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 Updated 12/18/09

BASS CAT - Page 2

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93 Pantera II 25" HighFive, 6" CMC, Lowrance 1240A (2),   KSBasser - KS
     175 Mariner Lowrance X70A, OMC 45# TM.   PHOTO
      Magnum EFI "Just got the boat in mid-August, 2002.  It's White with Dark  PHOTO
  Blue bolt and silhouette package.  It was a little weathered,   PHOTO
  so I've been shining it up with ProTec products. I told my   PHOTO
  neighbor that it was a '93 the other day and he said "No Way!  
  The upholstery and carpet are in great shape.  It has a home-  
  made flipping deck which works great and supports my wide  
  body with ease.  I love the 175 EFI.  No choking, no hard  
  starting - just turn the key and it's running.  I'm not sure about   
  the High Five yet - the holeshot isn't too good with full tanks  
  and livewells.  The boat has a hot foot, but I'm seriously  
  thinking about removing it.  It's located as far right and as far  
  forward as it will go because of the boat's construction, but   
  my legs cramp up on a long run.  I'm currently working out a  
  few minor bugs, such as the speedometer not working, the   
  livewells won't hold water, and the X70A isn't locking on.  
  I'm not particularly impressed with the BP100 digital dash,   
  but we're getting a handle on it too.  I'm hoping to change  
  out the electronics and trolling motor this winter.  I'll submit  
  some pictures as soon as I get the new windshield installed.  
  I've called BassCat a couple of times to ask questions and   
  they have been more than helpful."  
     Updated 3/8/03.... "I've added Humminbird Legend 2000 (front) and Lowrance  
  X-16ci (console) and MinnKota Maxxum 74# TM.  
  In addition to the new TM and electronics, I've also added  
  a Dual Pro 3 bank charger, replaced the steering cables and   
  added a water pressure gauge."  
96 Pantera Classic 25" Trophy, 6" CMC manual, Lowrance 1240A, X70A,   David - MO
     200 Merc X85.  MotorGuide 775 Brute. 73 mph @ 5750 rpm(speedo)  PHOTO          PHOTO
  "My first "big boy" bass boat, and I couldn't be more   PHOTO          PHOTO
  pleased.  See you at the owners tournament."  PHOTO
00 Pantera Classic 25" Tempest, 6" CMC, Zercom RTS, Lowrance 28,   Sam - IL
     200 Merc MotorGuide 767 TM. Propshaft is 24 3/8" below the bracket.  
  74.6 mph (gps). "Thanks to Marty's Marine, Osage Beach,   
  MO, this is my first Cat and won't be my last!  Having   
  problems with fuel gauge, showing empty but looking at   
  tank - fuel line is 3 to 4 inches above bottom of tank.   
  Do I have a wiring problem?"  
03 Jaguar 28" Raker, 6" R&R Slidemaster hydraulic, Lowrance X15's,   Jagthree - TN
   225 Evinrude HO (2), MotorGuide 81# TM. Propshaft is 2 3/4" below the pad.  
  81 mph @ 6200 rpm (gps)  
  "Impressive speed...great layout....first Cat....."  
94 Pantera II 25" Trophy, 6" jackplate, Lowrance X85's (2),   Basscatr - MO
     200 Merc MotorGuide 36V. 71-72 mph @ 5695 mph (gps).  
  "Yes, I do need some input, I did block off top three holes  
  on each side of water pickup on the lower unit, now I have  
  18 lb of water pressure.  Do I need to go a little higher with  
  motor for rpms & speed?  Cause it still needs that little bit of   
  lift & I would love to run 6000 rpms (please give me your  
  thoughts.)!!! "  
91 Pantera II Too many options to list.  Nat Harris - FL
     200 Merc    
01 Classic 25" Trophy Plus, 6" jackplate, Lowrance X45,   Big Al - OK
     200 Merc EFI MotorGuide Brute 767. 72 mph @ 5800 rpm (speedo).  
  "Bought the boat new about a month ago.  Haven't ran it   
  WOT with a gps yet.  Holeshot, handling and performance  
  are like night and day compared to old boat.  Love the room  
  and handling of this rig."  
02 Sabre 25" Yamaha, 6" jackplate, Lowrance X71 (dash), X71 (bow) Joey in Cajunland - LA
     150 Yamaha MotorGuide TourEdition 782.   
  60 mph @ 5600 rpm (speedo). "Still breaking in. Upgraded  
  trolling motor wiring and added flipping deck, high-back   
  seats and master power switch from factory.  Handles like a   
  go-cart with hotfoot and ProTrim. Killer holeshot."  
00 Cougar 26" Trophy, CMC hydraulic jackplate, Zercom flasher,   Tom Walker - MS
     225 Merc Lowrance 160 Map, MotorGuide TE107# TM.  
  Propshaft is 2" below the pad. 76.7 mph @ 5950 rpm (gps).  
98 Pantera Classic Trophy Plus, CMC jackplate, Lowrance X25, X55 (2),   Adam - IL
     200 Merc EFI bp-200, MotorGuide 767 Brute.  70 mph @ 5800 rpm   
01 Cougar 25" Tempest Plus, Lowrance X85 (2), MotorGuide 5109V,   Just Fish - TX
     200 Merc EFI 73 mph @ 5950 rpm (gps). "I have to say this is my third  
  BassCat in a row, I have had many boats, Rangers,   
  Tidecraft, Kingfisher, ProCraft, and let's not forget my first  
  boat......the VIP with a 50 horse Johnson.  I had a Ranger   
  for a couple of years and it too was a good boat, not near   
  the ride of the Cougar though, best thing I could say about   
  the Ranger is the Resale value.  But when they cost more to   
  begin with, the resale value doesn't help much.  I have now   
  moved up to a 2001 Bass Cat Cougar.  Absolutely the best  
  ride on the water.  At times being a guide is not so great,   
  having to fish every day no matter what, but waking up and   
  going outside to see that Cougar behind my truck makes me   
  want to go out regardless of the conditions.  It's just a joy to   
  get in this boat and go across the water.  Sometimes when I  
  am by myself I have caught myself just cruising the lake and   
  not fishing like I SHOULD be...maybe this Boat is too good."  
84 BassCat Classic Hydraulic jackplate, Eagle Magna 2 Plus, Humminbird 200sx  Todd - NY
     150 Merc MotorGuide TM.  63 mph @ 5800-5900 rpm (gps).  
02 Pantera III 25" Tempest, BassCat jackplate, Lowrance X91, X71,  Grassland - TX
     200 Merc Opti MotorGuide 24V 82# TM. Transom height is 24".   PHOTO
  "Excellent ride, still breaking in. Tommy Yetts @ Fishing Store  PHOTO
  in Garland, TX rigged the boat with excellent and   
  professional service. A pleasure to deal with.  Will post again  
  after break in for performance info."  
97 Jaguar 25" Trophy, 6" Powerlift, Lowrance X75, X65, Eagle GPS,  Eveready - TX
     225 Merc MotorGuide 772 Beast.  76.1 mph @ 5780 rpm (gps).  PHOTO
  "Gary, does this boat look familiar?  Haven't had the boat   
  long but love my Cat!!  The recessed trolling motor foot  
  pedal basin should be standard on all bass boats. Boat runs  
  strong and fishes great.  Exceptional ride in 2 ft. chop.  
  Still dialing in and plan to add performance items later."  
89 Pantera II 25" Trophy, 5.5" Power Lift, Eagle Ultra 2, Lowrance 1240A  Duane - VA
     200 Johnson GT MotorGuide 50# TM. Propshaft is 3" below the pad.  
  67 mph @ 5700 rpm (gps).  
84 BassCat 17" OMC SS, 200 DX Humminbirds, MotorGuide Brute 67.  Randy Norwood - AR
     1600 Vee 56 mph.  
     140 Evinrude    
00 Cougar 25" Trophy, 6" CMC jackplate, Zercom flasher, Pinpoint  Maddog - KY
     225 Merc 7520, Lowrance X28, MotorGuide 767 TM.  
  Propshaft is 2 1/2" below the pad.  77 mph @ 5900 rpm(gps)  
      "Added flipping deck with tackle storage and it is a great and   
  needed addition.  I am though having a lot of trouble with the   
  bp2000.  I have the 3rd one ordered now, when I received  
  the 2nd it did not show correct fuel level and temp. The 1st  
  one just faded out.  I have heard BassCat has discontinued  
  these. Has anyone had trouble with theirs? Send me an email.  
    Updated 7/30/02.... "My third one lasted 2 trips (bp2000). I believe that it might  
  have a short in the wiring.  I just don't know?  BassCat has  
  stood behind me though and this is the reason I bought   
  another.  Scott and Jr have been great at BassCat."  
94 Pantera II 23 Tempest,  6" CMC jackplate, Eagle Magna II,   10PointBass - OK
     150 Merc XRI Humminbird Wide 100, MotorGuide Brute.  
  Motor is 3.25" off the transom. 64-65 mph @ 5850 rpm.  
  (gps). "Love this boat.  Bought it three months ago. Haven't  
  had a chance to get plate really dialed in.  Getting a little  
  chine, but not bad at all. Anybody have a 200 they are selling  
  or would take a good 150 as partial trade?"  
      Updated 7/24/02.. "A-40 Tempest, worked by Steve Glenn, Keystone Prop.  
  If you wanna fly, get it. Faster than my Boger prop."  
97 Pantera II 23" Renegade, 4" CMC jackplate.  Bob - NJ
     150 Johnson    
92 Pantera II 23" Trophy, CMC jackplate, Lowrance X70A,   Glenn - NC
     150 Merc XR6 Lowrance 1240A, Johnson TM.   
  62 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps).  
01 Pantera Classic 25" Tempest Plus, 6" Slidemaster, Zercom indash flasher,  Shap - LA
     200 Merc EFI Lowrance X49 on bow, MotorGuide TourEdition 781,   
  Propshaft is 2" below the pad. 73.8 mph @ 6100 rpm (gps).  
  "I have owned this boat for about 6 months now and so far  
  I absolutely love it.  I think it is roomy, comfortable to fish  
  out of and Fast. Top speed is with a normal fishing load.  
  The only area I would like to see some improvement in is my  
  holeshot which can be sluggish with the livewells full. This is  
  my first Cat and I bought it based on their reputation as a   
  quality boat. I plan on keeping this one for many years to   
00 Sabre 26" Turbo Lightning, Lowrance electronics,   Chris - LA
     150 Merc MotorGuide 767 TM. 71.5 mph @ 5900 rpm (gps).  
  "I haven't tried the boat speed without all gear yet."  
00 Jaguar 25" Tempest, 6" CMC hydraulic, Lowrance LMS 160,   Basscat0616 - LA
     225 Merc Lowrance X75, Minnkota Maxxum 74# TM.  
            Optimax 72-74 mph @ 5650 rpm (gps). "This has really been a great  
  boat. The storage is great, but I also have the flipping deck.  
  The dash is just incredible, every feature you could want.  
  I also have a tandem axle w/brakes, custom cover, special  
  wheels, spare hub and prop.  The best rough water ride in  
  the industry in my opinion.  Probably not the best top end  
  but will take the ride over top end any day.  
01 Jaguar 26" Trophy, 6" jackplate, Lowrance X65, Zercom flasher,  Bill L - IL
     225 Merc MotorGuide V780 TM.  Motor is 24 5/8" up from pad.  
  "Just getting through the break in period, so I have not   
  stretched her legs yet.  The hole shot is very impressive,   
  and that big Merc wants to run.  My speedo is currently not  
  working.  I am ready to clean out the pickup on the front of  
  the gearcase.  Any info here, please e-mail me. The boat is  
  my second 'Cat, and is certainly more than I imagined it  
  would be."  
93 Pantera II 24" Raker, 5 1/2" CMC jackplate, Humminbird 3D 300TX,   BassCat315 - TX
     150 Johnson Lowrance flashers, OMC 56# hand control TM.  
            FastStrike 73 mph @ 5500 rpm (speedo) "Still playing with the   
  jackplate height.  If anyone has any performance tips would  
  like to hear from you."  
98 Jaguar Lowrance X85, MotorGuide TE84# TM. "Just bought this  Mike - TX
     200 Mariner EFI used rig. Will hit the low 70's. When I have used it for a few  
  weeks I will post more info."  
99 Pantera Classic 25" Trophy Plus, 6" CMC jackplate, Lowrance Flasher &  Judd - IN
     200 Merc EFI X-28, Minnkota Maxxum 74#. "Love the boat. Will try some  
  additional props this summer, want to see what a 3 blade will  
  do. If you have any questions feel free to contact me."  
01 Sabre 23" Trophy Plus, Pinpoint 7320, Lowrance X48,   Fishfafun - CA
     135 Merc MotorGuide Brute 67# TM.  PHOTO
01 Pantera III 25" Yamaha, 6" R&R jackplate, Lowrance X15, X65,   SD - TX
     200 Yamaha MotorGuide TE781. "Despite the 'odd' shape of the bow   
  nose of my new P-III, it's the best built, best looking bassboat  
  I've ever owned, except for my old '96 P-III.   
  More importantly, was the attention to detail Tommy Yetts   
  and his team at The Fishing Store in Garland, TX paid while  
  'rigging' my new Cat!! It's readily apparent they take the same  
  pride and ownership in rigging and service that the Pierce  
  family takes in building these fine boats.  
  Can't wait to break this new Yammie 3.1 big block in! "  
90 Pantera II 25" Tempest, 6" RapidJack, 2 Lowrances, Humminbird,   Doug - LA
     200 Merc L MotorGuide 767.  72 mph @ 5900 rpm (gps).  
98 Jaguar 25" Trophy, CMC jackplate, Lowrance Global 2000, X85,   Jeff - IL
     225 Mariner Zercom flasher, MotorGuide 772 24/36 TM.  
  74 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). "BP-101 super dash, lighted  
  compartments, pro aeration, Maxima AM/FM cassette,   
  triple built in charger, hydraulic/tilt steering, dual bilge pumps,   
  swingaway tongue, hot foot, turn signal trim, Hamby's keel  
  protector and much more."  
00 Cougar 25" Trophy, 6" CMC jackplate, Lowrance X25, 1128,   Buzzard - MO
     225 Merc EFI MotorGuide 767 TM. Motor is 24 3/8" off the pad.  
  83 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps).  
00 Cougar DC 25" Trophy Plus, 6" Detwiler, Lowrance LMS160, X85,   Ron Z - NC
     225 Merc EFI MotorGuide TourEdition 781. Motor is 2.5" off the transom.  PHOTO
  76 mph @ 5900 rpm (gps). "Boat also has Hamby's,   PHOTO
  extended deck, 52 gal. tanks, Zercom Classic. Thanks to   
  Marty's Marine at Lake of the Ozarks for setting it up. Only   
  had it a couple of weeks, but already am in love with it."  
93 Pantera Classic 25" Yamaha, 6" jackplate, Humminbird electronics,   Richard - LA
00 200 Yamaha OMC TM. "Bought it new in '93 and love it!"  
83 BassCat Aluminum prop, fish finder, MotorGuide 320 TM. "I just got  Rick - MO
84 115 Merc this boat and there is still a lot I don't know about it. I'm still  
  learning about the boat! "  
00 Sabre 23" Trophy Plus, 6" CMC Powerlift,  Lowrance X28,    Darin - IL
     150 Merc XR6 Garmin 100, MotorGuide 767 Brute.    PHOTO       PHOTO
  67 mph @ 5900 rpm (gps).  PHOTO       PHOTO
  Updated 12/24/02...... "Got the new flippin deck it is a killer!"  PHOTO
96 Pantera II 23" Tempest Plus, 6" CMC, Lowrance X75, X85,   Bennie - TX
     150 Mariner EFI MotorGuide 772 TM. Motor is 24" from the pad.  
  68 mph @ 5600 rpm (speedo). "Great boat! I have owned   
  other brands, but this boat has made me a believer in Basscat.  
98 Jaguar 26" Trophy Plus, 6" CMC, Lowrance X85, X75,   BassCat - SC
     225 Merc Opti MotorGuide 81# Tour Edition. "Awesome fishing platform!"  
91 Sabre 23" Predator prop, CMC hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance  Bucketmouth - FL
     150 Merc X45's (2), MotorGuide TM.  65 mph @ 5700 rpm (gps).  
  "Great boat, White hull and cap, Red bolt, Silver outlining the  
  bolt.  Couldn't have asked for any more out of a boat."  
99 Pantera III 25" Trophy, 5 1/2" CMC jackplate, Lowrance/Raytheon  Cabin Fever - MA
     200 Merc  X85, 461, GlobalMap1600, Zercom flashers (2),   PHOTO
  MotorGuide 767 TM. 72.6 mph @ 5850 rpm (gps).  
00 Cougar DC 26" Trophy Plus, 5 1/2" CMC jackplate, Lowrance X85,   Bud - MA
     225 Merc Opti Lowrance LMS 160, MotorGuide 767.   
  76.2 mph @ 5900 rpm (gps).  
94 Pantera II 25" Yamaha ProSeries, 6" CMC hydraulic, Lowrance X60,  Lil Dave - AL
     200 Merc Eagle Ultra III Plus, MotorGuide Beast. Propshaft is 1" below  PHOTO
  the pad.  73.8 mph @ 6300 rpm (gps). "I have this set up as  
  Updated 6/6.... close as can get it with a heavy load."  
94 Pantera II 25" Yamaha prop, 6" CMC, Humminbird Wide, flasher,  J Spinas - AR
     150 Yamaha MotorGuide 767.  65 mph @ 6050 rpm (gps).  
             ProV "Prettiest boat you will ever set eyes on!  Handles the rough  
  water with no problems."  
98 Pantera Classic 23" Trophy, Lowrance X25, X75, MotorGuide 756 Brute,  Lambo - GA
     150 Merc "Never stayed at WOT long enough to get to top speed.   
  Have seen 66 mph @ 5600 rpm on speedo on x75.   
  Excellent boat for us folks. Have not had one instance of  
  anything other than maintenance. Our thanks to the folks at  
  Mountain Home."  
   Update: Motor brackets are 24.25" from the pad.   
00 Cougar 26" Trophy, 6" CMC, Lowrance GlobalMap 160 GPS,   JR WALKER - VA
   250 Merc ProXB Lowrance X75, MotorGuide TE 781.    
  80.2 mph @ 6150 rpm (gps). "MPH and RPM numbers  
  were taken on a 53 deg. morning with little humidity, two  
  people and loaded with fishing gear on a tournament day.  
  Best numbers on a 95 deg. humid day was 78.4 mph @  
  5950 rpm. Fun boat to drive and fishes great. Going to try   
  having the prop reworked to 27" pitch. Then should see   
  better mph numbers."  
90 Pantera II 25" Quicksilver 4 blade,10" jackplate, Lowrance electronics,  Dab - LA
     200 Mariner OMC 57# TM.  
00 Sabre 23" Tempest, 5 1/2" CMC jackplate, Lowrance X28,   Tomcat - AR
    150 Merc Garmin 1, MotorGuide 767 TM.  
  63 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  
99 Pantera III 23" Yamaha, Lowrance 1240A, X75, MotorGuide 767,   Mike - VA
97 200 Yamaha 83 mph @ 6400 rpm (speedo). "Would like some help with  
  the prop, am using a 23" Yamaha, not a good holeshot right  
  now. Appears motor rev limiter is disconnected, don't want   
  to go past 6400 rpms. Any help would be appreciated."  
95 Pantera Classic 25" Trophy, 25" HiFive, 6" CMC jackplate, Lowrance X65,  Basscater - AR
     200 Merc MotorGuide 767 TM. Motor bracket is 24 5/8" from pad.  
  68 mph @ 5400 rpm (speedo). "Will run mid-70's @ 5800."  
97 Jaguar 25" Trophy, CMC jackplate, Lowrance electronics,  Toughluck - MN
     225 Mariner MotorGuide TM.  77 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  
91 Pantera II 24" Trophy, 6" CMC hydraulic, MotorGuide 767, 67# TM,   Lajhb - LA
     200 Merc EFI 73 mph @ 6150 rpm (gps/radar). "Best boat I have ever   
     (98) owned, would not even consider owning any other boat this  
95 Pantera II 24" Turbo, 6" jackplate, Lowrance 1240A, 350A,   Smallmouth - MI
     200 Evinrude MotorGuide 756 TM. 67 mph @ 5900 rpm (gps).  
00 Classic 23" Tempest, 6" CMC jackplate. "This boat is very nice. I   Z71Yanke - VA
     200 Merc couldn't be happier with it, though I may want to go to a 25"  
99 Pantera Classic 24" Trophy Plus, CMC jackplate, Lowrance, Zercom  MLSmith - AL
     200 Merc EFI electronics, Evinrude TM. 72-73 mph @ 6100 rpm (speedo)  
96 Pantera II 23" Renegade, 6" CMC, Lowrance 1240 Bluewaters (2),  Basscat21 - NJ
     150 Johnson Lowrance X75 & GlobalMap, OMC 54# high thrust TM.  
           Fastrike 61 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps).  
99 Pantera Classic 27" Tempest, 6" jackplate, PinPoint electronics,MotorGuide  ShowtimeB6 - NV
     200 Merc TM.  80 mph @ 5800 rpm (speedo).  
94 Pantera II Raker prop, Eagle X70, MotorGuide Brute.  JGentry - MD
     150 Johnson 65 mph (speedo)  
99 Jaguar 25" Yamaha, 6" PowerLift, Lowrance X85, Minnkota 74#  Andy - NV
     225 Yamaha Maxxum TM. 72 mph @ 5840 rpm (gps).  
90 Caracal 23" Turbo, 6" Offsetter jackplate, Humminbird Super30  John J - AR
     Mariner flasher, Eagle electronics, MotorGuide 750, motor is 2" off  
     135 Mariner the transom.  64 mph @ 5700 rpm (speedo).  
96 Pantera II 25" Renegade, 6" CMC, Lowrance LMS 350A-25B-  Budman - IL 
     200 EvinrudeLE 2 Bluewater Pros, Evinrude 24V TM, Motor 4" above trans.  
  transom. Have factory flippin deck, this is a DC model   
  and I use the boat for skiing as well.  78mph @ 5600 gps.  
90 Pantera II 25" prop, 5 1/2" CMC jackplate, Lowrance X75, X70A,   Captain Ron - OR
     200 Merc  Minnkota Maxxum 74 TM. 68 mph @ 5600 gps.  
99 Pantera Classic Tempest prop, Lowrance X85 (2), MotorGuide 767,   Darren Perkins - TX
     200 Merc EFI Hamby's, Zercom flasher in dash.  
       72-74 mph @ 5900 gps.  
96 Caracal 25" High Five, CMC jackplate, Humminbird WideEye,   Doug - ME
     150 Merc Lowrance 1240A, MotorGuide 24/36 TM. 68 mph   
97 Sabre 26" Tempest/ 25" Trophy, CMC hydraulic jackplate,   Tim Trimprop - ME
     150 Merc BottomLine Tournament Master, MotorGuide Beast 24/36.  
  77 mph @ 5980. G-Force tuner, solid engine mounts,   
  Boyesen reeds, G-Force ported reed cage, Swazer ignition,   
  Brucato SVS intake, Land & Sea hot foot, wheel mounted  
  jackplate & trim buttons.  
99 Pantera III  25" Tempest, CMC hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance X75,  Pete - VA
 200 Merc Optimax (bow & dash), 1240A flasher, MotorGuide TE781.  
  Powergator, Hamby's Keel Protector.  
91 Pantera II 25" TR04, 5.5" CMC, Humminbird 717, Lowrance I Finder  Spotted Bass - MS
91 150 Mariner H20, Blue Water Pro, Minnkota Maxxum 80.   PHOTO
  Propshaft is 3.5" below the pad. 63 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  PHOTO
   Updated 12/18/09... "Just got the new powerhead put on, still in break-in period."  
00 Pantera III  25 Tempest PVS, 6" CMC jackplate, Lowrance 1240A,   Chip - AL
 200 Mariner Opti  X75 (2), LMS 160, MotorGuide 775 Beast, motor 2.25"  
  above transom, 73.8 mph @ 5710 (gps). Seastar Pro,   
  PowerGator, Hamby's, tandem w/brakes, hotfoot, Aurora.  
96 Pantera II 25" Trophy, factory jackplate, Lowrance 1240's (two),  Roger Bentley - MI
   200 Mariner EFI LMS 350A w/GPS (console), MotorGuide Beast w/  
92 Pantera II  Eagle electronics, MotorGuide.  Paul - PA
   200 Merc EFI    
96 Sabre 25" Trophy Plus, 6" jackplate, MotorGuide 50#, Lowrance  Rx4u2c - VA
   175 Merc EFI GlobalMap 1600, flasher (dash), X55 w/temp (console),  
  X25 (bow), DualPro charger. White w/teal carpet,   
  teal/black, lightning bolt on side. Runs 69 MPH (GPS).  
93 Pantera II CMC hydraulic jackplate, OMC trolling motor,   Larry - MO
    200 Merc EFI Lowrance electronics.  
98 Jaguar PinPoint System 7, Simrad GPS, 25" Tempest prop.  Frank Woodley - FL 
     225 Optimax