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 Updated 4/3/21


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20 Crestline 1850
     Bass Hawk
20 150 Merc 
     Pro XS 4 Stroke
Pedestal model. Helix 9 console, Helix 7 bow, MK Ultrex 80# 54". 52 mph @ 5900 rpm. "Great multi species for all around fishing."  MNBassCrest - MN
19 Crestliner VT17
19 60 Merc
15 Merc prop, HDS7 Carbon, MinnKota 70#. 33 mph @ 5700 rpm (speedo).  Steven - GA
19 Crestliner VT17
19 40 Merc
14 Merc prop, HB PiranhaMax 4, Motorguide X3 70#.  JLpostal - IL
18 Crestliner VT18
18 115 Merc 
      Pro XS
Two HDS 9 Gen3's, MinnKota TM.  ChiliMag - MO
18 Crestliner PT18
18 150 Merc
19 Tempest Plus, 6" Atlas hydraulic, Garmin Striker 7sv, MK Ultrex 80#. 54 mph @ 6000 rpm.  PT18 Bassin - NC
86 Crestliner
86 50 Evinrude
"This was given to me and I'm trying to figure out what type it is and what I can do with it etc. I'm looking forward to it."  Dammiller1986 - UT
13 Crestliner VT17
13 75 Merc Opti
19 PowerTech, Lowrance Elite 4 Gold, Lowrance 50, Motorguide 75#. 41.4 mph @ 5450 gps.  JavelinJim - LA
04 Crestliner
 Fish Hawk 1850
06 150 Honda
17 Turning Point prop, Lowrance HDS8, HDS7, MinnKota Terrova TM. 43 mph @ 5900 rpm (gps). "I expected to have a faster boat but it seems like this may be the best I can do. My buddy has a 1850 Sport Fish and his top end is 50 mph. I don't get how that is?"  Scott158 - NJ
07 Crestliner CX17
10 75 Merc 
          4 Stroke
20 Laser II, 5.5" CMC hydraulic, Lowrance HDS8, MinnKota Fortrex 101#. 41 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). "I have a Fortrex 101, meaning I have 4 batteries jammed in the back of this boat. The 4 stroke Mercury weighs in at 399# and this thing still has a lot of punch with two guys in it."  Keith - FL
97 Crestliner 
     1700 Pro
97 60 Merc
Lowrance X75, Motorguide TM.  Beanley - CA
01 Crestliner  15" prop, Humminbird Piranha Max 170, Magellan Meridian  Team Dougherty - PA
     Angler 16 Gold, MinnKota Legend 565.  32 mph @ 5300 rpm (gps).  
90 40 Evinrude    
07 Crestliner CX19 19" stock prop, Humminbird 788ci's (2), Motorguide TM.  Eric M - IN
07 115 Merc Opti 54 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps). "Optimax 115 is a great motor,  
  gets up on plane with stock prop quick and goes."  
06 Crestliner  17" Turbo, Lowrance X135, MinnKota TM. Motor is 1" off  KevinN - WY
     Fishhawk the transom. 39 mph @ 5100 rpm (gps). "I think the speed   
06 150 Merc should be around 50 mph and wot rpms should be between  
  5500-6000. Started with a 19" alum prop, dealer sent me a  
  17" stainless, increased mph by 2 and rpm by 200. I don't  
  think throwing props at this is the answer, please help."  
97 Crestliner 21" Merc, Lowrance electronics, Motorguide TM.  Dave G - MN
     1850 ProAm 56 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps). "With a 9.9 Mercury 4 stroke  
97 150 Merc EFI kicker mounted."  
98 Crestliner 1850 21" prop, Lowrance X75's (2), Garmin GPS Map 135  Muskyhunter - IN
    Tournament SC sounder, Motorguide Lazer 2 TM.  
98 135 Merc 45 mph @ 5600 rpm.  
05 Crestliner Garmin electronics, Motorguide 24V, 71# TM.  JohnJ - MO
     CMV1850    PHOTO   PHOTO
05 115 Merc    
03 Crestliner 1600 15" Solas prop, Lowrance X51, Eagle 320,   Hawkeye - IA
     Angler SC MinnKota 50PD.  Motor is 2" above the transom.  
05 75 E-Tec    
98 Crestliner 16Jon 50 mph (speedo)  Nigel - CA
98 50 Johnson    
00 Crestliner  21" Merc aluminum, Lowrance X15, MinnKota Genesis.  Pat - MN
     1850 SF 49.5 mph @ 5000 rpm (gps). "I just put a 175 Merc Opti  
05 175 Merc Opti on my 1850 SF and thought it would fly.  Max rpm is 5000,   
  and max speed is 49.5 mph. Does this sound right?  
  Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance...Pat."  
00 Crestliner 19" OE aluminum, BottomLine Tournament Champion,  Vfrbest - Alberta
     1850 Sportfish Lowrance LMS 350A, MinnKota Autopilot.  
99 175 Evinrude Propshaft is 9" below the pad. 42 mph @ 4400 rpm(speedo)  
  "Not sure about the propshaft to pad measurements (this is  
  all new to me) I measured roughly from the bottom of the  
  keel? to approx. centerline of propshaft. My WOT rpm is  
  way low...s/b 5800 rpm. Need to find some solutions or may  
  have bad tach reading.  Any suggestions?"  
02 Crestliner 21" prop. 50.1 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps).   Dave - NWT
     1850 Sportfish "Cruised from Yellowknife to Wildbread Bay (197 miles one  
     150 Mercury way) at 35 mph, 4000 rpm, and used 55 gallons. Caught a   
  lot of Lake Trount 12-16 lbs.....our biggest was 20 lbs."  
03 Crestliner 17" prop, Eagle Ultra Classic, Minnkota 65 AP.   Randy - WI
     Fishhawk 1750 "Having porpoising problems currently.  Goes back to   
     80 Yamaha  Crestliner for problem analysis.  Dealer only propped it to   
          4 Stroke run at 5300 rpm. Motor is rated to run 5000-6000.  
  Top speed is 38.  Very nice boat! Tons of room and storage."  
      Updated 8/6/03..... "Crestliner changed the "HOOK" in the boat. They did a   
  great job. The boat planes out fine and I can now trim it up  
  to where the prop comes out of the water at full throttle.  
  If anyone has a better prop suggestion, please e-mail me."  
71 Crestliner 15" OMC prop. 38 mph @ 5500 rpm.   Jackjaw56 - MN
     Buccaneer "My transom is completely rotted out.  I need to find someone  
     115 Johnson who can possibly rebuild the transom and add some youth  
  to this good ol' runabout.  Any help you all may have would  
  be greatly appreciated."  
91 Crestliner 14" x 17" OMC prop.  35 mph @ 5300 rpm (speedo).  Dennis - MI
     Viking 1750 "I had been running a 13.25 x 17 and it would get maybe  
     115 Johnson 40 mph when the fuel was low and I was in the boat by   
  myself.  I was under the impression that this boat should be  
  in the 45 mph range.  
  Can anyone advise of another prop tht may bring  
  this up to its maximum efficiency in speed.  The 14 x 17   
  comes out of the hole nicely at full throttle and allows you to   
  trim motor fully in one motion, but sacrifices top end speed.  
  The 13.25 x 17 had better top end.  Can anyone provide  
  feedback as to any manufacturer or pitch that may provide  
  the mph this boat is capable of.  Would appreciate  
  your replies."  
96 Crestliner  18" Raker, Humminbird Wide Vision, Wide Eye,   Dhip 1969 - PA
     1800 Pro MotorGuide TM. 45 mph @ 5400 rpm.   
     115 Evinrude "Noticed Miguel has a 1750, 1997 Crestliner, this prop was  
  suggested to my dealer after having trouble turning a 21"   
  Renegade. I run two hefty guys with full tackle, no jackplate,   
  was wondering if one might help me a little. Would like to   
  hear comments from similar setups with a 115 Evinrude and  
  how much jackplate actually helped. My 115 is a '96, 60  
  degree motor. Sorry if I didn't supply enough specs but never  
  really thought about tweaking her until now. Just trusted  
  dealer for best setup."  
01 Crestliner  21" Tempest, Minnkota Maxxum 65# TM. 5500 rpm.  Don - IL
     CVX 182    
     150 Merc XR6    
97 Crestliner 1750 20" Raker 13.5" prop, 6" Detwiler, Lowrance X85, Eagle  Miguel - AZ
     Tournament Pro Optima, MotorGuide Four 37# TM. 43 mph @ 4900 rpm  PHOTO
   115 Evinrude SPL (gps). "Fastest speed was achieved while run very low fuel.  
  Relatively flat water and little wind. I believe I'll pick up a little  
  more once my prop is tweaked.  I'll adjust the pitch down to  
  19" and remove some cup. The Raker is definitely the way to   
  go, but this 'rude can't turn it at a higher rpm. I would like to   
  run @ approx. 5200 rpms. I'll get my prop back 2/22/01 and   
  re-test and record height from pad."  
01 Crestliner Garmin 240, Minnkota Genesis TM. "Just ordered it, should  Whitey - MN
 1750 Fishhawk SC be here in March."  
     115 Yamaha    
00 Crestliner 21" Trophy, 6" Detwiler, Pinpoint 7520, Minnkota PD50,   Miksup - AZ
     1750 Sportfish 55 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps). "Achieved this performance after  
     150 Merc Opti much trial and error in Minnesota before moving to Arizona  
  this January.  I also installed all Gaffrig gauges including water  
  pressure, to replace cheap Faria gauges.  I am going to raise  
  engine a little more this spring to see if speed will increase  
  without blowout.  Have also installed SeaStar Pro hydraulic  
  steering.  I believe I am very close to as good as it gets with  
  a 1750 SF.  Will updated after moving engine up."  
01 Crestliner 19" Cabelas/Michigan prop, Raytheon 265, Garmin 100,    Glenn - MN
   Fish Hawk 1750 Minnkota Maxxum 50 SC.  PHOTO        PHOTO
   115 Johnson FS "In May 2001 B&WB magazine profiled my boat, except  PHOTO
     with the 90 hp Johnson with the 13.25 x 19" SS prop. They  
   Updated 2/17/02 ... were turning 4900 @ 42 mph. I had a 14 x 17 aluminum  
  and was only getting about 38-39 mph @ 5300. I decided   
  to go with the same prop (different manufacturer - Cabelas/  
  Michigan - 13.25 x 19) and am happy I changed.  The bite  
  is MUCH better, control is better, I got more top end, bow  
  lift is where it should be and I also eliminated an annoying  
  porpoising problem.  My holeshot is also better, due to the   
  vented prop, and better bite.  The 4900-5000 @ 44 mph  
  I'm currently getting is with 2 people, full T load (Bass),   
  full gas tank and full livewell, with the motor up one hole   
  from bottom.  All speeds were GPS.  Since the range is  
  4500-5500 and according to the specs it develops the   
  115 hp right at 4800-4900, I'm very satisfied.  My local  
  prop shop says I may get a little more out of it if I go to   
  a 13.25 x 17 Turbo, but I'm not sure it's worth it, as I'm   
  satisfied with it as it is.  It it ain't broke, don't fix it....LOL"  
00 Crestliner 182 **Need information as to best setup for this boat, as far as   Larry - IN
     150 Merc EFI motor height and best prop for best hole shot and good   
  torque to about 5000 rpms. Suggestions??  
     Crestliner  Minnkota TM, Humminbird electronics, Magellan GPS,  John - WI
     17' Sportfish "Has been great boat for my style fishing, but looking to  
     135 I/O move up to a 19' Phantom w/130 Honda."  
99 Crestliner  Evinrude 15hp 4 stroke kicker. Based in Aurora,Colorado  MileHiJerry - CO
     1750 Sportfish Mainly run at 5000' to 9600'. Interested in gathering hull,  
     150 Fich prop and WOT data for Ficht operating at these altitudes.  
  OMC tech support has little or no data and I'm still work-  
  ing with my dealer to make this rig sing on key & full song.  

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