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    Updated 7/28/17


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01 Aries 200 XTE
   Tournament Edition
01 150 Merc
"Just acquired this boat from my father. He owned it for about a year and I know nothing about it or the Aries brand. Can't seem to find anything. Title says '02 but it seems Aries only built this model in 2000-2001 from my searches. If anyone has any info I sure would appreciate it."  TCauley48 - TX
88 Aries 176 F/S
73 85 Johnson
MinnKota 40 Series. "Just recently purchased this rig. Needs TLC. It's my winter project, needs new carpet and the top side painted and rewired. I'll keep you posted!"  Harleyman56 - TN
03 Aries Ram 2100
   Tournament Edition
02 250 Merc
26 Trophy.  Adamlee78 - AL
05 Aries Ram 200
   Tournament Edition
05 200 Merc
26 Tempest, HDS10 Gen2, Elite 7 HDI. 65 mph @ 5700 rpm gps.  R Rayburn - TN
94 Aries 200 XLT
96 175 Johnson
            Fast Strike
24 Raker, 7" jackplate, Lowrance 15MT, Mark 5X Pro, Motorguide TM. Propshaft is 2 3/4" below the pad. 62.3 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). "This is my first true bass boat. Speed is with 90 degree water and 90+ degree air temp. Will resume setup this winter. So far I'm very happy with the boat."  Matthew - MS
05 Aries Ram 200TE
04 200 Merc ProXS
25 Tempest, 10" jackplate, Humminbird 788ci, Lowrance HDS5, Motorguide 70#. Propshaft is 3" below the pad.
73 mph @ 5900 rpm (gps). "19'4" handles rough water good, quick holeshot thanks to 200 Pro XS. Has all the bells and whistles, Stan Sloan blacklights, pro air, EasyView tackle system, blue deck lights, plenty of storage. Best boat I've ever owned of many, will get the new line when this one fishes out."
 Aries Ram - AL
96 Aries 200 XLC
98 225 Merc
25 Laser II, 7" jackplate, Eagle 320, MinnKota TM. Propshaft is 3.75" below the pad. 71 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps). "I'm still learning how to drive."  Ken Helton - TN
05 Aries Ram  26" Merc prop, manual jackplate, Lowrance 520C,  Bassman1088 - MS
     2100 TE MinnKota 70#. 72.3 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  
05 225 Yamaha "This is my first Big boat. It rides great. The first time I took  
  it out was at Pickwick Lake and it was bad ruff and it  
  handled great. Will buy another when this one wears out."  
88 Aries Magnum 167 23" prop. 49 mph @ 6300 rpm (speedo).  Mark - MI
87 115 Suzuki "Suzuki 140 carbs, changing prop to 24" stainless."  
05 Aries Ram 200 25" Yamaha, 10" HydroDynamics, Humminbird Matrix 67.  PDesherlia - IL
05 200 Merc Motorguide 71#.  71 mph (gps). "I hope they succeed in  
  this economy with the new owner, their boats are a great  
  value. This is my second Aries."  
06 Aries Ram 25" Tempest, 10" Bob's hydraulic, Garmin GPS Map 188  250bass - FL
     2100 DC Sounder, Zercom LPG2000, Motorguide 70# Digital.  PHOTO    PHOTO
05 250 Merc "Sweet Ride!  Thanks Aries Boats!"  PHOTO    PHOTO
   Updated Jan.1/09...... "Added BluewaterLED lights to deck and all compartments.  
  Deck lights are blue, all others white, even livewell lights."  
06 Aries 2100 TE 27" Yamaha ProSeries, 10" jackplate, Lowrance 520C  Mike - MS
06 225 Yamaha GPS, X165, MinnKota 74#. 74.4 mph (gps).  
  "Motor has been pumped up a bit...handles great.  
  Tried a 27 T1 and got more bow lift out of the ProSeries  
  prop....gotta be careful to keep in the water though.  
  Aries was bought out and is suppose to start up production  
  soon. Billy O is back at the trim control for awhile and   
  look forward to the reopening."  
88 Aries 167 Motorguide TM. 48 mph. "This boat is in excellent shape.  Bruler26 - GA
     Fish & Ski Second Aries I have owned.  PHOTO     PHOTO
88 70 Merc    PHOTO     PHOTO
07 Aries Ram 200 25" Tempest Plus, 8" Slidemaster, Lowrance 1440's (2),  Pappypride - TN
07 200 Merc Optimax Garmin 178C, MinnKota 80#. 70.2 mph @ 5800 rpm  
  (gps). "Will be fine-tuned this spring, this is my 2nd Aries.  
  Mine may have been one of the last built. More info later."  
07 Aries 2100 Manual jackplate, Lowrance 334C, 102C, Motorguide  Bfishin - KY
07 225 Merc 71#. "Motor not broke in yet. Will post speed later."  
96 Aries 181 XLT Eagle electronics. 64.5 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps).  Aries01 - NC
96 150 Merc "This boat handles great even in bad weather. It has out  
  performed a lot of my friends' boats even the ones that are  
  supposed to be "better by name alone, Skeeter, Procraft,  
  and Stratos" just to name a few. It holds a sack of toads  
  very well.  I'm looking to upgrade to the 2100 in the very  
  near future."  
02 Aries 2100 Ram 27" T1 Yamaha, 6" + 2" Detwiler hydraulic, Lowrance  Jim4596 - TN
02 250 Yamaha 332C, X125, Motorguide 70#.  76.2 mph @ 6000 rpm  
  (gps). "Ran 76.2 with only me and a light tourney load and  
  half gas with a 27 Tempest, With the T1 it runs 75 by  
  myself and 71+ with partners and tourney load.    
94 Aries 200 XLT 25" Tempest, 7" Vance jackplate, Garmin 240, Humminbird  Biga55 - TN
98 200 Merc Matric 10, MinnKota 65#. Propshaft is 3.5" below pad.  PHOTO      PHOTO
  71 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps).   PHOTO      PHOTO
03 Aries Ram 2100 25" Tempest, 10" Slidemaster, Lowrance X87, 1440,  RickT - GA
03 225 Merc EFI Motorguide 71#.  Propshaft is 3.5" below the pad.  
  70 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps). "Great open water ride and  
  Updated 1/31/06.... handling, makes the big lakes enjoyable to fish on. Plenty of  
  storage and deck space for fishing. New recirculating and   
     pump out features on the livewells."  
03 Aries Ram 2100 26" Tempest, 10" Slidemaster, Garmin fish finder, GPS.  MikeB - LA
03 225 Merc  MinnKota TM. Propshaft is 3.25" below the pad.  PHOTO
            Optimax 72.6 mph @ 5700 rpm (gps). "Love the handling, great  PHOTO
  turning, stable ride."  PHOTO
02 Aries Ram 200 25" Tempest, 7" Vance jackplate.   Nick - KY
     200 Merc 75 mph @ 6000 rpm (speedo).  
  "This is my first Aries, but it won't be my last."  
86 Aries 18.0 Eagle Accura 240, Humminbird LCR400, Johnson 4100  Jon - AL
     GT150 Johnson TM. 64 mph.  PHOTO
00 Aries Ram 2000 25" Tempest Plus, 12" Offsetter jackplate, Zercom RTS  WillieG - OK
     200+ Merc digital flasher, surface temp, Eagle Strata 128,   
              ProMax 1 paper graph, MotorGuide 767 Tour Edition.  
  Propshaft is 1.5" below the pad.   
  73 mph @ 6250 rpm (gps). "My Aries boat is 21'5",   
  total composite hand laid hull that weighs in at 1460 lbs.  
  This fishing stage carries 51 gals. of gas to get you to the   
  secret fishing holes and back. The livewells have the Pro  
  Air systems to keep your fish lively in the hottest of   
  weather.  And for the night fisherman it has the Stan Sloans  
  cordless black light system.  This boat has full   
  instrumentation with tilt wheel and hydraulic steering."  

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