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JAVELIN Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Very reliable, rides great, cheap to use.
Dislikes: Small front deck, factory seats (replaced with a G3 bench setup), small boat.
Lexocruzer - TN    94 Javelin 350DC w/50 Johnson                                                                
No jackplate, completely factory set up. Great little boat, love the layout of the front deck.
Only complaint is rod locker is a little small. I can live with that though. Runs right at 63 on GPS with full tourney load.
Javelin377 - KY       95 Javelin 377 w/150 Evinrude                                                               
Likes: Absolutely love this boat. It comes out of the hole pretty quickly under full load w/passenger, and still hits 50+ mph (have seen around 55 gps). Great functionality, laid out very well. Livewells, storage boxes.....all are spacious and well thought out. Plenty of legroom under both consoles.
Dislikes: Front deck is a bit cramped, but not really a big deal.
Summary: I'd definitely buy another just like it or a little larger. Fantastic boat, very stable in rough water, has been very good to me.
TNJavelin - TN        02 Javelin 180 w/02 Yamaha 130 V4                                                     
This is my first bass boat, I've had it for about five years. I have really enjoyed the boat.
Handles great and rides very well in rough water. The only real problems are that there is very little leg room under the console and the rod storage is not very large.
Coastal Basser - SC    02 Javelin 170 w/90 Mercury                                                             
Likes: Storage is Unreal, love the built in cooler, plenty of room for rods. The step up to the front is good. The rear compartments have plenty of room, 24 volt T/M.
Dislikes: Should've bought one sooner.
Ezmuny13 - TN      00 Javelin Renegade 19 w/150 Johnson                                                
I love this boat but then again it is my first so I don't have any others to compare with except my buddies who all own aluminum boats.  I bought a 20 foot so that I wouldn't need to buy another one for quite some time.
The fish and ski model is a great family boat. There is plenty of room for all 4 of us along with the dog.  The only think that I don't like is there is no real rod storage unless you have 2 piece rods or 6'.  I had it out by myself the other day and had it running 67 mph with 1/2 tank of gas and fishing gear. I shouldn't need to change anything except a jackplate which will help move the cables off the back deck.
MNJAVELIN - MN     99 Javelin Renegade 20 FS w/200 Johnson                                   
This is my very first boat...I have had it for about 4 months. Actually bought more of a boat than I wanted for my first one. Overall I love it.  The 90 Johnson pushes it a little over 50 on the speedometer.  Handles great in smooth water.  It's Black and Purple so it shines up really nice.  But as I said, I really love this boat.
Only a few things I don't like about it..either I am having livewell problems or I don't know how to use it properly.  Second there is no storage room whatsoever.  By the time I put lifejackets in one compartment and my rain suits and other things in the other one there is no room left. 
I get jealous everytime I get on my buddy's boat and he is pulling tackle out of 50 different storage compartments, I think I may end up turning the front livewell into storage though.  
Also, the speedometer sensor is a little hole on the motor and it gets clogged with debris really easy which causes the speedo not to work.  
If I had it to do over I would buy it again.
Pastorbass - KY      98 Javelin 369B w/2000 Johnson 90                                                       
Perfect boat for me.  16'8" with lockable rod box, front and rear livewells, 26 gal built in gas tank and although rated at 115 hp, the Johnson 90 hp puts boat on plane in 2 or 3 seconds and runs 46.8 gps with two people and full load of fuel.  Could get more speed with larger prop but I never go very far to fish so it's not necessary.
JavelinBob - KY       01 Javelin 17' Venom w/03 Johnson 90                                               
This was really my first bass boat.  It handles rough water really good for a boat that is only 16'8".  The boat is 10 years old.  They did a good job of putting this boat together.  The carpet, lids, etc., haven't come loose like I've seen in other boats.
The Johnson motor is OK, but I might want to try a Merc or some other motor the next time. The Johnson has been a good engine but is cold natured.  I would buy another Javelin, only bigger with dual consoles.
Genemburn - IN       93 Javelin 356 w/115 Johnson                                                               
Love the boat.  In the deep, rough waters of Maine, this boat really shines.
Very happy with it.
Mike - ME                01 Javelin Renegade 20DC w/225 Johnson                                        10/14/01
First new boat in many years, excellent stability at WOT with smooth ride.  Great top speed and fast to plane.  Love it!!  Rough idle due to double oil at break-in.
Don - TN                    01 Javelin Venom w/150 Johnson                                                           6/4/01
Love it so far, smooth ride on all types of water.  Rough time idling because of the double oil break in.  Don't know what the top end will be or what future setup will be.  Anyone have the same boat?  Problems, jackplate needed, recommendations, best trim position?  Any information appreciated.
RSwift - KY                01 Javelin Venom 18 w/150 Johnson                                                    5/29/01
Likes: Can't say enough about this boat.  Quick out of the hole, more top end than I need, (75-78 depending on prop), with an extremely stable ride.  Plenty of room on the front deck and my partners love the room in the back as well as the provided rod storage.  FISHES GREAT!
Dislikes: Crazy as it may seem, my wife wants a radio in this thing bad.  Can't find a place to put one.  I'm sold on Javelins.  I hope this OMC thing works out and they keep building these boats.
Big Country - LA        00 Javelin R20 SC w/225 Johnson HO                                                5/22/01
Likes: Stable platform, great ride, mid-range to WOT.
Dislikes: Pulls BAD left out of hole w/trim down, rod lockers only 6 ft., would never buy another one.
Sam Gitzoff - CA         00 Javelin Renegade w/175 Evinrude                                                 3/20/01