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 Updated 10/4/20


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86 Bass Hawk 17'3"
86 150 Yamaha
21 Quicksilver Laser, HB LCR4id, Mercury TM. 60 mph @ 5500 rpm gps. "Paid 5 grand for boat. All original, garage kept, bought from original owner. You won't find a cleaner 34 year old boat anywhere! I love it"  Shawn - GA
87 Bass Hawk
78 150 Evinrude
Lowrance Pro X4, Evinrude 45#. "Great boat. Paid $1000 for it and added a new fish/depth finder, rewired a few things and replaced all the plumbing. Great on the water."  SScarber - IN
87 Bass Hawk
89 115 Mariner
HB 997 ci SI, Helix 5 DI GPS, MinnKota 70#  J Johnson - IN
78 Bass Hawk
79 150 Merc
HB798 HD SI, MinnKota 65#. 71 mph @ 5800 rpm gps.  Steve - KY
92 Bass Hawk
    195 XL
93 150 Johnson
23 Shooter, 6" CMC jackplate, Lowrance X4, X5, MinnKota All Terrain 65#. 62 mph @ 5700 rpm (gps). "Big roomy boat, surprisingly shallow draft. Rough water dream!"  Cdasdad - OK
83 Bass Hawk
83 150 Johnson
Tempest prop, Lowrance 501X Color, Humminbird, MinnKota 70#. 52 mph @ 5800 rpm. "Had this boat 7 years now, paid $1000 for it, put in at least $4000. It rides as good as any 17'4" boat can. The old Johnson is tempermental, doesn't like ethanol, love the MinnKota. I like the boat because it ain't pretty and I don't have to rub on it like you do a pretty one, but it does have great bones. I fish, put it on the lift, go to work and it's paid for. The gas tank is ridiculously tiny at 12 gal it gives me room for 4 batteries though. Livewells are huge. Boat came from Florida where a lot used them for flats boats and shiner wagons."  Dan - IN
90 Bass Hawk
   196 XL
88 150 Mariner
23 Laser II, Humminbird electronics, OMC TM. "This is my 3rd Hawk, but my first 196. I've owned many brands, none better for fishing than a Bass Hawk!"  Basshawk86 - NC
88 Bass Hawk
88 200 Johnson
24 Shooter, 6" jackplate, Garmin/Humminbird electronics, Johnson TM. 50 mph (gps). "This is a starter boat for me. New carpet, seats and electronics. Paint not so great, but since this is a starter boat I can't complain. Very sturday and not too fast, but it takes me to the fish."  Tall Guy - SC
84 Bass Hawk 17XL
81 140 Evinrude
22 Turbo, CMC manual jackplate, Motorguide TM. "Just got this boat 6/2011. I like the way it runs and rides. It needs the bench seat replaced and I would love to see pictures of what it was supposed to look like if anyone has those."  Grouce C - KY
87 Bass Hawk 15'
97 75 Force
14 Intimidator prop, factory hydraulic jackplate, Humminbird WideView, GPS ready, MinnKota TM. 65 mph (speedo). "Bought off my father. Boat was made in Olive Hill, KY just 15 miles away from my home. Father bought boat out of West Virginia."  Ecstaz - KY
87 Bass Hawk 17XL
89 100 Mariner
Merc prop. 47 mph @ 4500 rpm (speedo). "Just bought this boat a month ago (May 2011) for $1000. Needed engine work. Took it out yesterday for the first time. What a nice ride? My question is: I replaced the bilge pump and the livewell aerators. There are 3 other pumps that I can see that don't work. What are the purpose of these pumps? The letters on the dash are worn to the point that I cannot read them and the boat did not come with a manual. Any input would be appreciated."  Leon - IL
86 Bass Hawk 1700
87 GT150 Johnson
26 Raker, 6" Hydro manual jackplate, MinnKota Edge 70.
"Just bought this boat last night (4/24/11). Haven't been on the water yet. Does anyone know what this boat will run with a 26 Raker? Love the boat so far."
 Steven - KY
91 BassHawk 15XL
92 70 Johnson
"Great boat, runs like a champ and handles great."  BobSC50 - SC
88 Bass Hawk 196
89 225 Johnson
25 Shooter, 10" Jack-N-Tilt jackplate, Eagle 320C, MinnKota 45#. 62 mph @ 5700 rpm (gps). "I have owned this boat for 18 years and just love it, rides better than any Ranger I was ever in and has tons of room to boot."  Jim - OH
84 Bass Hawk 17gt
91 115 Mercury
21 Merc prop, Humminbird electronics, Motorguide 54#. 58 mph @ 6200 rpm (gps). "I can get 58 out of mine. She's down now for transom repairs but can get 58 at 6200 for a short burst. 115 4 cylinder Mercurys go boom over 5800 if you hold them there. Cranks were junk on them, great boat!"  Biggun - NC
88 Bass Hawk 
     196 XL
88 200 Suzuki
Custom prop, 6" jackplate.  Alexander - GA
87 Bass Hawk 17'10
87 150 Evinrude
Hydraulic jackplate. 65 mph. "Love my boat, got it a year ago and love every bit of it but can't find anything on the Bass Hawks."  Dustin - VA
87 Bass Hawk 17.5' 21" Super Six prop. "Should I put new dual rack steering  Boondock - RI
86 150 Suzuki or hydraulic? I need to find a new bench also??"  
89 Bass Hawk 6" Rite Hite hydraulic, Humminbird Wide 128,   Billsweet - IN
     196 F/S MinnKota Autopilot 62#. "I just got the boat a few weeks  
90 200 Mariner back, still working on motor (need a flywheel and stator  
  and prop for it), if anybody can help me out. Boat is in   
  great shape."  
87 Bass Hawk "I just bought her used and the seats/bench have been  Dennis M - ON
88 70 Merc removed. If anyone has a picture so I can re-upholster  
  everything would be greatly appreciated. The Merc mech.  
  told me the 70 hp are not at all reliable because of thrown  
  rods or bearings or sleeves. Does anyone know where I  
  can get a spec sheet for my boat. Any advice is greatly  
  appreciated (way up here in Canada)."   
89 Bass Hawk 19'6" 25" Yamaha, 6" High Performance jackplate,   Dtan6908 - MI
92 200 Yamaha Humminbird Wide 100, Magellan GPS, Motorguide 75#.  PHOTO    PHOTO
  Propshaft is 3" below the pad. "Someone told me when I  PHOTO    PHOTO
  bought the boat it would run in the 60's but we will see this  
  early Spring."  
87 Bass Hawk 17XL Motorguide 24V 52#. 50 mph (gps). "Does anyone have  DamianJP - FL
89 150 Merc any info on this year Bass Hawk? Is transom glass covered  
     Black Max XR4 wood or solid glass; heard that some years had bad wood?  
  Any other info would be great too."  
94 Bass Hawk 25" Yamaha, 4" Hawk jackplate.   Jay - LA
01 200 Yamaha    
88 Bass Hawk Lowrance X96, LMS-527, MotorGuide TM.  CIVIE - GA
94 150 Merc 70 mph (gps).  
96 Bass Hawk 25" Hydromotive prop, hydraulic jackplate, Motorguide  Andrew j fleisch - TN
     181 XL 756 TM. 80 mph @ 5900 rpm (speedo).   
98 200 Mariner "This boat is so sweet!!"  
94 Bass Hawk 196 23" prop, Motorguide 71#. "Love the boat but can't find  Jeremy - TX
89 150 Merc windshields. Redoing the seats and looking at jackplate  
  and maybe a 200 Merc."  
86 Bass Hawk 16.8' Lowrance X70A, Humminbird Matrix 25, Evinrude  JC - GA
86 110 Evinrude Scout 12/24 TM. 48 mph @ 5700 rpm (speedo).  
  "This is a great boat."  
89 Bass Hawk 196 27" prop, Motorguide Brute.  60 mph @ 5000 rpm   Danny Gurka - TX
88 150 Suzuki (speedo).  
90 Bass Hawk Laser II prop, PowerLift hydraulic, Eagle/Vexilar   Will M - TN
     225 Mariner electronics, MinnKota 55# A/T. "We traded for this sharp  
  boat and got a deal for a little over $1000. I will post pics  
  soon and you will be surprised at how great it looks."  
78 Bass Hawk Humminbird electronics, MinnKota 599. "I just purchased  DougM - IN
89 85 Johnson the boat from an older man, it sat in his garage for over 12  
  years and he had taken very good care of it but there are  
  certain things that need to be done to it.  My problem is that  
  I cannot find out any information on the boat itself, if anyone  
  could steer me in the right direction I would greatly   
  appreciate it."  
84 Bass Hawk 17XL Shooter prop, Garmin 240, 140. Motorguide All Terrain.  JBFX4 - NY
84 150 Evinrude XP 67 mph @ 5700 rpm (gps).  
92 Bass Hawk 24" Raker, 6" Maxforce jackplate, Humminbird electronics,  Lockjaw - AL
     181XL OMC TM. Propshaft is 3" below the pad.  
89 175 Johnson GT "Working bugs out of tach. The boat feels good when it   
  hops up on the pad at about 45 mph or so. Once speedo  
  reaches 54 the other 67, so go figure. Nice ride, will soak  
  the back deck on power off if not careful."  
87 Bass Hawk 17XL SS prop, Eagle electronics (bow & console).  Jamie - AR
94 150 Merc XR4 "I bought this boat for $500. and it is in great shape but the  
     XR4 is messed up so I don't know about the ride or how  
  fast it goes yet, but I'm hoping I can fix the motor and try it  
  out soon. Anyone that knows the XR4 Black Max knows  
  it is the most expensive motor to repair so say a prayer for  
  me please. I will post pics soon and let you all know how   
  the motor goes. If I can't afford to repair it I might put a   
  '79 Merc 1150 on it so hopefully I'll be on the water soon."  
85 Bass Hawk 1700 23" Precision prop, 6" jackplate, Eagle Fishmark 480,  Michael - KY
88 150 Yamaha 320, MinnKota All Terrain 56#.  Propshaft is 3.5" below  
  the pad.  72 mph @ 6100 rpm (gps). "Handles really well  
  at high speeds, smooth ride in rough water, Yamaha very  
  dependable and easy on gas. Real sweet rig, wish they still  
  made them."  
85 Bass Hawk 21" OMC prop, 6" CMC jackplate, Eagle electronics.  Kyle - MD
85 60 Evinrude MinnKota 40 AT. Motor is 2" off the transom.  
  42 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps).  
  "Nice little starter boat for me, kinda lookin to trade up to  
  something a little bigger for me and my 2 kids now. I have  
  basically replaced 80% mechanical over whole boat. Won  
  quite a few tournaments with it. Makes all the big boys   
  green with envy not because of the boat but just because   
  you don't need a Cadillac to catch fish. Had some great   
  times in this boat. Great starter......  
87 Bass Hawk  23" worked SS prop, 6" Super Jack, two Humminbird  Intimidator - NC
     181 XL 300 DX's, MinnKota Maxxum 74#.  
87 150 Merc XR4 68 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps). "I will check propshaft to pad  
            Black Max and update.  This is the best boat on the water; I hate that  
  they are no longer being made.  I will post pics soon. The  
  room and the ride is the best that I have ever seen.  
  Got to love a Bass Hawk, a fine fishing rig."  
85 BassHawk 24" High Five, 6" Hi Jacker, Humminbird electronics.  Flatwoods35 - GA
87 150 Merc Evinrude TM.  Motor is 3.5" above the transom.  
  66 mph @ 6000 rpm (speedo). "I love this BassHawk but  
  this boat is for sale, will post pics in near future.   
  Have bigger Hawk spotted."  
82 BassHawk 23" Shooter, BottomLine 3100, Zercom flashers (2),   David - IN
82 150 Johnson Johnson TM.  "This is my first bass boat and I couldn't be  
  happier.  Extended the front deck all the way back to the   
  console to my daughter could stand up front when pitching.  
  Pics coming soon."  
89 BassHawk 181XL 24" prop, 6" BassHawk jackplate, Lowrance indash  Digger - AL
     175 Merc flasher, Lowrance bow mounted flasher, Evinrude 12/24  PHOTO
  TM.  65 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps).   PHOTO
  "My wife just bought this Bass Hawk as my Christmas  PHOTO
  gift!  It's only fair condition cosmetically, but everything  
  on this boat works, and the engine runs great!  I love those  
  flush decks...lookin' forward to many great days fishin'  
  on the hawk!"  
84 BassHawk 18XL 21" Merc prop, Eagle Fish Easy, MinnKota 55# AT,  Josh - NC
84 115 Merc Motor is 4" off the transom. 55-65 mph @ 5500-6600 rpm  
  "Just updated my Bass Hawk again, just put some new   
  carpet in it, new trolling motor, new seats, looks like she  
  just came off the showroom floor, on perfect condition.  
  Pictures are on the way."  
87 BassHawk 181XL 24" prop, jackplate, Garmin, Lowrance X91,   Eddie B - AL
     150 Evinrude Evinrude Scout TM.  63 mph @ 5200 rpm (gps).  
  "I just got this boat and love it.  This boat is everything I   
  was told it would be, and more.  I have added Zorro  
  black lights with guitar plugs and it is the best thing I have  
  ever used for night fishing.  The boat runs out like a new   
  boat and is really great to fish out of.  I would also like to   
  thank all of you who helped me make up my mind to get   
  this boat or not.  Once again, I love my 1987 Bass Hawk."  
92 BassHawk 196 25" Shooter, 6" jackplate, MotorGuide 56# TM.  Dan - GA
     Dual Console 64 mph  "The ride on these boats is incredible.  Although   
     200 Johnson they are not the fastest boats on the lake, they make up for   
  it with the smooth ride."  
87 BassHawk 1700 23" Yamaha 4 blade, 6" Super Jack, Humminbird flasher  Don - GA
     150 Yamaha (console), Lowrance X70 (bow). OMC 12/24 TM.  PHOTO     PHOTO
             ProV Motor is 4" off the transom. 68-70 mph @ 5600 rpm.  PHOTO     PHOTO
  (speedo). "Boat has lots of lift even at midrange, creating  
    Updated 12/31/02.... a surprisingly smooth ride in rough water for such a short  
  hull, and the Yamaha is great on gas."  
85 BassHawk 17 ft. 26" Chopper, 6" HiJacker, BottomLine/Humminbird  Bob Snell - MO
     150 Merc XR2 electronics, MotorGuide 56# TM. Motor is 4 1/2" off the   
  transom.  69-70 mph @ 5800 rpm. "Excellent smooth  
  water boat, will measure shaft height for exact measure.  
  Boat is at Lake Ozarks, speed is approx."  
86 BassHawk 1700 23" SS prop, 6" HiJacker, Humminbird DX300,   Jeff - KY
     150 Merc XR2 Minnkota 40# AT TM. 68 mph @ 5700 rpm (speedo).  
88 BassHawk 1800 6" RiteHite jackplate, Humminbird Wide Panorama,  Jim - GA
     200 Merc Eagle Magna, Minnkota 55 AP TM.  

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