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This is a brand new section on BBC. 
Rusty63 (John Laws) and Seahorse will be providing 
Tips on how to maintain your Johnson/Evinrude motor.
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Updated December 26/05

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Water Pump Impeller Replacement
This is a step-by-step procedure to replace the water pump impeller in most
Johnson or Evinrude V4 or V6 outboard motors.  These instructions will not work
on a 60 degree motor (Intruder/Faststrike) as the shifter has a different connector.

*** Safety Notice: Remove all spark plug wires from spark plugs, remove key from ignition 
       and remove kill switch before getting started.
1. Shift the motor into reverse, you will have to spin the prop by hand, DO NOT FORCE THE  SHIFTER!
   You need to remove the shifter pin, it is located below the carburetors in the front of the  intake. It is hard to see on some motors but if you look in from the left side you should be able to see it.
   A 1/4 inch drive ratchet, long extension, swivel and 3/8 inch socket will aid in the removal.
Pic oo1 bbc.jpg (48238 bytes)   The air box has been removed on this motor to get a better picture.
BBC photos 011.jpg (42221 bytes) BBC photos 012.jpg (56564 bytes) BBC photos 013.jpg (30164 bytes) 2. Once you have the shifter pin out, trim the motor up to full tilt and remove the torque tab, the two bolts below the cavitation plate and the four bolts on the side of the gearcase.
BBC photos 014.jpg (44164 bytes)  3. Remove the gear case.
BBC photos 016.jpg (52444 bytes)  4. This is the water pump housing; remove
the four bolts from the housing.

BBC photos 021.jpg (38257 bytes)

 5. On some models there is an O-ring at the top of the drive shaft, remove it if yours is equipped then remove the water pump housing.

BBC photos 020.jpg (50214 bytes)

 6. This model has the metal impeller key, on most models this key is no
longer used, this is only true if the drive shaft has the flat keyway in the
drive shaft.

BBC photos 022.jpg (66320 bytes)

 7. Notice that the impeller is in the housing with a counter-clockwise twist, this is important when you install the new impeller as it must be
installed this way.

BBC photos 023.jpg (58347 bytes)

 8. This is the replacement impeller kit and its contents; it also includes the instructions on how to install the new plastic impeller key, o-ring and impeller.
BBC photos 025.jpg (49358 bytes) BBC photos 026.jpg (55358 bytes)  9. The impeller will only fit one way, make sure you get the open side down.

BBC photos 027.jpg (48417 bytes)

 10. Hold the impeller with a pair of pliers and rotate it into the impeller housing with a counter-clockwise motion, I like to align the impeller key opening to the back of the housing to aid with the installation of the key.

BBC photos 028.jpg (57173 bytes)

 11. Install the impeller o-ring on the drive shaft and slide it down to the water pump plate.

BBC photos 030.jpg (54974 bytes)

BBC photos 031.jpg (56883 bytes)  12. Apply some grease or other compound to hold the key to the shaft while installing the water pump housing; make sure the key is positioned correctly.

BBC photos 032.jpg (51523 bytes)

BBC photos 033.jpg (41598 bytes)

 13. Slide the housing down the drive shaft and use a small screwdriver to hold the key while installing the housing.

BBC photos 016.jpg (52444 bytes)

 14. Reinstall the housing bolts.

BBC photos 021.jpg (38257 bytes)

 15. Reinstall the top drive shaft O-ring (if equipped).  

BBC photos 017.jpg (68074 bytes)

BBC photos 018.jpg (57867 bytes) BBC photos 019.jpg (43284 bytes)  16. There is an exhaust housing that fits in the midsection, make sure it is installed correctly and use a piece of masking tape to hold it in place.
 17. Move the boat shift handle to Forward gear.
 18. Push down on the gear case shift rod and turn the propeller to shift the gear case into reverse gear.
BBC photos 034.jpg (49401 bytes)  19. Apply a small amount of BRP Moly lube to the drive shaft splines and slide gear case back into the midsection.
Pic 035 bbc.jpg (35031 bytes) ** Caution!! The water tube MUST be aligned in the water pump housing.
 Failure to align the water tube can cause damage to the water tube,  water  pump housing and will cause the motor to run hot, resulting in power head damage.
 20. As you slide the gear case on you will have to spin the propeller to engage the crankshaft splines.

BBC photos 011.jpg (42221 bytes)

BBC photos 013.jpg (30164 bytes)  21. Reinstall the gear case bolts and tighten securely.
Pic oo1 bbc.jpg (48238 bytes)  22. Reinstall the shifter bolt, this may take two people and some time, when the bolt is installed correctly the shift handle will operate as normal, if not correctly installed the gear case will not shift.
The shifter bolt must be inserted through the hole in the shift rod.
 23. Reinstall plug wires, attach kill switch lanyard, attach water hose and start motor to verify water flow from water pump and shifting.
** Caution!! Spinning propellers are a Safety Hazard that can cause injury.

  I would like to Thank Dwayne and Jason for their help with this......John.

Trim Motor or Trim Unit Replacement
How to replace the trim motor or trim unit on a Fastrack midsection (1991 and newer).

Remove the port (left) motor pan.
IMG_0051.jpg (69733 bytes) 1. Trim the motor up to the full tilt position, if the unit will not trim you will need to release the manual release valve located in the port (left) transom bracket.
Be careful as the motor will drop to the ground when the valve is released. The valve must be turned counterclockwise fully but only until it touches the clip ring hold it in.
IMG_0052.jpg (74005 bytes)  2. The motor can now be lifted to the full tilt position, use the service bracket on the starboard (right) side to support the motor.
IMG_0053.jpg (64467 bytes)  Make sure the bracket is fully rotated and the motor is at full tilt.
IMG_0055.jpg (64518 bytes)  3. On the port (left) side of the motor locate the connectors for the trim  motor, trim limit switch and trim sender.
IMG_0058.jpg (40766 bytes) IMG_0059.jpg (31965 bytes)  4. You will need to remove the wire holders inside the connectors to remove the wires, on the 2 wire connector a tool with a small hook will help to get the wedge out. Once you have the wedge out you will see small flat locking tabs that will need to be gently pushed back to release the wires so they can be removed from the connector.
IMG_0060.jpg (37626 bytes) IMG_0061.jpg (34018 bytes)  On the 3 wire connector use needle nose pliers to remove the center wedge. Once the wedge is removed, gently push the small locking tabs back to release the wires from the connector.
Now for the fun part......The trim harness connector is a bit more difficult to get apart and a few bad words may be used....keep all women and small children out of earshot during this process.
IMG_0076.jpg (46812 bytes) IMG_0062.jpg (36021 bytes)   5. First, lift the locking tabs on the side of the connector and remove the clip (Pic.1). Now you will need a small flat screw driver and slip it into the connector as showin in Pic.2. There are tabs that must be gently lifted so the wires can be removed, this will take some patience.
IMG_0067.jpg (53571 bytes)  6. Remove the wire cover from the wires, remove the 2 bolts from the trim sender (Pic) and move the sender out of the way.
 Pull the trim motor wires through the mounting bracket, remove the clips from the pins that hold the trim unit in, upper and lower and remove the pins (following 4 pics).
IMG_0063.jpg (50593 bytes) IMG_0064.jpg (58875 bytes) IMG_0065.jpg (52054 bytes) IMG_0066.jpg (43414 bytes)
 If you are removing the trim unit complete...at this point you will need to lower the tilt rod, this will need to be done by lowering the motor by hand, this will take 2 people Be careful as the motor is heavy, keep hands out of pinch points.  Lift the motor and release the service bracket, lower the motor to retract the tilt rod; it only needs to be retracted a few inches. Raise the motor back to full tilt position and engage the service bracket.
IMG_0068.jpg (57613 bytes)   If you are only changing the trim motor, remove the 4 mounting bolts paying attention to the ground strap on the starboard (right) rear bolt.
 Place a drain pan to catch any spilled trim fluid and remove the trim motor.
IMG_0070.jpg (59606 bytes)  Ready the new trim motor for installation, install the new 0-ring.
IMG_0071.jpg (54718 bytes) IMG_0073.jpg (55138 bytes)   Pay attention to the trim motor to pump connector as they must be lined up correctly.  The flat connector on the trim motor must fit in the slot in the trim pump connector.
IMG_0075.jpg (49457 bytes) IMG_0074.jpg (58940 bytes)   Install the trim motor with the wires facing the port (left) mounting bracket (Pic 1). Be sure to connect the ground strap to the starboard (right) rear bolt (facing the trim motor) and securely tighten the 4 bolts.
 Reinstall the wire cover and wires in the connectors; use the plugs on the motor side for wire color orientation, reconnect the plugs to the motor harness.
IMG_0066.jpg (43414 bytes) IMG_0065.jpg (52054 bytes) IMG_0080.jpg (54958 bytes) IMG_0079.jpg (80567 bytes)   Install lower pin and cir clip, depress the trim up button to center the hole in swivel bracket with hole in tilt rod, reinstall upper pin and clip.
  Keep hands out of pinch points.
 Depress trim up button and raise motor, disengage the service bracket and lower motor. Reinstall port (left) motor pan; be sure not to pinch wires or speedometer hose.
IMG_0078.jpg (57833 bytes)   Raise the motor to full tilt position and top off the trim reservoir with BRP trim fluid. Cycle the motor up and down a few times and recheck the trim fluid.
 These instructions are for the "Do It Yourself" type of boater; if this is not you, Please see  your dealer.