blade SS to bring rpms down and speed up. Installed ComforTroll recessed TM pedal, extra battery for 24V MinnKota, Guest ChargePro charger, installing rod locker organizer. Awesome boat, had since new, highly recommend it."  Chad - BC
11 Lowe Stinger
    HP 18
11 115 Merc ProXS
22 Laser II, Humminbird 597ci HD DI, Motorguide 75#. 46.3 mph @ 5000 rpm (gps). "Dealer put a 20" on yesterday to bring rpms up. Bad porpoise at moderate trim.:"  Geaux Tide - AL
11 Lowe Stinger
11 90 Merc
24 Merc prop. "Only 3 hours on motor. Porpoising when I trim up but if I trim straight down and only up to approx.1/8 on the gauge, it brings the bow up and runs smoothly like it should. Hope this helps with the porpoising problem we have been experiencing."  RonU - IL
00 Lowe 180WZ
01 115 Evinrude
Humminbird 987SI, Lowrance HDS5, MinnKota Fortrex 80#. "I'm trying to get this boat to level out and get a better top end speed. I've had it at 52 mph gps one time down river with just me in the boat. With 2 people it bounces all over the place at 38-40 mph. Any thoughts? No jackplate yet and I'll check on problem if anyone has any thoughts."  Steven T - IA
11 Lowe 18 HP
11 115 Merc ProXS

23 Merc, 6" HydroDynamics jackplate, Lowrance electronics, Motorguide TM. 53 mph @ 5900 rpm (gps). "Add jackplate, helped out a lot with handling. Drives like a sports car! Gave my boat a lot more lift."  Justin G - LA
08 Lowe Stinger
10 90 Merc ELPTO
19 aluminum prop, Lowrance X50 DS, Motorguide TM.
45 mph @ 5600 rpm (speedo). "Just bought this boat (6/11), I'm looking for ways I can make it go faster without buying a whole new motor. I hear a different prop could make a difference. If anyone has a similar boat please send me some ideas."
 Jean - ON
06 Lowe Stinger 170
05 40 Merc
30 mph "I used to do 30 mph (alone with an empty boat). I added a stingray xp2 hydrofoil and now I have no porpoising problems, but I can't seem to get up over 20 mph."  Ladnar - IL
00 Lowe 180WZ
00 90 Johnson
Lowrance LMS 527, MinnKota 65# TM. 42 mph @ 5800 rpm (speedo). "My first boat, would like to go faster. With the prop being chipped will that affect the speed? What prop is recommended? Where to find a replacement windshield. Can anyone help?  Jarvis - GA
07 Lowe Stinger
98 75 Merc
5" jackplate, Humminbird electronics, MinnKota TM.  Bilco - BC
00 Lowe 180WZ OMC prop, MinnKota 40# TM. 50 mph @ 5700 rpm  Cory M - NB
00 115 Johnson (speedo).  
99 Lowe 170W 17" prop, Lowrance X125, X70A, MinnKota 55AT.  Bassalive - NB
05 50 Johnson 33 mph @ 5300 rpm (speedo). "Great little boat for the   
  terrain I fish with shallow sketchy launches. Would like to   
  upgrade to 90 or 115 hp but can't justify the $$$ for an extra  
  10-12 mph. Although that statement always changes after  
  you're passed by the field in a tournament....lol!"  
05 Lowe FM185 21" Turbo, 6" hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance LCX113C HD,  Bassbugy - NY
05 150 Yamaha LCX 38C HD, MinnKota Terrova.   PHOTO
            4 Stroke 53 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps)  
06 Lowe Stinger 180 21" Honda prop, Lowrance 337df, Navman, Motorguide 71.  Randall - MO
06 135 Honda Motor is 4" off the transom. 58 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps).  
  "Have problems with porpoising when motor trimmed up even  
  slightly. Installed Stingray but didn't help. Had motor lowered  
  and raised by dealer, still have porpoising when more trimmed  
05 Lowe 150SC Quicksilver prop, Lowrance 522 IGPS, Eagle 302 color,  Mrmercury40 - ME
05 40 Merc MinnKota Power Drive 55#. 35.8 mph @ 4100 rpm (gps).  
  "Very smooth riding and handles rough water well."  
04 Lowe 180W 22" Laser II, Humminbird Piranha Max 20, Motorguide  Loweboy - NC
04 115 Merc Digital 71#. 54 mph @ 5100 rpm (speedo). "Love this boat.  
  Plenty of room for everything but rods, don't understand the   
  three livewell setup. This boat gets on plane great and handles  
  like a dream. Hope to use this boat for many years. "  
06 Lowe 170 Stinger Humminbird 757c, 565, MinnKota Maxxum 55#.  Josh - LA
06 50 Merc 33 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). "Lowe has made an extremely  
  comfortable and fishable boat."  
06 Lowe  15" Piranha, Humminbird/Navman electronics, Motorguide  Jon A - IL
     170 Stinger 46#.  29 mph @ 5800 rpm.  
96 40 Mariner    
04 Lowe 24" Laser II, 5.5" CMC jackplate, Garmin/Lowrance  Steve - MO
     180W Stinger electronics, Motorguide 65#. 58 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  PHOTO
04 90 Yamaha    
05 Lowe 160W Motorguide 46#. 34 mph (speedo). "Got this little boat a   T-Shred - CA
05 50 Evinrude E-Tec couple of weeks ago (Feb.2007) and it is a joy. This was the  
  last year for Lowe to build the "step-down" transom and the  
  chine angles make this one of the best handling 16' tin boats  
  ever made. My only beef so far is the lack of any decent rod  
  storage for poles over 5 or 6 ft. They changed that in '06 but   
  also did away with the killer hull design. OBTW: They don't  
  put the E-Tec on it anymore. This little engine is rip snorting  
  little beast. Overall I'm thrilled with my purchase so far."  
05 Lowe 170W Viper prop, Humminbird 20, 565 (bow), Motorguide  River Rat - KY
01 90 Evinrude Ficht FW46FB 12V. 52 mph (speedo). "To get 52 gotta trim up,  
  gets a little hairy. Adding 610 Humminbird indash sender for  
  high speed running. Great boat, love my Evinrude. Boat may  
  need a little more storage but then we all usually carry way too  
  gear, be safe everybody, River Rat ...."  
03 Lowe 180W 21" prop, Lowrance 334, Eagle Ultra II, MinnKota 65#.  BCJensen - PA
04 F115 Yamaha 45 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). "1st time on the water.  PHOTO
  WOT will raise."  
03 Lowe 170W 17" Solas SS, MinnKota 55 AT. 45 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps).  T A Miller - TX
03 90 Yamaha "Great boat and engine combination, runs well, rides smooth,  
  turns quick and very comfortable. Only one issue; the   
  Humminbird Max20 quits working above 20 mph, starts again  
  when I slow down to 20 or below. Lowe acknowledges the   
  problem and recommends moving the transducer from the  
  transom (where THEY mounted it) to the step between the   
  transom and where the V hull ends. Says that turbulence is the   
  culprit causing the malfunction. This move appears difficult to  
  do. Anyone having resolved this problem Please email me the  
  solution that worked for you."  
00 Lowe 170W 17" Stiletto, Eagle fishmark 320 (console), Eagle FishEasy 2  GrahamS - IL
00 90 Johnson (bow), MinnKota 70AT.  Motor is in 2nd hole.  
  45 mph @ 5300 rpm (gps). "Had this boat 2 years, not the   
  best boat in the world but it's mine and I have been pleased   
  with it. Still playing with props, so far I have liked the current  
  one the most, although I would like to bump the rpms up a bit  
  more. Thinking about putting a SE200 hydrofoil on to help with  
  the lower speed porpoising...anyone else out there got one on  
  their rig?"  
99 Lowe 170W Laser II prop, Humminbirds (front & console), OMC 12V  Photodan- AR
00 90 Johnson TM.  46-48 mph (speedo). "My "tin" boat is my "Last Hurrah"  
  I've owned many bassboats and now I'm 68 and want a  
  boat that I don't have to clean and maintain too much. Perfect  
  for my needs and fast enough (well not really, it sure ain't my  
05 Lowe FS 165 15" Evinrude prop, Lowrance X102C, Eagle Fishmark 500C,  Lowetec - IN
05 90 Evinrude Motorguide 12V Digital. 42 mph @ 5200 rpm (speedo).  
05 Lowe 160W 13" OMC prop. Propshaft is 4" below the pad.  Levi - KY
05 50 Johnson 34 mph @ 6200 rpm (speedo). "Lowe puts unsealed rocker  
  switches in their dash and they give problems after a rainfall.  
  I caught a 5 lb bass and I discovered I lost my bilge and my  
  livewell due to this problem when I went to fill the livewell."  
05 Lowe 180W 23" Powertech, Humminbird Matrix 67, Piranha Max 20,  Wmclelland - LA
05 150 Yamaha Motorguide Digital 72#. 65 mph @ 6800 rpm (speedo).  
00 Lowe Roughneck 35 mph.  Steve - FL
96 50 Evinrude    
05 Lowe FS165 Garmin 240, 120, MinnKota 55PD. 38 mph @ 5500 rpm  James - TX
05 90 Merc (gps).  
02 Lowe 170W 21" prop, Humminbird 565 (back), Max 20 (front).  WardN - NS
02 90 Suzuki MinnKota 55#. Motor mounted in 2nd hole.  
  46 mph @ 5800 rpm (speedo). "Looking for best place to   
  put the Sonar unit on this boat so it doesn't skip. Thanks!!  
  Great boat, my first."  
04 Lowe 180W MinnKota 65#.  44 mph (speedo). "I never thought I'd like a   Ken - NC
05 90 Yamaha tin boat as well as I like this one.  Fast enough for my needs,  
  stable on the water, and lightweight for towing.  Lowe seems  
  to have the quality among welded aluminum, better than the  
  Tracker I looked at.  Anyway, I've decided I made the right  
  choice at the right time...I like the Yamaha 4-stroke 90 hp  
  better than the Mercury available for 2005's."  
04 Lowe 17W "I just bought it and will have to wait till spring to try it out."  Dave - ON
04 90 Evinrude E-tec    
99 Lowe 180WZ 22" Raker, Eagle GPS/Sonar (back), Humminbird (front).  Mike - New Brunswick
02 115 Johnson MinnKota Power Drive 74#. Propshaft is 4.5" below pad.  
  55 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps). "Took some tweaking like  
  moving as much weight to the back as possible. Full windshield  
  took some of the speed off the top but the comfort more than  
  makes up for the loss of some speed."  
03 Lowe 170W MinnKota TM. "This is my first boat, haven't had it on the  Bremman - New Brunswick
03 50 Johnson water as yet.  Can anyone advise me what pitch prop might  
  be good for this combo? Will advise when I get in the water."  
99 Lowe 180 WZ Motorguide 752 52# TM. 63 mph @ 6200 rpm (speedo).  Eric - NC
01 115 Johnson "Boat is very fast for what it is, fishes great. Has a hydrofoil  
  stabilizer on it. It will not make a fast turn."  
    Updated 4/9/04.... "I cracked the bench seat fishing on a 9 degree morning.  
  Called dealer asking for prices and he said it would probably  
  be a lot but hasn't given me a quote yet. I'd like to change to  
  bucket seats or do something so I can have a step in the   
  middle. If anyone has done this please tell me what you did  
  and how much it was. Thanks...."  
01 Lowe 180W 21" Viper, Eagle Classic. 57 mph @ 5300 rpm (gps).  JC - New Brunswick
01 150 Evinrude "Still playing with props...I may need to decrease the pitch to  
  get slightly more rpms; don't want to raise the motor any more  
  than it is. Maybe a jackplate?"  
01 Lowe 160 Evinrude 36# TM. 33 mph @ 5500 rpm (speedo).  Nathan - AR
01 40 Johnson    
03 Lowe 170W  18" Raker, Humminbird 400TX, Eagle Fish Easy 2,   Creekside - IN
03 90 Evinrude MinnKota Extream 56 TM. Motor is 4" above the transom.  
  46 mph @ 5600 rpm (speedo). "Boat has a lot of deck space,  
  holeshot is out of this world but the boat is nose heavy, it will  
  beat you to death in rough water.  I can't seem to get the nose  
  out of the water while running full speed with it trimmed all   
  the way up."  
01 Lowe 160 14" OMC, Humminbird 160 Xtreme, Piranha 4,   Wayne Josey - NS
     Bass Striker MinnKota AT 50# TM.  
02 50 Johnson "New boat still in break-in mode will advise.  
00 Lowe WX180 19" Trophy, Eagle Fish Easy, Humminbird 160, Evinrude TM.  Big2na - ON
     90 Mariner 5000 rpm. "Not sure what the right setup is, I just bought the  
  boat and for some reason the speedo is out, however   
  performs really well, but that's thanks to trim tabs provided  
  by Lowe, without them it's all over the place.  If some one   
  can e-mail me some bits and pieces of advice on the best  
  setup and what mph to expect.  Also if there is anything I   
  should be concerned with."  
02 Lowe 180W 24" Ballistic prop, Humminbird Xtreme 160,   Mac - OH
     Stinger Minnkota Maxxum 65# TM. 63 mph @ 5000 rpm. (speedo).  
     150 Johnson "New prop has increased top end while maintaining a still   
  Updated 9/25/02..... unbeatable hole shot. Pitch may be too high, may try a 22"  
01 Lowe 170W 18" Raker, Lowrance GPS/Finder, LMS160,   Sunny - ON
     90 Evinrude Ficht Evinrude/Minnkota 12V 44# TM.  
  Motor is 4" off the transom. 45 mph @ 5500 rpm (speedo).  
00 Lowe 180 WZ 22" Raker, Humminbird 400 TX, 100 SX, Evinrude 44# TM.  T.Blackmore - MO
     115 Evinrude 58 mph @ 5900 rpm (gps).  
00 Lowe 180 Striker 19" OMC prop, Lowrance Ultra Classic, Evinrude Intruder  Fishinwrench - MO
     115 Johnson 44# (not enough). 53 mph @ 5300 rpm (speedo).  
  "Front heavy, runs best full of fuel and rear livewell full.  
  Will beat you to death and get you wet in rough water,   
  otherwise very fun to drive, fishes real good, tons of deck  
  space, good boat for flippers and pitchers but sucks for   
  main lake fishing."  
01 Lowe WZ180 22" OMC Raker, Lowrance X75, Humminbird ProAngler,  Rich - AZ
     115 Evinrude Evinrude Intruder 54# FP 24V TM.  Propshaft is 4.5" below   PHOTO
 Updated 1/24 the pad.  60 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).   
00 Lowe Striker Aluminum prop, Humminbird electronics, Evinrude TM.  Jeff V - IL
     50 Johnson "Haven't had it on the water yet, will have to wait until spring."  
00 Lowe 17" Aluminum prop, Humminbird/BottomLine electronics,  Mark - OH
     50 Johnson Evinrude TM.  38 mph @ 5300 rpm (speedo).  
98 Lowe 17" Aluminum prop, Humminbird TX400, Lowrance X22,  Steve - NJ
     Roughneck 170 MotorGuide ProTour 65#. Motor is 4" off the transom.  
     90 Evinrude Ficht 51 mph @ 6000 rpm (speedo).  

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